Sunday, November 25, 2007


As I was dreaming at the anthropolgie website, I came across these...

Are these not the cutest ever?! I guess it's the forever ago figure skater in me. Too bad I'm not about to spend $24 a piece for a tree decoration. Oh how I love all the Anthropologie decor I can't afford.

On to other things. James started eating the solids a week or 2 ago, so exciting right?! I feel a little bad sometimes. All of a sudden it's bedtime and I remember, oops, i forgot to give James some rice cereal today...oh well. We just took this picture the other day because I thought I should document the "first" feed. So what if it was actually the 7th or 8th feed right? When Alli was a baby it was a big production, this time I realised that feeding in the beginning is not fun. What a mess! The kids have no idea what to do, no swallowing, no opening the mouth, oh wait, they know how to do one thing...spit it out! And it takes half an hour to create the disaster all for a bite or two. Luckily James took a liking to the food pretty quickly so my rant is just for fun really. Look how good he opens his mouth while posing for the camera. Love it. I also love it when Alli insists on helping and shoves a huge spoonful right into the back of his throat, James appreciates it too. He's such a trooper with her torture, but I'm pretty sure he will be beating on her soon, as he is about the size she was at a year

Here's a pic of me and Alli that I like lately. The ivy is so nice. It's from forever ago when Melissa was here. I put it up on my post way back when and it disappeared (which my pictures are liking to do lately) so here it again incase you missed it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

picture overload

So as promised here are more than a few pictures from lately. When we got the new leopard system we also got the new ilife which has the new iphoto, so now I have more options on how to play with my pictures. It's very easy and fun, I could spend A LOT of time doing it, also it's sooofast. I blink and things are done!

Here's his little devil face. He does this all the time, and breathes really fast and heavy out his nose at the same time.

Here's little James. He's been up on all fours rocking for 2 or 3 weeks now and pretty much crawling for a bit now too. He hasn't figured out the arms, so he just pushes off with his legs and throws himself forward. Then he does the G.I Joe scoot to go backwards. I think he's really frustrated that he can't move faster, and let me tell ya he does NOT STOP moving. Even in his sleep he's all over. (which is no good because I'm sure that's why he's always waking up.)

These are a few a my favorite pics lately. It's probably been almost a month since Susie took them. We borrowed the little tutu from Alysha for extra cuteness. Thanks Alysha!

I won't ramble too much with all these pictures but I have to tell a couple funny Alli stories.

On Sunday when we walked into church Alli gets in the doors and throws her hands up in the air and yells "JESUS!" So excited to come to church our little molly morman!

Earlier tonight Derek took Alli to a little football awards night. One of the coaches that was handing out the awards was a bit of a bigger man around the middle. Alli saw him up there and said "Fat Tummy!" Derek claims no one else heard it because no one else was laughing with him. And so the embarrassing child stories begin...

Also, Susie has a few cute pictures of the kids with Sadie and a lovely story about where Alli REALLY learns everything, haha!

Monday, November 19, 2007

i'm baaack

I've got my pictures back! They were all backed up on the external hardrive so I wasn't worried about losing them forever. However, along the way the pictures tripled! So we have 3 of every picture. Over 10,000 pictures! The deleting has begun, but is soooo not over.

I'm smother the blog with pictures soon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I know what you are all thinking. WHAT happened to the once faithful blogger lindsabea? You used to be able to pretty much count on her for a weekly update. Complete with pictures and way to much writing of her rather exciting life to go along with the pictures. So why has she fallen off the wagon? Where did the life lessons and profound words go? (At least she's not as bad as Whitney..hehe...Ok, I'll quit with the 3rd person, love ya Whit, but you fell halfway off the wagon a while ago)

I'll tell you why I have been so lost this month. My computer!! I have no idea why this "fancy must have new mac operating system" is a must have. I won't get into the details because I don't know the details. But the jist of it is, I have no pictures! I see that my last post of pictures disappeared. I tried to fix them and I can't. I now can't import or upload anything, not even old pictures that are still in my photo library. I have no iphoto and no photoshop and my itunes is screwed up too. SO, I haven't been posting because what's the fun in a post with no pictures. Just a lot of my ramblings....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I have a few confessions...

1. I think that a good 75-80% of the ladies boots out there these days are NOT CUTE!!! Maybe I have zero style, but I feel as though we are on the verge of bringing back the 80's, THE 80'S PEOPLE!!!!!

2. I rarely make my bed. Sorry mom, contrary to the way you raised me, I have failed.

3. I'll be sad when we move back to Raymond and I can't go to the grocery store with greasy hair and no makeup on, because I'll probably run into someone I know.

4. I'm totally copying Rhonda on this whole post and I'm copying this confession we share. I REALLY REALLY don't like kids clothes that has cartoons splashed all over. Shrek shoes and Diego shirts will never be found in my house. If my child is having a tantrum for the pink sweatsuit with the little mermaid jazz up he pants and the logo and whatnot ruling the sweatshirt, they will be pyjamas. Kids don't need to wear these things, thats what the toys and snacks and shows are for. (also, i hold nothing against people who dress their kids this way, just my own personal taste)

5. I have to say lefty loosey righty tighty in my head when I'm screwing stuff.

6. I have never seen a Star Wars movie. I get the drift, Darth is Luke's father right?

7. I don't think I'm old, I actually feel quite young. So what's with all the waitresses and store worker girls and the new nurses at work being so young?!

8. I love Costco parking lots with all the space for idiot parkers like me with 2 kids to get out the doors.

9. My final confession, my house is a semi disaster right now, but Alli is asleep and I'm about to rock little James to sleep so can you guess what I am going to do instead of tidy up? Yep, I'm gonna nap too!

Here's a few from when Melissa cam up to visit at the Muttart. We had so much fun and I can't wait until we get to meet up again. Hopefully it's not another 10-12 years!

I see we failed to take any pictures of the 2 of us together.

I have no idea why this picture is not turned the right way. It's the right way in my iphoto, and it's so cute I wanted to put it up. And i wish I could fix up the colors a bit, but my iphoto is still not quite right since the update, maybe that's why this first one won't turn right. Derek still hasn't sold me on why this new system was so important to get.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

happy halloween!

My computer has been struggling this week. Derek got the new mac operating system and nothing works like it used to. And he has has ZERO time to figure it out. (I am not capable of figuring it out on my own, so he does it first and then teaches me) So I have no idea what I am doing, I can't even get rid of the red eye! Here are a few halloween pics, I reallly didn't take as many as I thought I did, oops. So maybe Sus can send me some she took...

I was a slacker halloween grinch this year. As in, Susie found me James' costume on Monday and I borrowed Alli's ladybug costume from someone.

One my friends had a little halloween party the other day. The girls were all so cute! I guess we forgot to get one of all the babies.

Alli had a great time last night. She didn't say Trick or Treat, just Treat! Also, she figured out how to open the treats. And she just kept eating and eating them last night! And she has forgot about them all today! But I haven't, haha.

So I'm off to work tonight. I've really been putting in my time. 4 hours a week for the past 3 weeks! PHEW!! Haha. It works out great. I go in a 7 at night until 11. Derek is home with the kids and I get to use my brain for a few hours.

I hope we'll figure this out soon and I'll post some pics from my fun weekend with Melissa!

I just had to put this up. I thought it was so funny. Alli was wearing these around yesterday saying "I go school" because she always sees Derek wearing these when he comes home from school.