Thursday, December 11, 2008

christmas baking helpers

My lovely little elves helping make some Christmas goodies at Grandma's last week.  James was up on the stool and figured out how to turn on the mixer, it kinda freaked both of them out!

We had a little visitor last week. The kids were slightly excited to see him!

Can you believe Christmas is in 2 weeks!  EEEKS!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

my best

Can you believe this how far back i had to go to find a picture of JUST the 2 of us?!

I miss my friend so much.
Why did you have to move even farther away from me?

Let me tell you about my besty friend Jacklyn, just because.

1. First of all, Jacklyn is funny. I don't care what she thinks or anybody else thinks, she's funny. The most hilarious and delirious laughs of my life involve her. I'm pretty sure Jacklyn is out to entertain me and only me. See? what a great friend.

2. My favorite thing is to talk on the phone for hours solving the worlds problems, it is the best. We have solved some pretty serious stuff over the years.

3. And when we are visiting the hometown, our bedtime is 3 or 4 am. We have very understanding husbands.

4. We have been through so much together. Really really hard times.  And then really really good times, best times ever.

5. I hate that we aren't together helping each other out with our kids and hanging out on Friday nights.

6. I love that we could carry on a conversation for hours only quoting insiders from way back when. (it's killing me to not drop a few right now.)

7. I enjoy your slight clumsiness and scatterbraindness.

8. No secrets here.

9. Love singing my guts out with you.

10. Thanks to hangin' out with your large crazy family, I was prepared for the large crazy family I married into.

I miss my bff. I can't even think about how far away she is and how far away she will be for way too many years to come. Not cool Jack, not cool. So you better be crying by now and come over for dinner.

love ya.

ps Jack, the whole man on the moon thing, just getting you back for making me eat the salt and other various things. oh who am i kidding, i really still think it's funny!