Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i was thinking....

i should blog it. But I don't know what to blog and where to start. So I'm gonna do the large quantities of pictures recap of the past weeks events. like a lotta lotta this should be 7 different posts lotta. feel free to skim.

first up:
-totally forgot father's day. well i didn't forget it i just didn't blog it. and now i can't even remember what we did. i know i got derek a present but i can't even remember it. i thought father's day was the sunday before it really was so i don't blame myself for not remembering what i got derek. here's the shot of the day. what a great dad my kids have. it's too bad everyone can't have a derek for a husband...(i couldn't let it die just yet jack)

-then a good time at the stirling pool with fun after at brett's house.

-sunday in waterton

snoozin thomas
kade running around in waterton lake calling it the ocean
look at james toss the rock in like he means it!

-hicken get together in magrath, ridiculously fun.

havin a good chat with great grandma hicken

-July 1st parade! not many pics of the day but it was fun in all the usual way.

when all the kids were getting canadian face paint james opted for the football stripes.

and unfortunately i made the cut for the parade this year.
kill me now.
the class of 2000 had the biggest graduating class ever to graduate from rhs. we started out with all of 11 people on our float. we had to drag people off the street so we wouldn't be a complete embarrassment.
i want to have a stern word with whoever started the tradition of school reunion floats.

amelia is just protecting her newborn while i huck some candy with all my might to the baldry's like nobody's business

-then the actual reunion. i put in plenty of hours planning this party and i have to say it was quite a bit of fun. can't deny, i put on a good party!

-the ol road race. i ran 5k this year and never felt better!

-a bowling day with the steeds cause the weather has been lame-o more than once lately.

-gram's birthday!

-shared my moms day with our 8 year anniversary. we actually went out on our anniversary this year, haven't done that in forever. the weather, once again, wrecked our golfing plans so the same ol dinner and a movie it was .

-in between all this we had plenty of bonfires, bike rides, a trip to writing on stone, pool days, swimming lessons, 2 eclipse viewings for me, work for me as well and i think that's about it?!