Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 on tuesday

Well, here we go, I'm doing this again, YAY for me!

I'm actually a little nervous right right now.

1. I'm tired of trying desperately to suck in my stomach...I'm sick of wearing baggy shirts attempting to hide a little secret...and if you're a little slow on the uptake, I'm also sick of puking my brains out...

2. do you even care about the other 9 at this point?

3. we are telling our children after work tomorrow. me and derek haven't been with the children together for a few days (shift work, love it hate it) so if you see me or my kids tomorrow don't break it to them that we are going to odd out the evens and break this 2 kids party up. they think i just put on a few extra belly pounds to carry the easter bunny in there right now.

4. also, close family and friends, don't be offended. the only people we told were our parents just this past weekend. i'm shy and don't want a lot of attention(weird for me i know, but i will take it in the form of blog comments naturally), but of course we couldn't be any happier!!!

5. seriously, i'm not even finishing 10.

Friday, April 15, 2011

here's 10 but it's not tuesday

Well I guess another month has passed so it's time to blog again. I find it really easy to just jot down 10 random happenings in life even though it's not Tuesday, it's a 10 on Tuesday sort of deal. Remember, my blog - my rules.

(This is the day my children got married. what, your kids don't do that in the dead of winter with nothing else to do? I was flattered to be the photographer for the event.)

1. Went to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago with a bunch of Derek's sisters and cousins. Had SUCH a great time. Weather-HOT, Food-YUM, Celine-AMAZING, Spring breaker poolside dancers- ENTERTAINMENT(of the worst kind), Celebrity searching-PRODUCTIVE, Company-FANTASTIC! But I have no pics to prove any of this.

2. Remember last time I blogged? I got called to be primary President. No worries my friends ward boundary changes, I'm released! I am now back to my old stomping grounds of teaching sunbeams. I think I have the lessons memorized.

3. The kids and I did a little run they had here in town oh back in Feb was it? I finally downloaded these pics of my little runners at the Chilly Willy Run. It was 2 km and a lot of fun. They keep asking when the next race is.

4. The entire family got sick while I was away. They were a sad a bunch to return to. James' turned to croup which is never fun (but he is really learning the whole hospital routine really well. 'mom do I have to go step on the scale now?') and Derek is still experienceing some mild symptoms. I rubbed my flu shot in their face for a while, but I am now fighting a terrible cough and sore throat and the list goes on...so I had to shut up. In the mean time we had lots of naps and cuddles so it wasn't too bad and I have no recollection of anything I did in last 2 week.

5. I'm so happy in my new house. But dang, we have been here 3 months and I feel like I have to do spring cleaning!

6. James is really into playing basketball on the neighbors hoop outside. He goes out whenever he hears the little 14 year old and talks his ear off while they play. It's just so cute!

7. Has anyone anywhere found somewhere to watch snl clips online in this little place called Canada? I know it's a lot to ask being in this teeny tiny country with not very many fans and all...

8. I always linger a little while in the mall food court just in case a flash mobs starts up...

9. I'm Alli's soccer coach again this year. 3 years going strong. She told me next year she doesn't want me to be her coach. I think it has something to do with the teal jersey's 2 years in a row and florescent green before that. Still, I can't wait to retire, but James will be old enough next year.

10. There is a great need for sarcasm font. (That was for you anon!)