Saturday, March 31, 2007

picture post

Have a few pictures from the week at home. We had so much fun. Alli and cousin Lucy had soooo much together playing. They were good friends, Lucy was always trying to hold Alli's hand and give her hugs. Alli wasn't so into it, she is more and more like her mother all the time! And Alden had his work cut out for him protecting his toys form the 2 girls. The weather was only ok, that dang southern alberta wind can really ruin a nice day. It's green down there and no snow. The buds were coming and the tulips too. The snow is almost gone here, but it did snow again this morning so winter is not over yet. Is the end in sight?

We had the power out for like 6 hours one morning so we were not so productive that day. It threw us off so the quilts are not quite's only been a year since Susie and I started ours so whats another month or two! It was great to just hang out with the girls, my dad was out of town for half the time so Alden was the lone man. We just stayed up late chatting (and not renting movies right girls!) and Rhonda and I were up most nights with our restless kiddies, but it was worth it right Rhonda!!! Such a good week. Grandma had a great time with he kids. They LOVED the wheel barrow, it gave Grandma quite the workout with all 3 in there!

Well, I don't feel like writing any more so here's a few pictures from a week or 2 ago. I finally caught her in the act. She's been climbing into the toy basket lately and sitting and playing in it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

still here!

I guess it's been awhile since I checked in. We've been busy with this and that. And I just keep on gaining the pounds which makes me moves slower and slower. By the end of the day, I'm spent. But by the end of the day, this little baby keeps on kicking, he is BUSY. As of right now, he is breech, so I'm hoping his busyness will turn him the right way.

Alli is busy as ever. Still begging to go play outside everyday, and we can most days lately. She is copying us in every way, and it's fun. She carried the ipod around and listened to it and danced for a good half hour. Oh, and did you notice that my little girl looks somewhat grown up in these pictures? Well, maybe it is the pigtails! I'll have to get a good picture of them one of these days.

Derek had the day off school on Wednesday. So I went to my Dr.'s appointment and Derek took Alli out. I came home and did some cleaning. You forget home much you can get done in an hour without a child interrupting every other minute. Then I went for a walk, and went to my pedicure that Derek set up for me (with my SLIGHT hints of course) even went to the mall for a while. Came home to supper on the table! It was a great day. But I was happy to come home to my family.

Well that's all for now. I'm sooo looking forward to going to Raymond on Monday. Susie and Rhonda and I are gonna have a fun week with my mom. Rhonda is gonna take preggo pictures of me! And we are going to do quilts and stuff.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Alli was running on the sidewalk into the house yesterday after church and took a little tumble. She was pretty tough about the whole thing. I thought it split and was going to bruise, but it's really nothing.
After her nap, Alli was just not herself. She usually wakes up happy and plays around in the crib for a while. Today she woke up crying, the same way she did at 7:30 this morning.(after which I got some gooood cuddling in from a girl who never cuddles for more than a minute) She kept crying and touching her mouth. She wanted to cuddle, but was definitely squirming in pain. I thought maybe it was her chin again or something. So it kept up for a while and I looked in her mouth. I could barely see, but I felt 2 teeth coming in on top. Finally some more teeth! She has 7 and hasn't had a new one break through since October or November.

Happy Birthday to Susie yesterday! My dad was up for meetings and took us all out to dinner, yummmmy...cheesecake, sorry you couldn't be there mom.

And of course grampa made sure Alli had way too much sugar.

Alli found her sunglasses and likes to wear them around. She puts them on and says "cheeeee" (cheese) even if I don't have the camera out. Such a little movie star.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

bath time!

Here's Alli all excited to get in to the tub!

So every night when I say the word bath in any way, Alli drops whatever she is doing (or stops whining about whatever she happens to be whinning about) and runs to the bathroom. She stands at the edge of the tub and does this little run on the spot. Then she gets out all the toys and drops them in, and tries to climb in herself. She'll run around the house laughing in excitment a few more times while the water is running and while I try and get her clothes off. It is so fun. I love her bath time. I always have, and so has she. Ever since she was brand new she so loved her baths. I took a few pictures tonight.

The lighting in the bathroom is pretty terrible, so I played around a bit with and without the flash. I always like to fiddle with brightness and contrast if you haven't noticed in past pictures. I'm such a rookie. I really don't have the patience to figure out more than the basics in photoshop. Derek always puts me to shame in the computer department. He is so much faster at figuring that stuff out, so I juts ask him to do it.

Helping wash her hair! (even though the shampoo is already out)

Not much else going on around here these days. Just loving the nice weather!