Sunday, February 28, 2010

olympic ballerina

While we're on the topic of the child is going there....if they ever have ballet in the Olympics. (I'm not sure why up to this point it is isn't, winter or summer really doesn't matter)

Anyway, it is a well known fact that Alli is a tippy toe walker, always has been since she was first walking. She walks on her tippy's a lot. Runs on them too, fast. I don't even notice it anymore. I've heard all the comments about what it means and blah blah blah, but whatever, I think she does it when she is bored. I don't think it is a form of autism and I don't think she will need surgery on her Achilles .

Note these old pics for example

And now, I might just venture to be proud of the tip toes.

Naturally I put her in ballet this year. I thought I'd finally take some pictures real quick before class last week.

It started out like this (I wanted to pull her leggings down but she would let me, and this is what happened.)

Then I bribed and we got a little better.

Then I asked her to twirl on her tippy's. Well, all of a sudden, she went UP! ( it's a terrible pic, but you get it) And she could dance like this!

Maybe I'm crazy and all 4 year old girls in ballet can do this, but I'm pretty sure they can't ( and I don't want to hear it if your child can), and that is why my child will go to the Olympics some day.

And I thought I was paying all this money for her to learn 'Hickory Dickory Dock' and a frog stretch.

Monday, February 15, 2010

we didn't have any plans anyway

Ahhh, Family Day.

We were hangin out his morning, trying to decide if we were going to go swimming, or to a movie in the afternoon for our family day adventure. While we were deciding, a dance party just kinda up and happened in the kitchen. Because, well, what else do you do on family day?

Things got a little crazy. Derek was twirling around with the kids and Alli's hand slipped out of his. She fell face first on the hardwood.

It was bleeding and gaping, and Alli does NOT deal well with blood at all, not even close. She may get her whimpyness from her mom, but her fear of blood is unknown. I'm a nurse, bring on the blood, and Derek, well he watched both my c-sections closer than he watched me.

SO, we decided to take her to the hospital. It kept opening up and gushing so easily being on her lip and all. Grandpa is in Mexico, but I think he's to much of a softie to give his own grankid stitches anyway. She got 2 little stitches, and she wasn't the quietest kid but she held her head still...with only slight effort by me.

We went to the movie. (Plenty of time in the day still. I love Raymond. We were in and out in an hour and 30 mins was waiting for the freezing to kick in.) She was happy that she could still eat popcorn. I think a couple of her teeth are slightly loose, that could be a whole different story.

So here's a warning, be careful with those impromptu dance party's, family day or not!

Friday, February 12, 2010

what's it all about?

It's pretty much all about love.

(How much do I love this pic that JAMES took of us when Derek was on his way out the door?)

I love Valentine's Day. We don't do anything exciting or too out of the ordinary around this time, but I still love it. I mean really, what is so wrong with people telling other people they love them? It's clearly not just a husband/wife kinda day. My kids were making Valentines for everyone under the sun this week. I may or may not get them all delivered, but that is not the point. They thought of all these people they love and wanted to tell them so. I think that is just plain nice!

I just have so many people to love in my life, and I might be just a little shy to tell them most of the time. That's why I have my kids tell them in the form of crafty crafted cards, (or Dora and Elmo cards) our decorated rice krispy squares, and/or possibly sugar cookies. But I just don't know if I feel like making those cookies this year, I do however feel like eating them. Whit? You have my recipe...

Anyway...I just think it's fun to have an excuse to do something a little different for a few days. You know, plaster the walls with hearts, make pink whipped cream for the pancakes (let's not get carries away, heart shaped pancakes are outta my league) and sing the 'all you need is love' song all day. (sidenote, as I was scrolling through my tunes I realized The Beatles pretty much summed up love in so many of their songs, drugs too, but their love songs are the best.)

So here it is Valentines Time and how in love am I?! So in love with my all family and friends. So happy with where things are at. Derek is so in love with me too I just know it. How do I know you ask?!

I asked for him to get me nothing this year, and I meant it too.

So the story goes, we had a major mishap one certain Valentines. Things were said and plans had failed and a certain partner of the relationship may have overeacted. BUT she has since apologized and has had many a hearty laugh over it, and found out a few weeks after the episode she was preggo with her first so it was all justified...right? From that time forward, expectations were pretty low. And low expectations make for a great day! Anyway, we usually don't really do gifts cause I suck at receiving gifts, but I often ask Derek for a letter, a letter of love 'round this time.

So cheesy I know. As I went this year to look back and reflect through my box of love letters (it doesn't exist, it took very little time) I realized I will not ask him for a letter ever again. My husband is not the romantic type. I know this, I have always known this. And I never have cared about that. I'm always quite sure he won't write one, but there is always that teeny tiny part of me that hopes I might get a surprise letter. But no, and that really is ok by me. (I think I like the thought of a love letter more than actually getting a letter. And at this point, let's face it, it would probably be a let down anyway.)

All I really have to do is just think of all the other ways he shows me and the kids that he loves us and I realize I don't need some sap letter to tell me so. Did you want to know that much about us?

And sure, Valentines could all just be a big commercial sham, but it's not necessarily a bad one now is it?

(I told her to do a little pose for me, and this? is what I get.)

Happy Valentines Day !

Keep your expectations low and you will have a glorious day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i thought it was funny

The kids got twin bruises a day or 2 apart. I wish I would have looked at this picture right after I took it because it is just terrible light right before bed and you just can't get the full effect of the damage.

I told them I wanted to take their picture and they ran into the bathroom and slicked their hair back so I could see it better, love it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

bed time and co-ed baths

So I decided confession time has come around again. I went through the confessional last year, and I can't even remember what I actually confessed? All I remember is I there were sure a lot of you out there airing your dirty laundry for feel goodness of yourself and others.

But, I'm gonna get right into it...I hate bedtime. I love it when it is over, sigh of relief, but the process is aging.

Am I the only one?

I get crazy. I get ancey. I get inpatient. I get annoyed.

All this combined = Mean Mom.

Way more mean than no play-dough mean mom.

(this is wind down time)

Suddenly the bedtime routine comes and I feel like I have no control. They don't listen, they don't cooperate, they have excuses, they whine, and it is often madness. (not that they listen, cooperate and never whine all day long) I feel like I am rather consistent in my efforts with it all, but it seems not to matter to them.

My mom told me she always kinda liked the wind down of bedtime with her kids and the reading to the clean kids all snuggled up. I'm pretty sure she also has selective memory.

I have 2 kids. TWO! Why is it such an ordeal to get 2 measly kids tucked in?

I have been making an effort to try and be positive with the kids around this time. I try and make it fun, but it is not fun.

The problem with Alli is I have to practically force her up the stairs, bribe her to brush her teeth, drag her to the potty and then I end up putting on her pj's for her because I don't want to wait any longer or fight any more. And don't even talk to me about the prayer behavior. Once she is actually in bed with a few stories read and a cuddle for a few minutes she is good to go.

But James is all of the above PLUS needs some serious wind down time in bed which he prefers to have a cuddle mate right beside him for. Now I love a good cuddle with my kids. It's great and I savor it, but every night for 20 mins just laying there while he pesters me is not a true fun cuddle. The true fun wrap himself around and snuggle up so I can smell everything about him lasts for oh 2 or 3 mins before he is suddenly asleep.

The pestering is killer. It's so dang cute I can't even stand it, but that is it, some days I CAN'T STAND IT! I usually just lay there with my eyes closed 'sleeping' hoping he will follow my lead at some point and give in. And when I can take it no longer I say 'James I'm just gonna go get my pyjammas on so we can cuddle more.' I do not return after this. (Derek says I am pretty much setting my child up for complete distrust in his mother. Then I say, good luck tomorrow when I tell him you will be back in a minute when really you are gone to work for they day and you won't be right back) Recently James has been asking to come with me when I pull this one so it's on the out anyway.

(look at grandpa's face, he's all, ummm i did my turn of this with 6 kids...jks, he loves it!)

Back to the bed. I'll say James if you say another word, I'm leaving and no more cuddles. Then immediatly after he whispers in the sweetest voice you have ever heard, 'i love you mom.' Ummm, sound the alarm, I am horrible and don't deserve this kid! I am in full mean mom force and he pulls out the I love you?! Or else he'll stare wide eyed at me and grab my face (for the record I never grab his face, but he takes great joy in doing this to me.) and say in a stern serious voice, 'Mom, no.more.talking.ok? close those eyes right now.' and that is when I see that oh so not so beautiful mean mom reflection of mine.

So, I hate bedtime. What are ya gonna do? Here's the thing. I like my bedtime routine, I really wouldn't change too much about it. What I do want to change is MOI! I really don't want to be a mean mom. (which I know I usually am not) What I really really don't want to be is a NAG! I don't like that 'do this do that don't do this don't do that, hurry up, blah blah blah.' I know kids need a parent in charge, but I feel like at this point I just want to guide them along as they do it. So here it is, attitude turn around TODAY! And I can fully say with a 100% positve attitude tomorrow will be great because I am working and the glorious cousin Alissa is in charge as Derek will be gone too. haha, good luck Alissa. (that is the killer, they are so good for the babysitters!) And really, I can only go up because I am clearly writing this after a night of torture where my cool was lost and my meany-ness was not.

Now there is this bath time. I love bath time. The kids have been bathing together 99% of the time for more than 2 years. I don't even remember them not bathing together anymore. So a while back my mom was wondering when I was going to split up the co-ed bath routine. I hadn't even considered splitting them up. They have a great time playing in there, and it gets them both out of they way while I clean up supper or whatever. Well, when Sadie was here last week James got his own bath because of the size of the tub factor. So now this 'own bath' thing is like a novelty that they both want in on.

The question of the day is, should I split them up right about now? I really don't want to and the thought of the girl/boy business had never crossed my mind until I showed up at my moms! Alli is 4 and James will be 3 in May. Is it game over for them...and me?
Oh and the other question of the day is do you hate bedtime? do you like it? (if so yeah right, but HOW and WHY?) What do you like/not like? And c'mon folks, let's be real folks, nobody likes bedtime unless you have but 1 child who is a good baby and all you have to do is lay him/her down and that is that. And even then, don't we all love it the moment that door is closed and there is the glorious peaceful silence?

ps, the bishop must read my blog, i now teach mia maids in the young women starting this week, woot woot!