Thursday, May 22, 2008

ready to move

We're getting lots done around here...really...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

james is one!

James is one today. WOW! What a year it has been. The other day Derek said, "Can you believe we have been sleep deprived for a whole year?" hahaha, it's not that bad...

Here's a few things James is up to these days...

~is so smiley
~waves at people when we are out in public
~claps his hands when I say Clap!
~torments his sister with a smile on his face
~loves to pull Alli's and my hair (must be because he has none of his own to pull!)
~is a walking disaster
~still not sleeping through the night (errrrr! but it's my own fault so i can't complain))
~says uh-uh instead of uh-oh (as he purposely throws his food on the floor from his high chair)
~laughs in my face when I tell him "no"
~LOVES tickles
~is obsessed with putting on his shoes and and playing with his feet.

I'm so happy James decided to join our family. And I'd like to know if it was him who had anything to do with the when! Ok, I'm going to do it. This is for me.

I've had so many emotions going on these past few days. I'm sad/happy/stressed about the move. Can't believe my baby is a year, and how happy I am that he is part of our family. And been thinking lots about my brother Ryan who passed away 10 years ago today. (note to self: never watch ps i love this time of year)

James was born on the very same day that Ryan died. And like I said the other day, I just knew it was going to be that day. I sooooo didn't want it to be, but I had a feeling that it would be, and was prepared. And you know what? It's ok. It's ok to be happy today.

When I was driving in the car with the kids today, Alli was "singing" along to the radio. So I started singing with her and we cracked up. As soon as we busted out laughing, I instantly thought of Ryan, and I knew it was just how he would want it to be. I know that is so cliche to say that, but I don't care, it's what happened. Ryan was a happy guy who laughed a lot with this great contagious laugh, I might even venture to call it a giggle. I don't have anything profound to say about today. I just wanted to acknowledge my brother. I love him. I miss him. I don't want to forget him. I know I never will. I think of him often. Maybe Ryan is just telling me I don't need to be sad anymore on this day. (so he pulled a fast one and sent me kid!?) Because I know I am going to be with him again someday and that brings such a peace to my heart. And maybe if we're lucky, James will have a piece of that crazy personality Ryan had. I hope so.

We had cupcakes with candles after supper today for James. Nothing fancy or exciting. James (actually Alli) just opened a little present. We decided we're saving what we are really getting him for after the move. Alli was out of control excited for his birthday. She has put together one thing. Birthday=Cake. So once again she had the icing off 2 cupcakes and was up until 9:00 bouncing off the walls. What kind of mother am I anyway?

Here's a jumble of pictures. One from every month! It's a lot. You can click on them to make them bigger.

May 2007, one week old.

June, first smile

July, a visit at Grandma's



October. He's gonna love me for that costume.

November. Learning to crawl and get bruises.

December. Merry Christmas! ok, this picture is kinda scary.

January. one of my favorite pictures.


March. A rare snooze in public.

April. Woohoo, bathtime!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

moms day

Derek took some mother's day pictures. Let's hear it all together, awwwwwww.

I couldn't let the day getaway without saying something.

Last year on mother's day, actually right at around 8:30 pm which is what time it is now, my water broke. I got the sweetest mother's day present at 2 in the morning, not quite on mother's day, but close enough! I'll never forget the emotions of that day. I was 9 days overdue, so anyone who has been overdue knows those emotions. I was as big as a house, and as uncomfortable as an elephant in my living room would be. (Not because we don't like elephants, but because it's something very large in a small place, get it? hehe) I was nervous for labor because I had a c-section with Alli and never had experienced a single contraction before. (I did good and was so tough of course, but still had to have a c-section. That kid has been crazy from the start.) And to contribute to all these emotions, I KNEW James was going to be born on the 14th, I just KNEW it somehow. I think maybe I'll save the I just KNEW it for the birthday post. Not that I'll be any less emotional for that post. Anyway, that was mother's day last year. This year was SLIGHTLY different, but still fantastic.

Derek is an amazing husband and meets my EVERY need EVERY day.

This is what we looked like 6 years ago. Yep, I look JUST the same right? These kids haven't phased me at ALL!

Now for my momma. Wow. I could say so much about my mom. Where do I even start? Anything I do good as a mother is because of my mom. I learned how to be a mom from her. She is amazing. I love how our relationship has evolved over the years. You can never love your parents as much or in the same way as they love you. But now that I have my own kids, I know. I have that love for my kids. My mom fully supported all my important decisions in life. She was right there encouraging and cheering me on in whatever I did. My mom is such a great example of service. She is a true giver. To her family, her friends and anyone in need. She is so kind, no mean things come out of her mouth. When I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day the doorbell rang. It was 2 neighbor kids. They are regulars. So my mom sent them down to the toys to play. Then I heard one of them say, "But it's no fun unless you come play." How great is she? I love how awesome my mom is with her grandkids. She really plays with them. And I think that is so cool, so does Alli. I told Alli we are moving to Grandma's and now every day she is BEGGING to go to Grandma's. Love you momma and can't wait to see you.

So good with the kids!

And my fantastic mother in law. I hope it's ok with her that I talk about this. But she is so amazing, how could I not? Derek's mom has breast cancer for her second time right now. She is hopefully finishing her chemo this week. She is SO STRONG. She does not complain. I cannot believe how positive she is. Peggy has always been a positive person in life for sure. And this did not seem to phase her positivity at all. I truly admire this about her. You cannot help but be happy and upbeat in her presence. She raised eight kids...EIGHT! She is laid back enough to accomplish this perfectly. By this I mean, laid back enough to have had 8 kids running around the house and not turn into a crazy woman, but not too laid back because kids like hers don't turn out as great as they did without some serious work on her part. I love that and everything about her.

Alli and grandma last summer.

Isn't it so great that we all have awesome mom's to brag about today? I really hope and pray that someday my kids will have a sweet thing or 2 to say about their mom. It's also great that kids don't really have any memories before the age or 3. I can still keep screwing up a little longer before Alli will ever know.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

how 'bout a few pictures...

Finally I got these to upload. Since I overloaded with words the other day I'll overload with pictures today!

She's really into pulling the "funny face" at the camera lately. Does only a mother think it's cute?

Driving a car. Her dream come true.

I got a picture with both of them!

My little bald boy!

The bubble mower. Best $15 I spent at Costco...wait, that's not right cause i've got some sweet things a costco in my time.

Making the fire, it was a weak one.

mmmm, hot dog.

oh, just me and James not looking.

He loves to play with any kind of ball.

She didn't know I was taking this so she didn't pull the face.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

bitter sweet

It hit me this week. ummmm, we're moving in 3 weeks! Yikes! Lots to do. Here's the story.

Derek has applied to a bunch of school divisions from Edmonton all the way to the Raymond area. We have no sign of a job yet. NOT gonna stress about this. I am not sick of Edmonton. I still really love it. I love the friends we have here. We love our ward. I love that they have babysitting at the gym. Really good shopping so close. Love the nice big parks. I do NOT enjoy the weather. (but it is getting better right now, and frankly we live in Alberta, weather sucks, that's just the way it is.) And I do NOT enjoy how expensive the cost of living is right now. Hence, for the last reason alone, we are outta here. Down to Raymond for the summer.

We found a sweet place to live. I'll tell ya about it. 6 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, fully furnished, big landscaped backyard with hot tub, occasional free babysitting, boat in the garage, Sunday dinners...well, you get the picture. We're moving in with my parents. It's pretty much against everything I stand for....but, come on, A YARD! I am in NEED to get out of this apartment. I am never living in an apartment again. 6 years in this teensy place, I TOTALLY paid my dues.

The packing is started. I hate packing. We never move. I hate moving. I don't know how to do it. Suddenly, when it's time to move, I get this constant stress in the back of my head all day and night. And whenever I am sitting, I feel guilty, like I should go pack a box or clean a cupboard, not blog. And the nice weather is so not helping my pack motivation. I'd way rather go play. Oh well, everything always seems to get done somehow.

So in September I have no idea where we will be. I honestly don't care where we go. (well, I care, and that is why I refused to let Derek apply anywhere north of here.) All I ask is more than 900 sq. feet of living space, no multiple flights of stairs to drag kids and groceries up, walls I am allowed to paint and a fenced yard to name a few. I really don't think that is too much to ask.

Derek had this last week off before he starts his LAST couple of classes. YAY! We had big plans to take in all the fun things we wanted to do one more time. We made it to a few, but instead we decided to work a little. I did a couple night shifts. I was so spent after. Seriously...spent. I couldn't sleep during the day. I used to pride myself on how good I was at sleeping anyplace, anytime, anywhere. I was totally disappointed in myself. Derek worked too. During the day. He remained sane all week. James decided sleeping through the night would be a good idea when dad was a charge. But I'm ok with it, because he is keeping up the habit! But i don't want to talk about, I probably just jinxed it anyway. And I dare say the plague of sickness that has been here since January just might be lifting

We did go for the free rides at Galaxyland. Alli can ride anything she is tall enough for (all 4 rides that is) with an adult for free too! She was out of control excited. We love taking her there.

Also, a hot dog roast at Hawelak Park was a must before we left. I LOVE that place. It's nothing special. But we have spent so much time there with family and friends playing and eating. I love being there in the summer. So Brooke and Brett joined us for probably our only trip there this summer...tear...

We wanted to make it to the zoo (but it rained) and swimming (but we didn't) But when it wasn't raining we hit up all the local playgrounds and yes, the mall of course. Oh mall, I will miss you! (don't worry, I'll visit you again before we leave)

I'm so excited for a ridiculously fun summer with family, but so sad to leave our life here. But so ready to MOVE ON in life!

So I have been typing this forever and my pictures won't upload the WHOLE time. I feel bad, I need pictures. Does anyone actually read when I go on and on? I wrote A TON here and no pictures. Sorry, I'll try again later. My internet has been like a SNAIL this week, what is up?