Friday, August 28, 2009

ahhhh kids

it really doesn't get any better.

I failed to mention...
-i drive a van now
-i have since had a few people ask me if we are having another child, nope.  derek's dad offered the old van, so we said ok, thanks.  
-i think the new raymond pool is great, but I'm always cold whenever i go
-i ride my bike with the kids in trailer almost everywhere we go in this town
-i put alli in ballet instead of preschool
-i have been growing out my finger nails for about 3 weeks.  i think they are record length
-i have been feeling sick for over a week and so has derek and the kids, we recently passed it to my dad, so look out mom
-i picked strawberries and raspberries and made raspberry jam today
-i ran a half marathon last saturday and i dare say it was fun
-the closet for my clothes at my mom's house isn't big enough
-i am working on dropping a few pounds these days
-i signed up for some boot camp workout thing 3 days a week at 6 am, i'm not sure how i am going to wake up for that
- i rarely get up before my kids and my kids rarely wake up before 8 in the morning
-i have several blisters on my feet these days and 2 bruised toenails.  it hurts
-i grew a garden this year and it worked and we eat it
-i don't know if i've ever posted 2 days in a row
-i'm going to bed at 10:17 on a friday night

good night

Thursday, August 27, 2009


you just have to put up a random (kinda ugly) picture on the blog, and see if your husband ever reads it.

Well, to quote Melissa B, "I think I've caught the summer non-posting bug along with everyone else." Seriously what is with this summer and the lack of posts by the general blogland? It's been a fun summer, even if the weather has just decided to do the summer thing recently, it's been great. It's been non stop for the month of August and now I'm all, hmmm, now what?

(this is pretty much my favorite picture right now, James just climbed right up onto his great grandpa Hicken and cuddled while he read.)

I've been reading so much this summer. I've read a lot of lame-o books this summer, which really annoys me because when I start a book even if it's so so SO bad, I can't stop. If I ever do happen to quit a book, I feel all bad and I can't move on to a new one. Like I don't want to hurt the books' feelings so I just have to stop reading altogether for a while, so the book thinks I just got to busy and didn't finish. Then I get out of the habit of reading and I hate that, so that is why I HAVE to finish each and every book. And don't pretend books don't have feelings. But, there have been some good ones in between to make up for it. I'm always up for a good recommendation so give me a book or 2 in the comment section.

(grandma Hicken sharing her piano secrets, if only it were so easy for me...)

Derek's Grandpa Hicken turned 90 this month. We had a HUGE reunion party for him with tons of his kids, grandkids and greats at this big reunion house in Mountain View. I think there were over 80 people there over the 3 days. It rained pretty much the whole time and was still so fun. The Hicken's really are a great family and I'm pretty sure it has a whole lot to do with Grampa. He is such as amazing man on so many levels. One of the very best stories to sum him up was from his son Patrick who couldn't be there, but it was in this big memory book we made for him. He said, Not long ago I (Pat) was talking with my dad about some of my problems and what I was going through. And when I was done, grampa Hicken said, 'Well I don't know what to tell you, I've never really had any problems in my life.' This man, who had grown up in the depression, drove fighter planes in the war, raised 10 kids on a farm, never had any problems. Wow!

(the blanket toss: toss children up in the air and see their faces scared stiff for the enjoyment of the adults.)

(This is what you do when it rains, make a rope and skip...for hours...)

I really think we could all learn a lot from Grampa Hicken. He is one of the most genuine people you will meet, such an example of a true friend. And he is a friend to everyone. He is so unbelieveably patient and kind. I can't imagine he has ever raised his voice in his life. He really taught his kids about what is important in life. And apparently, crashing a car is not important and not worth getting upset about, neither is a brand new fridge falling out of the back of the truck. Seriously, I wish you could have heard some of these stories.

And since I've been so scholarly and reading so much this summer and having this great example of a life of 90 years and counting, I've been thinking. Reading can provoke a thought or 2 in my head, shocking I know. Then, turn on a little classical music on a Thursday night when the kids are in bed and I'm a monk. (also, in the moxie's parking lot, right Rhonda?) So, here's my thinking of lately. I know this isn't new and we all have these kinds of thoughts to keep us in check, so I'm writing them today.

(this is just the getting ready for the picture with everybody, i don't have one with everybody, it was way more than this.)

What am I doing with today? Why am I sometimes so ancey for the days to be over? It's just gonna be the same thing tomorrow. Is this just a countdown till we die? How terrible when you put it that way. I just want to be proud of what I did each day. I want to be aware of the big picture, but live in and fulfill the moment. I don't want to make stress where it isn't necessary. I want my kids to know a happy mom. I want my kids to see happy parents. I want to teach and raise my kids the right way. But sometimes I'm so busy trying to find out and worrying about what the right way is, I forget to live this life. I want to be a little more easy going and I want to have FUN! I want to be happy at the end of each day of my accomplishments. And making supper and cleaning it up IS an accomplishment! (and today I cannot say that accomplishment is mine, such is life when you live with your wonderful mother.) I am so happy and grateful for the life I have and the people that are in it, and I want to show it. It's not too hard, right?!

And now I'm spent after doing this for my first time this summer. (i can't believe i'm such a slacker and never went until now) and THAT is accomplishment. (No, not the waterskiing, getting in that dang water!)  note the glass that is the water and my reflection in it, perfection.

Then of course you end it with a few cute pictures. Cause there aren't enough pictures on here already.

Happy back to school everybody!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Do I still have any friends left in blogland?

I'll return soon.    But there are only so many days of sun and playing left that I can't waste a moment.  And then life will be back to routine and schedules (haha like we have any schedule and routine)  and when that time comes I'll blog about all the fun I've been having and am soon to have!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

i guess it's time to go

I really don't feel like blogging right now.  But I just checked everyone's blog I know, and everyone they know and I'm still stressed/bummed/annoyed/BLAH!

I read people's blogs when I'm stressed etc.  I read about their fun times and think, hmmm , i wanna do that.  Or I read about what they are stressed about and then I feel better.  

But, you all failed me today, haha, jks.

Even though I ran for 10 miles today and had no music and only my thoughts, took a little time to get my eyebrows waxed, and now the blogs didn't cut it, must mean I just have to get it out.

The house is cold and echoing right now.  It's cold and echoing because the house is pretty much packed up excpet for the big stuff and the kitchen.  It's cold because it's August the high was like 12 today and has been all week.  There have been only minor breakdowns (by me of course) and no arguments in the process so far.  (My husband doesnt get stressed so he's great to have around)  I am very sad to leave this house.  It's pretty much perfect for us right now, which makes it hard to leave.  I'm more than happy to be going to Raymond, but we really liked this town (and the 3 friends we made...)  Our neighbors have been wonderful, and the ward was great (however, soemone really needs to tell Cardston that sacrament meeting last is NOT the way to go, but that's another story.)  I really was hoping for Derek to get another job here so we could stay for a few more years.  I'll miss living here.  But, we found a really nice gal to rent our house here for a year and we'll keep the renter in the basement. 

So we are moving tomorrow.  To a great place that we have been parents!  It all happened so fast and the housing market in Raymond annoying.  There is nothing to rent and I don't like anything that is for sale.  So we are gonna bunk for a while.  It's totally the thing to do.  My parents are so great for even making this an option.  I think it's gonna be fun, hopefully they will too!  

We had a fun trip to Calgary last weekend to see Susie and then out to Canmore to visit my friend Erin.  It was a great weekend.  My camera cord is packed up so I didn't download any pictures yet. 

And these random pictures were from the Karren family (Derek's dad's mom side) reunion a while back.  It was pretty fun and I'll just remember the heat of that day to warm me up.  I got a water balloon to the head form Derek and could have cared less, it felt so good.  I love spending days like that outside and hanging out.  Turns out I even knew a few people there!
That is Derek's Grandma on the left with her sister.  They put on a little show for us, funny gals.

And what family reunion isn't complete without the races!  We forced Kari to do it and she pretty much kicked everyon's butt without a sweat.  Look at that form!

Ok, I'm good to go now.  Don't fail me Raymond friends, I'm comin!