Sunday, September 28, 2008

field trip

You know the days when the husband leaves in the morning before the kids are up and isn't going to be home until the kids and you are asleep?  Well, we are pretty lucky that those days are few and and far between, but Friday was one of them.

I knew it was going to be a good day because the sun was shining...


Alli insisted on wearing these boots she found in her closet, and I love them.  But if I love something too much she totally won't wear it.

So after the usual entertaining of the library, the grocery store and even a little baking, I knew 2 in the afternoon was too early to think we could spend the rest of the day until supper at the park.

AH HA!  Just the idea.  A 'field' trip.  I had been meaning to go to this field on a trip for quite some time.

We went and saw the horses.

Went through through the tall grass.

Played pirates.

I love that Alli is giving the most genuine hug here.  So serious, with her eyes closed and all.

James was so excited about his own horse he found to ride.

And all this, across the street from my cute little house!

And Alli took some pictures too.  It looks like I'm all happy and smiley, but I'm really I'm in the middle of telling Alli, 'Don't drop it!'

I'm listening to James cry right now.  We are both teething.  I can feel one of my wisdom teeth poking through (is that ok?  it doesn't hurt.)  and James has a few giant swollen places on his gums.  We were doing good phasing out the bottle, he only takes it before bed (which, to all my dentist readers, is horrible i know, i know, but he spits it out and takes his soother as soon as he's done so i choose not to feel guilty about it.)  and then this more teeth thing happened.  Now he kicks back one bottle if not 2 before bed.  Does anyone have any tricks to get him off the bottle?  Alli never took a bottle so I have no idea how to do it.

That's all.  That's my life.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I found out the greatest trick ever!

no, not coloring. but james does love to 'goger.'

We've been busy the last week going here and there. I'm sick of packing a bag for a night or 2 unpacking and then doing it again. But that seems to be the trend of the last month. We did, however, stay in Cardston for almost 2 whole weeks up until last Friday. Yay for us, right?!

We went to Calgary for Sadie's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Sadie! We had so much fun! We also went to the mall. It was great. I don't count Lethbridge as going to the mall cause it kinda sucks, so I have not been to a real mall since the beginning June. I didn't even go crazy and buy out the whole place.
Alli was the BEST shopper EVER! as usual. She has always been so good there. It was like this huge world of pretend for her going to work, folding clothes, riding escalators, running everywhere, and going in all the public bathrooms (gross I know, but she is obsessed with public bathrooms. at least she is going right?) The best is when we came out of a store and she started stretching. hehehe.

So I had a mountain of things to catch up on today. Laundry and cleaning and cooking. And one minor detail.


I knew that the house would be a mess all day, which is fine. But around these parts, people do random stop by's. Which is great for the friend factor, but not so great in the disaster zone I most often live in. Now here is my new trick!

I wore my apron all day! (don't mind the thing on the oven. it was lunch.  and it was good) And what a cute apron it is. Then when that random stop shows up, and the kitchen is a mess, it's ok, I'm wearing an apron so I must be busy and hard at work. So you just put on a smelly candle and you're good to go for the day.

So the house is all clean now, cake is made, birthday supper is started, and we are on our way to having a backyard too! On our way, as in hopefully next summer we will be able to play in it.

Because this is what I look and see right now.  that's weeds, not grass.

Wait, if my house is clean right now, I should hurray and go take pictures to put on here!

one more thing, i miss summer.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

this gal...

doesn't really struggle with the positive thing I was talking about last post.

Over the last few months she has picked up few favorite sayings.

"Oh Great!" She will say this in reply to anything from telling her "We are going to the park." or "I'm sweeping the floor." And it's in voice in such extreme happiness you would think I just told her she was going to Disneyland. (if she knew what disneyland was.)

"I'm so esited!" (excited) Again she says this for everything from me painting her toenails to helping me clean the toilet.

"Oh mom, fank you so much for the lunch." or the milk, or if I get her a spoon, ets. (no matter what we are having, she is genuinly thankful for that pbj)

She is rather entertaining these days.

James has also picked up a new favorite word.

He says "kay" whenever I tell him what we're doing or if I tell him to do something. That sounds lame when I write it, but it's the cutest thing when I say "James, time for lunch." and he says "kay" and walks over to his high chair. He has so many words he says right now I can't even count them all. It makes it easier to figure out what he is freaking out about.

We had a fun day in Waterton today. How great that we live 30 mins away from the mountains!

We met up with Brooke and Brady. These 2 boys are sheer trouble, no matter how innocent (and kind of stoned) they look in this picture.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

still here

I'm not sure how to carry on.

I can't not talk about Derek's mom. But I just don't know if my emotions are ready to tell you how awesome she was, how great a mother she was, how her example was always more than enough.

(derek's mom passed away from cancer on august 29th. His Grandpa died the day before.)

Nope, I'm bawling already, guess I'm not ready.

It's been an overwhelming summer. Even more overwhelming the last few weeks.

I know one of the many things I am going to do in my life because of Peggy is to be positive. I have heard this quote by Mother Teresa before and just heard it again recently and I love it. Thanks Christal.

"People are often unreasonable and self centered
Forgive them anyway
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives
Be kind anyway
If you are honest, people may cheat you
Be honest anyway
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow
Do good anyway
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God
It never was between you and them anyway."

I got all deep last post because I had just finished reading "The Peacegiver" and "I Am a Mom." Both great books, but haven't been reading much since so I'll just say this. Being positive is something that should be on our daily list of priorities. It will literally make or break your day. And others will notice.

Derek is back at school and we are actually living in our house in Cardston and loving it. I should post pictures soon. Things are feeling rather quiet here as I was surrounded by people kids and babies all summer. The quiet and routine is nice, but I should most likely make some friends before winter. As for right now, the kids and I are enjoying any outside moments we can before winter comes. Cardston is a pretty little town with the creek and the great view out our front window. I just might take a liking to this place!

I just read that I wrote Derek is back at school. Back at school as in the TEACHER! How great is that!?

My sisinlaw Rhonda took the family pictures about a month ago. There are so so many amazing pictures from that day. Thanks Rhonda, and for all the other stuff too.