Saturday, August 25, 2007

i'm so in love...

...with this dad

...and these kids


Sunday, August 19, 2007

can't think of a title...

Had the 2 month shots, only a month late. 12 pounds exactly!

So what a week I have had. James went 3 or 4 nights sleeping a 6 hour stretche...YAY...of course too good to be true and he is back to his crazy tricks when I have NO IDEA what to do with him. He keeps us guessing.

I got all excited the other day. Derek was gone to Red Deer for work for a couple days (wasn't excited about that) But on Wednesday he had no work and his class was done. So we planned to actually venture out and do something fun. I just really wanted to NOT go to the park again, since I already had a park date for Thursday, and I pretty much take them to a park every day. (It's just so much easier not going out to the real public!) We got up and ready and went to Millenium Place in Sherwood Park. We've never been, but they have a really good baby pool along with other fun stuff. Well, we get there...10am...pool closed...until 5 pm...some little rat kid pooped...I was so sad. So what did we do? Went to the park. What a surprise. Then Derek took Alli to a movie while I stayed with James and took a nap. There's the excitment of my life.

I tried to take some pictures the other day. Alli usually loves the camera, but because I actually wanted to take pictures, this is what happens.

About an hour later she layed by James and said CHEEEEESE! So this is all I got.

Happy and smiley with dad.

Had to say a talk at church today. It went good, easy topic...kindness. While I was writing it, I was reminded of the movie Pay it Forward. I'm gonna pay it forward this week somehow, someway...just an easy little thing....Are you?

Congrats to Brooke (the Brooke of Derek's family) and Brady on baby Nash! Can't wait to meet him.

Have a happy week everyone.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

100 random things about me

I've seen these around and decided who doesn't want to know ALL about ME!
So here they are as they enter my head

1. I'm not an unorganized person, but I wish I was more organized
2. When I was little I thought I had "dirty" blonde hair because Susie's was so white
3. I don't enjoy giving or getting hugs, it's awkward, but I do it
4. One exception, I LOVE hugs with Derek
5. I NEVER thought I'd get married at 20, but I love it
6. I NEVER thought I'd have 2 kids by the time I was 25, but I love it
7. I always knew I wanted to work as someting in a hospital, I love that I chose nursing
8. I used to be waaaay more into music than I am now
9. I could never pick a favorite kind of ice cream, I like too many
10. Frankly, I can't pick one single treat I can't live without, too many (hence my large post preg body) ok anything chocolate
11. I'd love to be more trendy and creative with clothes and stuff
12. I've learned the more you plan your life the more out of control you feel
13. I like to make lists and cross stuff off
14. I want to be a morning person, but I definately am NOT
15. There is nothing better (not counting anything food) than a long sweaty run outside on a perfect evening in Edmonton's river valley
16. I played soccer and did figure skating all my growing up years, I miss them both
17. I'm one of those people who looks better with just a little makeup
18. If I could change one thing about my physical appearance I would change my skin on so many levels
19. Summer is my favorite time of year, but I LOVE Christmas time the most
20. I'd love to be able sing really good
21. ...and draw or paint
22. I learned to drive a standard by watching Susie, that is I learned what not to do
23. I love fresh cold fruit
24. I love REAL mexican food
25. Derek and I lived apart from each other almost the whole year we dated
26. I think we both got 3 speeding tickets that year (none for me since)
27. In high school I once got 2 speeding tickets within 3 days among a few others
28. I fully can relate to the happy people on the commercials who "just saved a bunch on their car insurance"
29. I used to be waaaaay waaaaaay more competitive about anything and everything than I am now
30. I wish Arrested Development was till on tv
31. I love my pvr but I hate how much tv I watch
32. I would rather rent a movie and watch it at home than go to the theater, Derek is opposite
33. I love sleeping
34. I went into labor on mothers day, but got the baby just a couple hours after
35. I was a cashier at a grocery store for a few months and really liked running that till
36. I don't like feet, bleh
37. I have a for REAL phobia of mice in my house. We had one in our old apartment and I think I had post traumatic stress for a year, I'm not kidding.
38. I like cleaning my house when I know it's going to be uninterrupted
39. I can't believe the increase in laundry now that it is summer and I have 2 kids
40. I've never sent a text message, I tired once and did it all wrong
41. I LOVE gofling, but am really bad it
42. I hate when people that work at stores are grumpy, so rude!
43. I played A LOT of barbies when I was little
44. I wonder if I should have spelled Alli's name Allie
45. I was junior high school president and high school vice president
46. My best friend was junior high vice pres and high school pres, we loved every minute of it...maybe we were nerds
47. I recently found a love for Fresca
48. My place is so not decorated the way I want it to be...student life kinda sucks
49. I love water parks and roller coasters and rides
50. I never minded shift work, I actually kinda liked the 12 hour shifts and night shifts most of the time
51. I am a people pleaser
52. I am not very self motivated, more externally motivated
53. Therefore I guess I am a procrastinator
54. I love taking pictures of my kids
55. I always feel bad asking people to babysit for me, even if I'm paying them
56. I crave to go shopping without kids...and with lots of money
57. Now that I have 2 kids, I'm starting to see how moms let themselves go, but I refuse to give in!
58. I'm so bad at thinking what to make for supper every single day, hence my recipe blog
59. I've decided running and working out can be a hobby. I always thought because you are supposed to do it, it wasn't allowed to be a hobby, but since most of the time I like doing it, it's a hobby of mine.
60. In grade 7, the more events you signed up for at the track meet the higher mark you got, so I signed up for every single running event and won them all, except got second in one and I have been running ever since.
61. When I was in junior high and Derek was in high school I thought he was totally cute (among many other boys, hey, I was in junior high)
62. I knew Derek and I were meant to be when I found out he liked the movie Cable Guy and Wheel of Fourtune haha (I thought I was the only one)
63. I like watching football on tv, but don't tell Derek
64. Football is my favorite sport to watch in real life, I loved watching Derek's games
65. I miss mowing the lawn
66. Every time Derek and I go to the resturant Montana's we play movie hangman on the paper
67. For the longest time I thought lol meant lots of love, no wonder it never made sense!
68. I love shopping for little girl clothes, boy stuff...
69. I gained about twice as much weight with my second pregnancy
70. I can't think of a more perfect match of personalities than mine and Dereks
71. I hope I can raise my boy(s) to be genlemen
72. I hope I can raise my girl(s) not to be snotty
73. I REALLY want long blonde hair, but I saw a cute short haircut today and was jealous
74. I miss living on Whyte Ave and going for summer nighttime walks and people watching
75. Back in my working days walking to work in the morning was my favorite part of the day (when it wasn't -20 out)
76. When I ran the 5km in raymond this year, it was the first race since I was a little kid that I walked in, really swallowed my pride there, jk as if I cared, I had a csction 6 weeks before
77. Derek's metabolism makes me jeolous as does his ability to suddenly be in shape overnight
78. Our kids are going to have the WORST acne because of genenetics
79. I think it would be fun to be an areobics instructor
80. In grade 2 for some reason I didn't like my name and signed my papers Linda
81. I LOVE working pediatrics, it hardly ever made me sad, I was happy to help.
82. Twix is my chocolate bar of choice at present, but I like them all really.
83. Aside from athletes, the only famous person I've seen in real life was cousin Sal from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, if you can call him famous.
84. I have been biting my nails for as long as I can remember and I think it's disgusting
85. This blog has improved my computer skills
86. I'm so sick of apartment living and paying $4 a load for laundry
87. I love laughing, like I mean REALLY laughing at something for real funny, it doesn't take much for me
88. My best friend Jacklyn thought she was a real comedian growing up, turns out, I'm the only one laughing
89. I really liked high school, some people have really bad memories and it was awful for them, but I had so much fun
90. I lived in the same house all my life growing up and my parnts are still there
91. I ALWAYS dream when I sleep
92. I don't care what anyone says, I like hot dogs!

My brain is spent, do you really care to know 8 more things about me? Didn't think so

Ok, yay for whoever read all about me! Who's next?

Don't forget to look down at all my pictures! (if you can handle more)

the last few weeks

This little guy is really growing!

We've been having fun doing the same old around here. I think I'm kinda getting a hang of these 2 kids. James is settling down a bit a getting into a bit of a schedule. The nights are usually good now, and when I have a good night, I can handle the day.

A few things...Alli FINALLY learned to walk down stairs by herself (apartments, they never learn) James rolled over from his back to front a few times. He has started the little giggles and I love it! And the curse with the blocked tear ducts is half over. Only one of James's eyes gets guncky these days. So hopefully the other one is soon to follow and he won't have to get surgery like Alli. Also, the BBQ I got for Derek was really a present for me, I have not been cooking lately and it is great!

Went to Erin and Andrew's wedding in Spruce Meadows a few weeks ago. It was really fun, so entertaining that couple. She was beautiful of course. Derek's sister Brooke took Alli and we had James with us. Derek was in the corner or outside a lot with James and his crying, but we still had a great time.

Here's a few from the trip to Grandma's! Derek's parents were in Califonia at Mindy's when we were there, and my parents were gone for a few days too. But Susie was there and Regan and Rhonda were there with their kids so we had fun. It was hot hot hot! Went out in the boat and had fun doing that. My parents had me pick up the floatie thing to pull behind for the kids and they all LOVED IT! And I actually read a whole book while I was down. (and not some baby tips etc. book) A whole book in one week, hasn't happened in years (I usually fall asleep every time I read a book) I even started another one, still not done though.

The famous wheat box. Alli loves the wheat box. She would just grab my had and drag me out the door saying Wheat! Wheat!

Aunt Susie, so good, ALWAYS entertaining the kids.

Cuddles with "Papa"

Went to the Magrath parade. Here's Alli with Britt's gal Lucy

YAY! Daddy's here! Derek got his own little vacation while we were in Raymond he golfed 64 holes over 3 days.

James hangin out at the park.

Ok, this needs a little story. When my friend Brittany had Lucy, she used her execise ball as a rocking chair when they were living in Arizona and had no furniture. It was perfect. So when I had Alli and she was screaming, I thought I'd try it out. Instantly it worked. So when James came we used it too. I guess we kinda trained them to like it, but NOTHING else works like the ball for this high maitnence baby James. So Alli is a SUCH a copier these days. She brings her blanket and doll to me ALL the time to wrap the doll, then she carries it around patting going shhh, shhh. Sometimes she gets her little ball out and bounces her doll when I'm doing it for James. The first time she did it, I wasn't even on the ball with James, she was just playing and I came into the room and there she was bouncing the doll. It was so cute. She just adores James these days. She wants to help so much. Sometimes she will lay on the floor and make him smile like crazy, and if she leaves, James totally cries. Other times she is practically sitting on his head or being not so gentle and waking him up. You can see she is going shhhh in the picture. Don't mind our post church oufits.

Phew, I'm going to bed!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

slacker me

I'll post again someday...