Monday, May 21, 2012

oh darn i rambled again

Well, I just fiddled around on my blog for way too long and have nothing to show for it.  I wanted to update some things.  I figured out how to change my little blurb on the side to state that I do in fact have 3 children now and am going on 10 years marriage.  That is as far as I got.  One of my pictures on the side is now gone, and I can't figure out how to get it there again.  I wanted to put a picture of Sage up to, but that may be asking too much.  The picture of Alli is at probably a year old and the one of James is going on 2 years old.  I'm so lost.  Plus all my profile is super old, and I KNOW people want to know my current hobbies and such!  Why did this have to change with no notice?  I even watched the cheesy video. 

 (you better believe we hit up Waterton yesterday with the other thousand people, it was beautiful)

Did you know my first year of college I took a computer programming class for some reason?  It was super nerdy of me, but in the end all that crap made sense and I did surprisingly well which is not like me with all the numbers and letters and codes and such.  I don't remember anything of it.  I remember one single thing from that class.  One day the instructor tripped over the cord to the overhead projector, yes overhead projector that is how long ago I was attended post secondary education, and we all laughed and laughed.  The rest of the class was a complete bust.  Someone would start with the giggles and then it would spread, it might have been me that started the giggles every time.  I have the giggles now remembering!

Wow, I got off topic, but I like the thought of that story being on the internet forever.  So what is the deal with this new blogger?  Why am I the only complaining about this?

James turned five.  I'll save a normal non random post for him.  Or I could just remember his last 3 or 4 birthdays and they are all the same.  Football and wiener roasts!  I'm sick at the thought of him being older.  It means someday I'm going to have a ten year old boy, and the only thing worse than having a ten year old boy is his ten year old friends!  For some reason I have never taken to the boys of that age.  I can tolerate 9 and I almost handle the 11's but 10's are the worst!  I'm sure my child won't be annoying at ALL at that age.

Ok, I'm not really sure what I'm writing about today.  I did find all the new blog stats info interesting.  I get over 50 hits a day on a regular basis.  What the heck, get commenting ya jerks, just kidding, kind of...

Well, we managed a few Mother's Day pics.  Last year we put the camera on timer and took one picture and it was good, not so much this year.  I really wanted them all in front of my perfectly blooming apple trees but the kids were scared of the loud buzz it was making.   I asked Derek for a 2 hour uninterrupted nap for mothers day.  After a delicious lunch made by him he gave me a gift.  My first question was if I still got the nap.  I might have taken the nap over the new lulu lemon jacket that day.  He is so fantastic, he gave me both!  Oh mother's day, I'm such a great mom. 

 This is what most of the pictures were like.  The top 3 below, I guess it's hard to get babies to look at the camera or something, also it appears I need some highlights in my hair.

 It only took me 7 minutes of clicking to upload my pictures to realize you now have to select them first.  I'm going to try really hard to remember that for next time to cut down on my blogging time.  Also, I didn't coordinate the kids clothes, but it sure looks like I did!  And the problem with pictures after church is who knows where Sage's headband is but I'm pretty sure she didn't make it to church that day with shoes so whatever.  Poor 3rd child.