Tuesday, March 08, 2011

10 on tuesday

So I was reading Rhonda's blog today and thought, I should be a better blogger in the randomness department. I love random blogs. She does 10 things on Tuesday. Correct me if I'm wrong Rhonda, but I think it's just a random life sampling. You know these are my fav kind of blog.

so with 15 mins left on tuesday, here we go
10 on tues
and no, i'm not committing to anything beyond today

1. my camera won't upload pictures to my computer right now, small usb problem. derek fixed it today. (as in he restarted the computer) he was totally mad. he was sure this was the ticket to replace our 8 year old computer. long live mac's!

2. yes he fixed it, but now i have to charge the battery of my camera to upload them. so no pics this post. i swear i can't keep things charged. my cell phone has been dead for days, ipod what's that?, and i am the one who took a dead camera battery to new york. charging things sure is a lot of work.

3. james finished up his 2 month skating lesson season. i was beaming at the little show tonight. he is so good, and ridiculously CUTE! The skating system sure isn't what it used to be back in my day, but james skates like a pro so no complaints!

ok, my dad took pics and sent them already. he's had some practice in the skating photo dept. see what i mean? cute james! his gloves were in derek's pocket, we are kind of bad parents.

I couldn't even handle how cute this wave was! ok, i'll quit being a crazy parent gushing over my child. and look how cute his teacher kelly is. brings back memories kelly!

4. i was happily teaching my 10 cute little sunbeams in our new ward (i mean what else would i do but teach primary when we move?) when suddenly i got bombarded and called to be the primary president. it wasn't even a joke. ummmm, slightly overwhelmed. then i counted there is only 131 kids so it shouldn't be a big deal, right?

5. derek and i signed up for a race in less than 2 weeks. haven't ran at all since last october. sure i still work out, but the only running i do is from the house to the car in the freezingness. i have a feeling i just might not run at all before the race and see how it all goes. i'm spontaneous that way. christy, did you sign up? you wanna carry on the tradition and get a good time for me?

6. dear girl from american idol that sang fionna apple last week, thank you for reminding me to dig out my old collection. i enjoy her angry singing, but i do not thank you for butchering the tune.

7. i need a new washer/dryer. mine are terrible, just terrible. oh and they don't work.

8. ok, back to #4. i wrote up an agenda today for my first primary meeting tomorrow, isn't that funny? an agenda for a meeting i'm in charge of!

9. Derek's sis Steph had a baby girl today. YAHOO! aren't little babies are the best?! and for those of you that know my needle trick i am so DONE because i am wrong too often these days. i'm going back into retirement. i know you're all sad the witchcraft is over.

10.When I'm having a good ol facebook stalk and I find out someone has a public profile I get a little excited. 216 pictures? yes please! on the same note. when i meet someone 'new' I'm scared of mentioning something she hasn't already told me but that I have learned from some light internet stalking. come one, don't pretend you've never done it.