Monday, June 25, 2007

another week already!

Well, I can't believe another week has come and gone! I don't even know where the days go.

When my mom was up she taught Alli about her shadow, and Alli has not quit talking about it since. She usually waves and chases her shadow, but here she is talking to her shadow. It is so funny, almost everytime she says the word shadow she gets real excited, but says it in a whisper.

On Saturday we went with some friends to a lake. And what a lake it was. Since I should be asleep right now and Jimmy and Alysha took such cute pictures and told the story so well, I'm going to cheat. Look here for some extra details on the days adventure!

Alli was hanging around by the water and boat all day, she was loving it. Uncle Ryan was so good to her. I'm not gonna lie, it was cold and rainy for a good part of the day and I was being a whimp. I hundled in the corner with James most of the time. (Derek had to work and couldn't come) Alli cried until she got a turn in the car and totally loved it. I guess Grandpa Steed needs a new toy for the grandkids to ride behind the boat...hint hint.

Here's Alli with her friend Ella and Uncle Ryan

Ok, once again slackin on the James pictures. I didn't even notice it until right now. He is 6 weeks old today and is actually sleeping without being held, which is a miracle for this time of night, hence the I should be sleeping right now. I swear I'll take some pictures of him and put them up this week. I am going to Raymond tomorrow. It's going to be a fun 5 hours with 2 kids and no Derek. The things I do for you Jacklyn!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day!

How do you get out of cooking on father's day? Buy your husband a BBQ for father's day! Yes, I gave in, Derek has been BEGGING for a BBQ for quite some time now. Our little tiny put on the ground BBQ wasn't cutting it anymore. I suprised him with it last night so he could put it together for today. We had delicious steak and potatoes on the BBQ, sooo good. Now Derek will cook for me even more, YAY!

I totally posted on James's 1 month day and didn't even put up pictures. I feel like a slacker with pictures of him. If I ever pull out the camera Alli is all in my face saying cheese and poor James gets neglected. So I must get better cause Alli has about a million of her. Here are the boys snoozin after a CRAZY night of very little sleep. Derek was up late writing his talk for church today (slacker) and James just wanted to be up and eat eat eat. He must be growing, because he's been eating lots today. Derek is such a good dad to these kids. I love seeing him with both of them, cuddling with James and "wrestling" Alli. During Derek's talk today, Alli just stood on the bench saying daddy, daddy for half the time. Just loving my guys today! Can you believe I got a nap today while Derek entertained BOTH the kids? I couldn't ask for a better dad/husband. Love you too dad. I'm to tired to get all sentimental...

And whats a post without pictures of Alli. Just a few of our daily trips to the park, nothing exciting these days. If anyone knows Alli, you know she is a social little girl. But the past week or so she has been sooooo clingly to me, and she has never been like that ever. Alli is usually always happy to go to someone new. That's why it's been kind of annoying having her hang all over me. She has never ever had trouble going to nursery, if anything, she is sad to leave when it is over. And the past 2 weeks has been no good at nursery. She's been crying and having fits when she goes, makes me so sad. Hope it passes soon. BUT, Alli still loves Sesue (thats what she calls Susie) Whenever the phone rings she says Seuse! and when we are in the car and driving through areas with lots of houses she either says Sesue or dog (for the Petersons)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

so sad...

The other day our favorite neighbors moved to Mighigan. They knew they were only going to be here for a year, but it was still so sad that they had to leave. The year went by so fast, I feel like only yesterday they were moving in with 3 kids into a 2 bedroom apartment. (and right then I knew they must be mormons!) Their little girl Lilly was about 6 months older than Alli and they were so cute together. And I taught Ethan in primary. It was a perfect setup. They lived on the ground floor so they always had all their toys outside and it was free reign. Alli would walk right up to their door anytime we were outside and start calling Lilly, and Lilly would run to the door calling her name. Also, it was so nice to have Annie (the mama) around, we would just sit outside while the kids played. She had a baby boy at the end of March, her 4th in 5 years! I don't know how she does it, and always so happy. So we are just a little sad a lonely this week without them. No toys to go steal from them and no boys out playing all the time and no one to chat to while I put off making supper. AND, no handy babysitter next door, shucks. We're for sure going to miss them.

Alli and Lilly were too busy twirling to stop for a picture.

Here's some of the neighbor kids. Issac is on the top left and lilly below. The other 2 neighbor kids thought it would be fun for everyone to eat cherries, it got waaaaaay to messy. Ethan isn't in the picture because he broke his leg last week nad wasn't out playing. (those boys were wild)

I can't believe I odn't have a single picture of Annie and I. I guess since we both just had babies we weren't to excited about pictures. But even worse is we didn't get a picture of our babies together! And if you are wondering, we both named our baby's James. We had wanted to name our James that forever, so we did it anyway, haha.

One more of Alli and Derek going for a walk to the ravine. We got the carrier for James and he loves it, but so does Alli. Derek is going on a big hiking camp for young mens in July, so this was a little practice I guess.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

more pictures

I can't beleive it has been 4 weeks! James is getting so big, it's all a blur really. But, it's been great. We've had so much help and visitors. I cooked my first real meal since James was born on Thursday, that's how spoiled we have been with meals and leftovers and family around. My parents were up again this weekend for Brooke's graduation. She's now a graduated registered dietician (she actally finished school back in December) YAY! Congrats Brooke. Speaking of school, Derek offcially got in the education faculty! FINALLY, we are so excited. He finished his phys ed degree last year and has been taking classes without actually being in the program. But now there is an end in sight. He'll be done school for sure by the end of next summer. Only 7 years. Then Derek will be the most qualified social and phys ed teacher around.

Now, onto the pictures.
Here's a few from last weekend with all the family. Alli was a little upset because of course she found the Shrek movie and REALLY wanted to watch it.

My mom brought up the quilt she made for James, I just LOVE it. Thanks Mom.

Alli is so cute with James. She's always trying to "help" by giving him his soother (even if he's sound asleep), or kissing him (even if he's sound asleep) patting and poking him (even if he's asleep) pointing out his eyes, nose and ears (especially if he's asleep). But, if that's the worst she does I'm alright with it. Plus, I really can't complain, since this week she has been walking into her bedroom before 8 pm saying night night. I'm sure it won't last, but even it it only lasts a week, it was a good week right!

My friend Erin was in town for her bridal shower this weekend. We worked together for a few years and then she moved to Kamloops last summer, so sad. So it was fun to see her again. I miss her and always love getting together with her to hang out and chat.

AND...the most important thing of the day...I caught this on camera.

Monday, June 04, 2007

the weekend

We had a fun weekend with Derek's family here. The weather was beautiful, but our apartment was soooo hot, especially with all the extra people. On Staurday we went to the ledge to cool off. Always fun there.

We had James's blessing on Sunday. It was a beautiful day. Everything went great. Thanks to my sisters and the moms for helping make the food. We thankfully had the dinner at Peterson's.(where air condioning was present) We couldn't have had 20 people in our HOT small apartment, and they have air conditioning. My dad took all the pictures with his camera so I'll put more up when I get them. Thanks to everyone who came up and helped out.