Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was over on Ashley's blog and decided since I'm too lazy to go into the other room to get my camera and download my pictures from my fun trip to Calgary and Edmonton, (plus I didn't really take very many) I'd copy her little game.  

You go into your photo library and pick the 4th picture of the 4th album.

And look at that.  

Just joking, that wasn't the 4th picture.  that would be too easy if it was a picture that I actually looked good in, right?!

This is the real one!  

My brother Peter and a few cousins in the distance. We were out at my cousin's in Pincher Creek around Christmas. It was a cold windy day (what a surprise) and we were out on the ice doing a little homemade curling.

I had so much fun looking through the pictures that I just couldn't stop myself from posting a few more.  This is not to long before my blog days began and I surely would have blogged about this so I thought it was ok.

...A little more of the flashback almost 3 years ago...or alot.

I'm really loving Derek's getup here.  We always had makeshift winter gear when we came to visit because we never brought any of our own.  Actually we look quite normal compared to the most of the other times.  Oh yeah, it must have been because we were borrowing my uncle and cousins stuff, not my parents.  

I'm just coasting along in the wind.

More curling.  Nice form.  All the spectators are truly engaged in the happenings.

I had to put this up because I remember what was happening here.  It was so windy that Brooke could barely walk forwards, she kept sliding back.  Funny, until I remember I now live in that wind...every day...including today...

I think we were having races.  My pants are total floods.

Apparently I wasn't these shaky skaters figure skating coach.  jk girls, doin great!

I'll make one more note.  It was cold and freezing and December.  And there was probably lots of snow, but the wind just blew it all away, it was all in a big pile somewhere I'm sure.  And baby Alli was nice and warm inside with my aunt during all this fun.


Tisha said...

What an awesome idea! I'll have to give it a go!

Christal said...

how fun! cute pics it is always so windy over there! Hope you had a fun weekend in edmonton and calgary! ttys

Rashelle said...

Good times! It is funny seeing those pictures again, we did have a lot of fun that day. I remember it being really cold as well but it was warm enough that the curling blocks were not totally frozen so we were basically using buckets of water. We will have to try and get together at Christmas again this year.

Susie said...

hmmm dark hair is this a hint. You look hot with your long blonde locks, but dark is a good look for the winter. How did Derek score that big parka?

Jaime said...

You make winter look so fun!!

Just Rhonda said...

looks like we missed lots of fun that day!

melissa said...

I don't know why, but this post made me laugh so hard! I sooooo don't miss that cold wind. It's still 85 degrees October. : )