Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 for tuesday

10 things I have learned over the last week or so...

1.  The neighbors have a birds nest in their roof.  I see birds flying in and out from under the over hang thing.  I know there is a very important word for this part of a house, but I am not sure of it exactly...

2.  Even my cute superstar husband is not invincible to some random health issues popping up.  He's fine, but not cool Derek, not cool.

3.  Even the farmers are ready for the rain the stop.  I know some, they told me.

4.  Well, Sage is on the move, has 2 bottom teeth peeking through, the hair is...coming, and most importantly is playing strange!  What the what?!  She missed the Baldry family memo that we sleep in and now she missed the we love everyone even if mom isn't around memo?  Am I going to have to put in some effort with this child or what?!  Sheesh, good thing we are best friends and I love her to bits.

5.  I CAN still run a sub 8 minute mile without the ol c-section hurting me too much for 3 days after.  (i never said i can run multiple miles at the pace...yet)

6.  I haven not written in a journal since I started this blog.  Isn't that bad?  6 years!  And it's not like I was writing consistently before that either.  Just over a week ago I decided to start up again.  It's ok, I decided to hand write and I'm out of the hand writing business on mat leave and my hand hurt after a bit.

 (go Alli go!)

7.  Soccer drama!  Some peoples 'input' comes off more like complaints when said people aren't volunteering or coaching.

8.  There are 2 empty houses in my little culdesac (one with the birds, but they are fixing it i promise!) So who wants to be my neighbor?  It is the BEST culdesac in town!

9.  Nursing a baby 3-7 times a night is easier than dealing with the crying.  I'm being serious, sometimes it sucks, but I just can't be bothered to fix it so I try not to complain about being sleepy sleeperson sometimes.

10.  Darn that I didn't get any Fathers Day pics of this fantastic dad we have hanging around our house.  And darn that he gets me fantastic Mother's Day gifts and I get him lame-o ones like pistachios, true story.  Love that guy, I just really do!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 for james!

My little Jamer had a birthday!  Is it really true he is 5?!  It seems like only yesterday I was wondering why why WHY won't this little boy sleep at night?  Now he is all growing up and likes to party as late as possible, but sleeps all night long!  He has the cutest smile, with the BEST freckles!

(here he is on his new scooter wearing his new jordans and sportin his new rondo jersey from grandma karie, you better believe he can name the whole celtics team)

He wanted a backyard party with the grandparents, so that is what we did on May 14.   It was a beautiful night, as May 14th always is!  James wanted a teenager party, you know with all his teenager friends. (what, your 5 year old doesn't have a slew of teenage friends?) I talked him out of it and he just had his fav neighbor teenager come over for the fire.  Such a nice teenage boy!  James knows more jr high/high school kids than I do.

(we didn't have cake on is birthday, he wanted smores, so he blew out a marshmallow)

So here is 10 things about my favorite little boy ever on Tuesday

1.  James loves all things sports.  ALL of it.  He will be out shooting the basketball rain or shine everyday.  He asks Derek to some sort of something sporty everyday.  Catch, football, basketball, soccer, running.  Yep, Derek is the best dad and even takes James for runs.  He is on a pretty tight training schedule, ha!  At least he can back it up and is a good little athlete already! ( my blog, i'll brag if i want to)

2.  He is so easy going.  James loves to play with other kids (or teenagers) so he will play whatever they are playing.  From Lego to Barbies, he'll do it all and have a great time.

3.  James is so likeable.  If you know him, you just have to love him.  I don't know what it is about him, but you just want to eat him up even when he drives me CRAZY I just want to grab him and snuggle him tight.

4.  His imaginary world.  Oh my heavens, well he has been to Australia, he is 24 years old, he is faster than you, and he did it 27 more times than you, he invented it, he's eaten it, you saw a bear in Waterton, well he saw an alligator, the score of the game was 4-2 no 6-1 no 17-0, it goes on and on...  I'm not sure he lives in reality,but I just can't burst that bubble yet.

(another form of a football cake for the friend party)

5.  Little girls play pretend and dress ups and house.  James plays pretend hockey practise, basketball tournaments and football games.  He packs his bag with clothes and equipment goes and plays a game or whatever tells me the score has me watch.  Cutest.

6.  He is so independent.  It makes me a little sad sometimes that he doesn't need me for so many things.  But I am so happy he is growing up into a good boy.  James don't you dare grow up into that stinky 10 year old who thinks dumb things are funny!

7.  He loves his dad.  What boy doesn't right?!  No matter what I am doing he pretty much would rather be doing anything else with Derek.  He copies Derek so much.  Some days James gets dressed and puts on a belt, puts his toy phone and wallet in his pocket to be like Derek.  He is begging to run the 10k race this year!  Note #4, he can totally do it...in fact he's done it before.

8.  He loves Justin Beiber.  He'll be like mom turn on the Biebs!  He tries so hard to sing along and it is hilarious.

(No James isn't short for his age, he is bent down in the ready position for the obstacle course and happens to be friends with the tallest children in kindergarten.)

9.  Still sleeps in like a champ.  Sometimes it's annoying, like we had to drag him out of bed at 8:50 on Sunday for 9:00 church, but usually I love it!  My kids wake up 1 at a time these days and it's good.  It really eases me into to the whole getting out of bed thing (insert Derek rolling his eyes at me here, but really, he is just super jealous)

10.  James is so kind.  He is really nice to kids younger than him, and loves to help kids in new situations when he knows the drill.  There are a couple kids in his church class who have physical handicaps.  The girl is really tiny and he just holds her hand or even puts his arm around her to help, melts me.  He does get super shy sometimes in new situations especially when there are lots of adults around.  I don't know why, Derek said he was kinda like that as a kid.  It's weird when he gets all clingy cause he hardly ever is and I never know what to do.

Anyway, I just love my James.  He is a ball of energy from when he jumps out of bed right to when he is singing Justin Bieber or Britney Spears laying in bed at night.  What a kid.  Here are some soccer pics my dad got the other day at his game.  He is loving it.