Monday, January 29, 2007

oh the clutter

As so many stay at home moms know, the more you are home, the more mess you make. I tell ya, I could clean this place fifty times a day, but there is always more. I love staying at home with Alli and never want it any other way, but sometimes in the dead of winter, 5 and half months pregnant, it can get to you. It's a job where everyday you have to do the same thing. Somethings you have to do only once or twice a week, some every day, and a whole lot you should be doing more often than you should. If you let it go, it's still got to be done the next day. There is a co-worker who comes and goes, but you can't always count on him to do what you ask. I won't go into any more detail, you get the idea.

So back to my thought, I keep a rather clean house. It's rarely spotless, but almost always clean before bed. Lately, I am just not feeling the clean like I want to. I figured out what it is. CLUTTER! I hate clutter, but I have waaaaay to much of it. I was flipping through a book at Costco today about home organization trying to pick up a few quick tips. It had some good points, but here was the shocker. I saw the heading about junk drawers and immediately flipped to it, hoping to find some magical solution to keep the junk drawer under control. Well, it said no junk drawer allowed...NO JUNK DRAWER? Does anybody not have a junk drawer? I was shocked.

I came home to find I have a junk drawer, a junk spot on the corner of the kitchen counter, 4 junk drawers of the computer desk, and pretty much the whole desk in Alli's room is a really badly organized junk "drawer". So I got started. I did ok. I still have a junk drawer and a junk spot on the counter, and more organized computer desk drawers, but I didn't even touch the other desk. However, everything has less stuff everywhere, and I feel little cleaner.

And I did the magazine rack. That's easy. We have way to many subscriptions right now. 5 or 6 I think. I have no problem throwing away Sports Illustrated (even though when Derek came home and saw the pile a minute ago, he was picking through trying to keep some-with no luck on his part.) and even my exercise magazines (they are really all the same, but it's nice to get a motivational reminder every month.) But for some reason, I feel like I have to keep the Parents magazine, because there is always really good stuff in them, but for older ages. So someone tell me to throw them away or that they kept theirs and were really glad they did.

On that note, I think everyone who comments this time should share a good declutter tip. My tip is going to be...Make a plan. If you try and do it all in one day, you won't do as good a job. (Like me today) Plan to declutter one room every two weeks, by doing a little bit everyday or every other day. There is my tip, now I better write it down, and make a plan. But I'll wait for everybody's tips to come in first.
One more thing on this topic. This was the title of one of the other books at Costco, "Being Organized Is Not A Personality Trait. It's A Skill Anybody Can Learn." I'm gonna have to check that book out next time, what a good title.

And here is Alli while I was cleaning up supper, she pulled all the throw aways off the table, and was having a great time. She loves to rip up magazines. It was actually great. I got the kitchen all cleaned up with no interruptions...maybe I should keep them...haha

We took Alli to this little petting zoo in West Ed the other day. There were little goats and pigs and sheep and more stinky animals. Our friends have a dog that Alli really likes, so we thought she would have fun. She walked around having a good time looking at all the animals, but did not want to touch any, which was fine by me, because it is kinda disgusting. My camera was being weird again. But I charged the batteries yesterday and now it's working back to normal, I hope that was all that was wrong.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


This gal LOVES to be outside, as does every child I'm sure. It's been great having some nice weather this week. She is the happiest kid just walking around outside, she'd do it for hours I bet. She doesn't need any entertainment, just walking is good. When people walk by she starts saying "hi, hi, hi" and following them. It's fun to just watch her in her own little world and see what intrigues her.

Since she likes outside so much, Susie and I took Alli out sledding on Saturday. And she seemed to really like it. There is a perfect hill just a block away from our house. We didn't go too long because it was getting cold as the sun went down. And I got no good pictures because not much light and moving people and I couldn't figure which setting to use. Another little note, we used a garbage bag since I had no sled, it worked good enough, but you sure feel those bumps!

So I was all excited to take Alli out agan this week. It was perfect out on Tuesday after Derek got home. And what do you know, he even brought home a sled. We went to the hill, and I was all ready to try out different settings on the camera. Alli starts crying as soon as Derek sits down on the sled. It was just a little cry so he took her again and she was bawling. Took a break and Alli settled, kind of, and I thought maybe she would like going down with me instead. Yeah right. First of all, it's a small sled, second, I'm huge and pregnant, third she was crying before I even started moving, and last I had no control and we hit a bump and Alli almost tumbled out of my arms. She was crying again and wouldn't stop until we were walking back, and then she was happy again.

I got all of two pictures with Alli and Derek. At least Derek is having fun, but Alli looks a little stressed I must say. I didn't get to try anything fun with the camera, so this will not be my final attempt of sledding with Alli this winter. The snow will be here for way to long so there be plenty more opportunities to toughen her up as long as I can still zip up my winter coat (which actually might not be for much longer, but for some reason I refuse to buy a pregnant coat). So I might have to get a bigger sled or just stick to being the photographer and Alli will have to go with Derek. We did have a fun week playing outside, and even went to a playgroup at the church this morning which of course Alli loved. But, so much for my week of pictures. I better get some ideas brewing.

I worked a night shift on Tuesday, I was surprised how well my body did, but I sure don't want to be doing one of those every week. Did anyone watch Oprah on Tuesday? What a good debate topic that was. It was the old stay at home mom vs. the working mom. After watching that, I stand by my decision to work only when it works for my family and for me. Of course, I also respect other people's decisions to do what ever they want.

Friday, January 19, 2007

it's gonna be a...


We had the ultrasound today and thats what they told us. If you can see in that picture at all, it's a close up and he's sideways and his little mouth is open. He was so active the whole time, the tech had a hard time getting some of the measurements. I never have had the worry of not feeling the baby kick for a long time. Both with Alli and this one, they are more than active, at all hours of the night too.

We are so excited, of course Derek is so so excited. We went for a quick trip to the mall this afternoon to maybe get a little something since about all we own for Alli is pink. And what do you know, look what Derek found.

I started doing my yoga dvd about a week and half ago. I had it from when I was pregnant with Alli and had actually forgotten about it this time. It's the cheesiest Sweedish guy with his pregnant wife and I swear they did the video in their house. I didn't do it very often last time, just for a glorified stretch really. I was WAY more active with excercise last pregnancy than this one, hence all the pounds this time I suppose. Anyway, I decided to do it last week because I hadn't been sleeping very well and I was feeling stiff all the time who knows why. Well, let me tell you how GREAT I feel after doing this video. They do all the annoying breathing and relaxation for the last 5 or so minutes and every time I've gone to a yoga class or done this dvd I've skipped it or not really done it the right way for real. Let me tell you that breathing at the end is AMAZING! It practically puts me to sleep after I finish. To the best sleeps ever. I put in the dvd every day last week and almost every day this week when Alli goes for her nap and then I have these amazing naps. Then I wake up so refreashed and my back, and whole body really, would just feel so great. Honestly the yoga is good, but the breathing at the end must just relax me so right. I'll stop ranting about it now, but thats just how much I love it.
I hope to get out somewhere doing something with Alli next week. I'm running out of pictures to take around the house. She is just bouncing off the walls with energy. Now I just have to think of something to go do...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

not much...just pictures of course

Gotta love that winter static hair!
Nothing much going on here this week. It got really cold for the past couple days, so we just try to stay in and keep warm. Thought I'd just put up a couple random pictures from lately.

This morning when Alli and I got back from her dr. appt (1 year check up just a few months behind) she got her empty sippy cup and brought it to me and waited right beside me. So I went and put in some water. I gave it too her and she said dandoo (thank you). She took a huge drink and then walked over to the couch and just kept on chuggin. She is getting so smart. Then tonight she was just doing her own thing then went over to her high chair and was trying to climb up, so I put her in and she started going mmm, mmmm, ready for supper. She's growing up so much and its fun to watch her learn all sorts of new things.

Here's a couple other skills Alli has accomplished recently...

With everybody having running noses over the holidays, including Alli, she must have watched everybody always blowing their noses. It's a handy little thing. At first she would just make a noise with her lips, but now she really does blow. She'll just do it all by herself. I usually have to go in after and clean up, but she's mostly willing let me. She's probably just happy I don't have to go for the eyes anymore.

Another "skill" ...Yeah she can shove in a banana pretty good. I couldn't fix the red eye on this picture, but I had to put it in. I love kids first thing in the morning all messy and but just so happy.

Alli's favorite part of the day (which can happen numerous times throughout) is when daddy tickles her. Sure I can make her laugh, but Derek does it soooo much better. She just cracks up when he looks at her sometimes. Here she is fallen off the couch laughing so hard she got the hiccups. It's about the cutest thing ever to see those two play.

This is outside at my parent's over the holidays. All the snow melted and their lawn was green underneath. Alli loves outside, she sometimes cries when I bring her inside. Sometimes I think the cold doesn't really bother her. She'll be a good southern Alberta girl someday, she turns her head to face the wind.

11 days into the new year. I'd better make some goals soon, but nothing to exciting or lifelong changes. I like to just make little goals throughout the year, not a bunch all at once. Late last summer I wanted a new pair of running shoes for my birthday because I wanted to train for a half marathon this spring. Well, that is why you can't set goals to far in advance...things change. I found this GREAT new quote. I found it on the internet, so I have no idea who this is and if he really said it, but it's a good one. "We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." Joseph Campell.

Maybe a good goal will be to survive this year with a little sanity. The thing with goals is you really do have to write them down, and you have look at what you wrote down often, to keep you on track. So I will do that. Speaking of writing down, I'm going to get back into writing my lists. I went through a phase when I wrote a list of everything for the week on Sunday night. Everything from dinner plans to a workout. I really liked crossing things off the list, you really feel like you accomplished things at the end of the day, even if it is vacuuming.
One more thing. I decided on my "word for the year" (see Rhonda's blog) My word is Believe. I saw that was someone's comment, but I had been thinking of using it too. There is a lot to believe in, but this year among other things, I think I need to believe in myself mostly. I'll leave it at that.
Last note. Loving our Christmas present from Dereks parents. The Magic Bullet. Derek is making smoothies like there's no tomorrow and I'm lovin it. Sipping on a delicious mixture of fruits as I write.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

christmas pictures...lots of them

It's been a while since I came around the blog, so I thought I'd put up a few pictures of the holidays. We are still down in Raymond, but going back to Edmonton tomorrow. We were planning to go back today, but it's either go to Edmonton and do nothing or stay here and do nothing. But its been a while and I am ready to go home tomorrow. We've been so busy too. With Christmas and a wedding and lots of other family and friend get togethers and up till all hours night after night, it felt non-stop and I am spent. I was way to sick with hardly a voice for a week before Christmas and now Alli has smaller version of what I had. But no slowing down for her. She has been loving every minute.

She was more into Christmas morning than I thought. She opened all her presents and actually played with the toys, not the paper.

Here is Alli in her cutest Christmas dress to match the Baldry girl cousins. They were all at church together on Christmas eve and were pretty dang cute I have to say. My dad took these couple of pictures and I'm kind of in love with them.

Pretty good to get all these girls to kinda sit good in their dresses at 8 at night on Christmas eve. With 4 other boy grandkids around 2 of who got buzz lightyear pyjamas, so you can imagine their excitment.

The wedding was great. Everything was perfect. Brooke was beautiful and that's all that really matters at the wedding right? And Lucy and Alli were darling in their matching dresses of course, can't wait to get those pictures.

Maybe once we get the professional pictures I'll put up couple more of the bride and groom faces, but I just liked this picture. I think Either Rhonda or my dad took it. I just love the back of the dress.

Well that hardly was a glimpse into our holidays, but it's the part that had the funnest and cutset pictures. It went by so fast, but I feel like I got everything in that I wanted and more (including staying up waaaay to late with jacklyn before she left.) Now I've just been catching up on sleep for the past day or 2, oh the joys of grandma's! I've been feeling pretty good with the pregnancy and been growing every day! I don't have my ultrasound until the 19th, but I hope to have some news then. We had such a GREAT Christmas, I could go on for pages. We are so blessed and are surrounded by such good things. I love every minute of it.