Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry christmas everyone!

Well, I am up to ears in lists and getting ready for everything that is going on! I am loving almost every minute of it. (note to self, do not do renos and move at christmas time again, or take on a sewing project in the middle of it all.)

Derek has been working so hard on the house and I really do think next week at this time we will be all moved in. This has been such a busy month enjoying the Christmas feel with baking, parties, service, friends, family, and church things. In there somewhere I have really been feeling the spirit and joy of Christmas and I hope my kids have been too.

We are just about ready to head out the door. Derek's family is ALL going to a big cabin in the mountains for Christmas and while it is rather crazy getting all ready to do that, it will be so fun and worth it to be together with no distractions. No running to the store, no last minute this and that, no working at the house after the kids go to bed. We just get to play and hang out and of course EAT!

This is me wishing a Merry Christmas to you all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12, 13, 14

Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-Some pictures you love

The pictures I love I am just putting up through the post. They are just random ones I pulled out of my albums for no reason other than I love them because they are my family, they are my LIFE!

Day 12 What I believe in

I believe in the articles of faith and in my church
I believe I am loved
I believe families are forever
I believe in the golden rule
I believe in paying it forward
I believe in you scratch my back I'll scratch yours kinda thing
I believe in feeling your emotions
I believe in having fun
I believe in laughter
I believe in being yourself, your best self
I believe in Christmas and Santa!

Day 13 Goals

I'm always a little hesitant of goals and sharing goals. I am a very realistic person, which is good and bad. Sometimes I am not very spontanous (sometimes I am) because I am realistic. I sometimes go along with plans and ideas just to go along with it to make whoever I am with happy, but fully knowing in the back of my head it is so not going to happen. But I have learned that some people dream big and they don't mind when things don't go they way they planned or they do mind and they bring on stress because of these things. I am not someone who is devastated when things don't go as planned either, I would just rather not waste my time and efforts into something that isn't going to happen. Did that make sense?

That being said I do set goals and I am happy to share them, mostly when they are accomplished though.

I do have the daily goals of prayers and scriptures and bringing the spirit into my home for my to feel and recognize.
I am always striving to be a better wife/mother and will often focus on different things for a week or 2 to improve my relationships with my kids and husbands. I have found the best way for me to do this is by spending time with my undivided attention with them. Which is actually pretty hard sometimes.
I try to be optimistic and positive.
I try to be kind and aware of other people and their feelings and needs.
I have some goals in the financial department.
I sometimes work on improving skills and talents that I already have when I am feeling ambitious.
I would like to start writing in a journal again.

And, well my friends. I just finished on Saturday my last day of the workout program Insanity. Yep, 6 days a week at 6ish in the morning I was sweating my brains out and I really quite liked it. There's a true completed goal. And nope, I didn't lose any weight, dang it. But my biceps are huge, hahahaha, I wish.

And that day 15 is going to have to wait. Because my dream house is not quite ready yet! Soon I hope, soon.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

day what?

I will not quit this!

day 10
something you are afraid of.

I have a huge fear of mice. Do I wanna talk about? Well, I am nauseous just writing about it. So no I don't. It's embarrassing, I cry like a baby when I see them inside or out, and also I dry heave on occasion. Thankfully there hasn't been too many occasions. And my husbands dream house would be on an acreage, HA!

Also, I 'm afraid of the garbage disposal (is that what it's called in the sink? I don't know how to spell the word i call it) I use it all the time, but every time I have to shove a little something in while running (shove in as in a cm or 2) I think of my fingers being shredded.

I am an in the closet worst case scenario person. I honestly believe that if I think about something bad happening, it won't happen. This may be another topic, but whatever. My mind is filled with worst case scenarios, so if something kinda bad happens I'm like, oh phew, that was nothing. Like, I always think about getting in a car accident or stranded, I'm talking rolling off a cliff into a lake, or running out of gas in the middle of nowhere -500 degrees with a pedophile walking down the road. So if it's just a little ding, no big deal. Does that make sense. I think of all sort of terrible things about my kids, so far so good!

I'm also gonna go ahead and do day 11 cause it's easy.
fav tv shows!

YAY! I love tv, but end up watching a lot of ho hum hgtv. no pvr and working evening is a damper on my previous lifestyle. I hope to mend that in the near future. I do believe it is worth the money. I'd rather spend the money and watch what I want when I want than watch whatever is on and truly waste my time. So in no particular order.

1. SNL - i'm still going strong, but I always fall asleep after Weekend Update if I make it that long, but I laugh so hard.
2. 30 Rock - I'm rolling on the ground right now
3. Modern Family - I hate to jump on the bandwagon but it is truly so so hilarious.
4. Glee, needs no explanation
5. And my newest obsession, '9 By Design.' Move over Kate and 78 Kids and Counting, this is not your average 7 child household. I love them and I want to hang out with the mom and work with her, and I wished I would have know there were looking for a nanny, because I would have applied.
(these are not edited, it was that WHITE out! James' skin almost blends in too.)