Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas baking helpers

My lovely little elves helping make some Christmas goodies at Grandma's last week.  James was up on the stool and figured out how to turn on the mixer, it kinda freaked both of them out!

We had a little visitor last week. The kids were slightly excited to see him!

Can you believe Christmas is in 2 weeks!  EEEKS!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

my best

Can you believe this how far back i had to go to find a picture of JUST the 2 of us?!

I miss my friend so much.
Why did you have to move even farther away from me?

Let me tell you about my besty friend Jacklyn, just because.

1. First of all, Jacklyn is funny. I don't care what she thinks or anybody else thinks, she's funny. The most hilarious and delirious laughs of my life involve her. I'm pretty sure Jacklyn is out to entertain me and only me. See? what a great friend.

2. My favorite thing is to talk on the phone for hours solving the worlds problems, it is the best. We have solved some pretty serious stuff over the years.

3. And when we are visiting the hometown, our bedtime is 3 or 4 am. We have very understanding husbands.

4. We have been through so much together. Really really hard times.  And then really really good times, best times ever.

5. I hate that we aren't together helping each other out with our kids and hanging out on Friday nights.

6. I love that we could carry on a conversation for hours only quoting insiders from way back when. (it's killing me to not drop a few right now.)

7. I enjoy your slight clumsiness and scatterbraindness.

8. No secrets here.

9. Love singing my guts out with you.

10. Thanks to hangin' out with your large crazy family, I was prepared for the large crazy family I married into.

I miss my bff. I can't even think about how far away she is and how far away she will be for way too many years to come. Not cool Jack, not cool. So you better be crying by now and come over for dinner.

love ya.

ps Jack, the whole man on the moon thing, just getting you back for making me eat the salt and other various things. oh who am i kidding, i really still think it's funny!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

they're married!

I have been so busy this week, into Raymond or Lethbridge every day. And right now I'm so stinkin' tired.

Yesterday was Stephanie and Luke's wedding. It was SUCH a fun day.

Isn't Steph gorgeous?!  She was glowing all day.  I am so happy for these 2.  So excited to have Luke in the family.  He's awesome.  Can't wait for Rhonda to put up a few picture of those 2!  I have a feeling they are gonna be good.

Can you believe the mass of nieces and nephews these 2 are getting themselves into?  For all I know there could even be some missing in the picture!

This is the candy table from the reception we put together. And if that doesn't make you sick, it was pretty much gone at the end of the night!

James was one serious dancing machine at the reception.  It was so dang fun.  

The day was great!  Everything came together and went really well.  The decorations were beautiful.  The food was delicious.  There was a wonderful presence at the ceremony.  The couple looked beautiful.  Awesome day.  Loved it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

love the nursery!

I'm not sure how it happened that I left my chubby cheek up there for a week. Time for a new post. However I can't believe what a wimp I am because it still HURTS!

Anyway, it was a glorious day last Sunday. (Along with the usual gloriousness that church always brings.) James had his first day in nursery! Can we say YIPPEE?!! Ok, it's mostly yippee for Derek. Other than the 3 months this summer in Raymond, I have been a teacher in primary since Alli was a baby. (and before that too, don't get me started on my 4 years of the last 6 teaching 4 year olds.) So Derek has been in the young mens with James or Alli, teaching Sunday School with James, and in the Elders Quorum too with the little monster. Now, he is a free man. Too bad on his 1st Sunday without James it was the Primary presentation in sacrament meeting and I was on the stand the whole time enjoying a good laugh watching Derek with the 2 of them.

(there's that eyes closed hug from Alli.)

James did great in nursery, of course. Alli was all excited to take him for "the toys and lessons and singing too, ok James."

Here's a few things our little 18 month old James is up to these days;

-talking, he tries to say EVERYTHING. He is on his way to being as much of a chatter box as his sister.
-climbing, which gets him into all his usual trouble.
-falling off of what he climbs, note the bruise.
-begging to go outside.
-it's thin, but he has hair these days!
-he loves to give hugs and say sorry. (even if it was Alli who hit him, he still says sorry to her.)

-cries for his daddy all the time.
-is already kind of sensitive to others' feelings. (I know that sounds weird for such a little kid, but he really pays attention to how kids are acting sometimes, especially for kids around his age or younger.)
-always want to be part of the action in the kitchen when I'm cooking, love that...
-still loves to get dressed right down to his shoes in the morning.
-never watches tv (and I can't drag Alli away some days. where's the happy medium?)
-always asking to sit on the potty. Not cool, I'm clearly not potty training him. He really goes sometimes, but I refuse to get into that, which leads me to the next newest joy he brings,
-any random time during the past 4 nights taking off his pyjamas and diaper and, ahem, well there's been a lot of laundry. I finally got smart he's wearing a onesie under his pj's tonight. If that doesn't work, I'm seriously getting out the duck tape.
-James sleeps good 90% 0f his nights. I don't want to jinx it, but YAY!
-and the best of all, when that little whirlwind child slows downs, he gives a good little cuddle.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i've lost my wisdom

Well, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. I had 2 on the right side. It wasn't near as painful or torturous as so many of my visits to the dentist in the past have been.  They had to dig around and drill out some bone on the bottom one for an hour and then stitch it up, but the top only took 10 mins.  So much better than the 3 hours it took to take out 1 wisdom tooth years ago.

I'm just so happy that for once something involving my teeth wasn't some big complicated ordeal like it usually has been.  I have the weirdest mouth ever.  I won't even get started on the many many problems my teeth seem to find.

Derek took the kids out to Raymond to play today so I could be useless at home...and I was.  I had plans to do some good hardcore cleaning, but the throbbing pains put a little damper on that plan and I just watched movies with no popcorn instead.  I'm starving by the way.  Soup and ice cream isn't really doing it for me.  And the taste of blood?  Edward has it all wrong, I'm sick with this taste in my mouth. (in between movies I started the 3rd Twilight)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's a little long, i'm bored

I've started up at the gym again a few weeks ago.  I was feeling useless and el-chubbo.  So I've been going to the lame-o high school 'fitness center' here.  It's a good thing it's cheap, and even cheaper for us because Derek is a teacher, because the only way to describe it really is a lame-o gym.  (and no, not just lame, lame-o.)

I love the gym, I hate the gym.
Nothing better than a good sweaty workout, but when I workout, indoors especially, I get RED-O (yeah, it's a game now to see how many -o's i can use.) in the face-o.  It's embarrassing, but I'm over it, it's been going on for years and years.  So if you do ever see me post workout, don't worry, I'm fine, I won't pass out.
Alas, I get kinda annoyed sometimes at the gym.  I hate 20 min max on cardio machines. Ummm, isn't 30 min a day cardio the Canadian Heat and Stroke recommendation?
The lame-o gym is teeny.  It has 2 whimpy treadmills, and 2 useless ellipticals (but I gave on the elliptical years ago.) And a couple of bikes, among the other bare minimal essentials.  I DO NOT like waiting.  Waste-o of time.  And there is pretty much nowhere to stretch, but they do provide 1 single tiny mat if you would like to attempt a to stretch in the corner.

Now, I don't like to get annoyed with people at the gym because hey, we are all there large or slim, just trying to be good, me included.  BUT, there are a few things that make me grit my teeth.  (which you shouldn't do when you workout, expels useless energy, or something like that...)
So please don't be offended if you fall into these limited categories, I'm just making chit chat here. (and yes limited, I'm holding myself back, I don't want to be a rude gym snob, because I'm not even close to any sort of pro worker outer.)

#1  Lead foot runners.  The people that are just so heavy on their feet.  They sound like they are going to break the machine.  Take it easy, lighten up on the feet and your knees will thank you.
#2  People that are giving it all just running away on the treadmill and then hold on to the bars.  Ummmm, that's not going to help you, it will make it harder.  Basic physics of the body.  So, if you can't keep up slow it down and hold on, nothing wrong with that, we're all here to to be good, right?
#3  Wipe the equipment.  I'm not a germaphob and it's obvious that the gym is most likely filled with disgusting dirty sweat bugs, but seriously, if you leave a pile of sweat on the bench, for goodness sake, spray and wipe it off, or GROSS!

Ok, so nothing else to exciting going on these days, that's why you got a fun little rant.  Now off to my late night gym workout.  The lame-o gym does offer great hours, WHEN EVER!  But I still dearly dearly miss so so much the YMCA in Edmonton with childcare.(and my workout friends too!)  It was never so easy and fun to go to the gym.  My life will never be the same without it...single tear.

I had these pictures form when we were up in Edmonton at the dog park with our favorite dog.  And yes, Alli dressed herself that day.  Alli loves dogs, James, not so much.  Today, we got to meet Hank the cutest chocolate brown puppy ever, with the cutest name.  He was a little hyper to see us, and James was NOT impressed.  It was pretty much the funniest thing to see him freak out.  Am I mean?

So I have to add just this one more thing.  We were out in raymond today because i had to go to a work thing in the morning.  My mama was so sweet and took the kids for me.  However while I was away, Alli spilled some secrets.  She told grandma.  
'I got new panties, Sleeping Beauty!'  True she did and she has been changing them up to wear all the new princess undies that are all the same princess undies as her old ones.
'I peed the bed last night.'  This was also true, and not cool.  I just washed her sheets on Tuesday.
'Mommy and Daddy fight.'  Ummm, not true.  Whenever the tone of my voice changes or I talk loud to Derek Alli starts telling us to stop fighting.  And if I talk to her that way she asks if I'm mad at her.  Ooops, guess i better watch it!
And don't even get me started on her newest thing...lying!  I can't believe it.  And I don't know what I'm going to do with this attitude of hers.

Monday, November 03, 2008

more sugar please

tRiCk oR tReAt
Oh dear me.  

I had the cutest little witch and skeleton for Halloween and now I have 2 DEVILS!
I'm sure you all know and have your own secret recipes that work quite well, but I believe I really perfected my recipe for 2 little devils this last week. And the kicker, I didn't even buy ANY candy this year.

-first day, go to a ward party during the week with the usual candy and soda and ice cream etc. and stay out late
-next day, make sugar cookies and eat the dough
-friday, dress up yourself and the kids and go to Derek's school where you will find a party and crazy kids and more treats etc.
-then, later on, try to make the kids eat some real supper and not just chocolate. (hint, try as you might, it doesn't work.)
-dress up again, go trick or treating. (whatever happened to people handing out 1 or 2 candies? everybody tosses out like 10-15 treats these days, yeesh! so you go on 1 block and the sugar is overflowing.)
-get myself sick with the yummies at a Halloween party. (my sis in law Sarabeth throws THE BEST parties ever!  her skills could be a post on their own.)
-stay out too late with the kids dancing away at the fun party
-Saturday, kids eat candy all day
-get a babysitter for Saturday night so I don't have to deal with the kids. (this step is key for your own sanity.)
-get home from a great night out, but the kids still bouncing off the walls for the babysitters.  ( i sure hope they'll come back again to babysit.)
-toss kids in bed and let 'em cry it out for a while.
-Sunday, factor in the extra hour to make it the longest morning of my life before 1:30 church
-invite a small army over for Sunday dinner
-Sunday night, let them cry it out again after staying up way to late.
-Monday, try to have a quiet no sugar day at home, but find it is still coursing through their veins. (this is when the white lies begin, saying the candy is gone gone gone.  this is also when you have to make a decision.  are you going to keep the candy hidden for your own stash or are you really going to make it be gone gone gone?  you will find out my personal choice at the end of the recipe.)
-put the kids to bed tonight EARLY just after 7, cry it out
-go run off the weekend at the gym
-eat chocolate while you blog (another very important step for myself in the sanity department)

If you follow all these steps in a rather round about way, you will have some cookoo, crazy, whiney, screaming, sticky, filthy devils, love 'em! (but please tell me it will all wear off by tomorrow!)

And somewhere in there your 18 month old leans a new word, 'Candy!' (He already knows 'chocolate' and 'treat')

Here are the fashions of the ward party night and Halloween.  And yes, I dressed up in my great grandma's 100 year old dress, and found I will never be much of a looker with long black hair I see.  I know, Derek and I put a lot of effort into our costumes, I think he was a mad scientist.  We were no Incredibles like Whit and Brad, but it was still fun to not be complete party poopers.

Alli's tutu looks kinda weird in the pictures, but it was the cutest part of her costume.

If you look close in this picture, James already is dirty with chocolate on is face.

One more thing. Happy Birthday to my brother Pete today!

the carve

We carved pumpkins last Monday and totally forgot to post them.  Here's the cute kids pre devil phase.

yeah, awesome pumpkins, i know.

Monday, October 27, 2008

another weekend

On Friday I packed my bags AGAIN, and headed back to Edmonton. It was sooooo worth it. I went with Derek's sister's for some shopping (as if I didn't do enough damage last weekend) and the Celine Dion concert.

Shopping at the wonderful West Edmonton Mall with my awesome sisterinlaws, minus Christy.

I've never been a fan of Celine. I've always liked her music, just not really a huge fan. Well, I hate to do it to my cool music image, but I love Celine! (and who am i kidding, my cool music image was gone long before we listened to Elmo in the car.)

Look at our great seats, she held this pose just for me.

She has an amazing voice.  Sounded just like I was listening to her cd. (one of which I now own)  Don't get me wrong she really is a huge nerd when she gets going on some of her songs (who knew?  celine singin' a little i love rock n roll gangsta style.)  and Steph and i had a hard time getting the Saturday Night Live skit out of our head for the first 20 minutes because she really does kinda act like that (hence the nerd) but there is no denying, she is amazing.  She ran and danced around in super high heels the WHOLE time, she must work out wearing them.  Where does that woman find the energy?! I'm totally inspired to hit up the gym.  (But I'll leave the stiletto's at home)  

Driving to the show!

Waiting for the show to begin!

Ok, enough of that.  Derek and the kids had a fun relaxing weekend.  Alli asked for Dad to read her the bedtime stories last night, and she ALWAYS asks for me, ouch.  But it was back to me again tonight, phew.
Just getting the kids costumes ready for Halloween (Yes, I'm making my kids their costumes this year.  Poor kids don't stand a chance for anything cute in that department with me as their mother.) and catching up with the disaster that is my house right now.  And since we stopped for sleep at 3:30 am on Sunday morning and got up to finish the drive at 7, I'm still lagging a bit.  So worth it though.  Dang too bad we moved a few months to soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was over on Ashley's blog and decided since I'm too lazy to go into the other room to get my camera and download my pictures from my fun trip to Calgary and Edmonton, (plus I didn't really take very many) I'd copy her little game.  

You go into your photo library and pick the 4th picture of the 4th album.

And look at that.  

Just joking, that wasn't the 4th picture.  that would be too easy if it was a picture that I actually looked good in, right?!

This is the real one!  

My brother Peter and a few cousins in the distance. We were out at my cousin's in Pincher Creek around Christmas. It was a cold windy day (what a surprise) and we were out on the ice doing a little homemade curling.

I had so much fun looking through the pictures that I just couldn't stop myself from posting a few more.  This is not to long before my blog days began and I surely would have blogged about this so I thought it was ok.

...A little more of the flashback almost 3 years ago...or alot.

I'm really loving Derek's getup here.  We always had makeshift winter gear when we came to visit because we never brought any of our own.  Actually we look quite normal compared to the most of the other times.  Oh yeah, it must have been because we were borrowing my uncle and cousins stuff, not my parents.  

I'm just coasting along in the wind.

More curling.  Nice form.  All the spectators are truly engaged in the happenings.

I had to put this up because I remember what was happening here.  It was so windy that Brooke could barely walk forwards, she kept sliding back.  Funny, until I remember I now live in that wind...every day...including today...

I think we were having races.  My pants are total floods.

Apparently I wasn't these shaky skaters figure skating coach.  jk girls, doin great!

I'll make one more note.  It was cold and freezing and December.  And there was probably lots of snow, but the wind just blew it all away, it was all in a big pile somewhere I'm sure.  And baby Alli was nice and warm inside with my aunt during all this fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

happy 3

This little princess turned 3 on Saturday.  

She has been patiently waiting for her turn to blow out her own candles the past few weeks.

Dad's Birthday

Mom's Birthday

Alli's Birthday!

(don't judge me on these cupcakes, scroll down for the goods.)

We had so much fun. Cousins and cupcakes and princess's and pink.  We doubled up for Lucy's birthday too as usual.  
Alli has been talking about her birthday probably since August and one day she said, 'mom, for my birthday I want a pony and a brown cake with pink (she requested these on a regular basis) and I'll bring the candles and you bring the fire."  

(yes, you do see what you think you see on James, he really wanted to play too.  and who am I to stop him?)

We made these cupcake bites I have dying to make for months and months after I found them here.  They aren't perfect, but they were fun to make and the yummiest ever to eat.  I have a feeling I will be making plenty more for practice. 

We are now recovering from a looong weekend, too much turkey, me working yesterday, and some sickies.  I have some sort of stomach bug and the kids kinda do to.  Bleh

Then off to Calgary tomorrow night and hopefully Edmonton after that if we are all better.

Monday, October 06, 2008

loving the fall

Loving a trip to Waterton with Grandma.  These are from last Monday when it was hot and sunny, not cold and windy like today.