Friday, September 30, 2011

some things

it all started when...

-i stepped on the glass part of a frame the one week ago. broke it. cut/bruised my foot. still hurts in barefeet on my hardwood floor.

-made a cake for a friends 3 year old birthday on saturday (it was the adult cake)
-attempt 1, forgot to add the sugar
-attempt 2, forgot to double the sugar
-attempt to eat, it wasn't good

-derek turned 33 last friday. planned his favorite meal forsunday. forgot to buy corn on the cob, thanks to karie who pulled through. forgot to buy steak, thanks to brett and shawnfor pulling through. couldn't eat the leftover cake from the other party so brownies and ice cream for the birthday it was and thanks to karie again for the strawberries. i think i remembered potatoes and whip cream.

-didn't take any birthday pics. but i found a few others from a while ago.

-i fell while simply walking at a different party on saturday.

-i made wings in my crockpot for the other party on saturdayand they looked so wrong that i didn't even try them so i wouldn't know if they were good or not.

-i think i stayed home for the rest of the week.

-oh wait, i left the house to get my drivers license renewed. i'm super excited to carry that picture around for the next how many years. hello preggo face! i guess it will go well with my costco card i recently renewed.

-by the way, derek left yesterday and is running his marathon on saturday, it's all me in this condition!

-i put the kids to bed around 10 tonight and i'm not even exaggerating one bit when i say they had sugar for supper.

-what can i say, some days you have it, some you don't!

-i turn 30 tomorrow and i'm blaming all these mishaps on pregnancy because i would like to otherwise believe i am leaving my 20's gracefully.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

my 10

Another month passed without a blog. Dang. Here's the most recent summary.

(First day of school for James, I had to bribe him not to wear basketball shorts.)

I used to put blogging on my to do list. I really did. I used to make to do lists. I can't remember the last time I made a list besides a grocery list. I don't know why I make grocery lists either because I usually forget 7 things and end up getting 10 extra things I don't need, treats included.

I have 6ish weeks until I have a baby. Someone asked me if I was all ready. But I can't think of what I am supposed to do to get ready. When I was pregnant with James I decided to pack a little hospital bag and it ended up being the day he was born. I was 10 days overdue. So...that's how I roll.

I used to take pictures. I can't even believe how many times this summer I have said, 'Dang I forgot my camera!' I don't know why, but I just always forget to bring it along. I used to pull it out on a regular basis.

We got a new computer a couple weeks ago. That 8 year old computer treated us well. (dad, look at me plugging mac's!) I've been using the old one, then Derek's laptop, and now the new one. I thought I had some more pictures in there somewhere, but it's looking pretty lame. And I'm not gonna lie, the speed this computer has is fantastic, but there are a few different things that I thin they had right 8 years ago! on the other hand, there are some fancy new things they thought up. Ah nerds, what will they invent next?

(Alli's first day of kindergarten. I didn't have to bribe her with anything. She picked out her dress and she wanted her hair straightened. I haven't done that with her hair for months because it takes FOREVER and I couldn't believe how long it was, yippee, small victory. I also noticed how much she needs a trim.)

So, Alli is in kindergarten every afternoon and James in preschool 2 afternoons a week. Don't call me, I'll be napping. Hopefully I'll get that nesting feeling at some point in there too so I can get my walls washed after the summer of filthy kids.

This baby moves around so much. I honestly can't remember if my other kids moved this much. But I feel like I would remember if I was getting drop kicked from the inside on a regular basis day and night.

Do you need to pee? I do. That's where I have been the last 9 months.

This summer was so awesome. I don't know why, it just was. (maybe it was because of the zero gravity chairs I brought with me every where I went?!) I'm not even sad summer holidays are over. Because if the weather stays nice, I will continue to treat it like summer with a few school breaks in there. I'm so happy when it is sunny!

On that note, I love the heat, but the last week or 2 of this 30 degree stuff is giving me some serious swelling issues. My feet and fingers and HUGE! It's awkward and embarrassing because I still have 6 weeks left to grow!

(We went to Waterton on labor day and took some iphone pictures so you know they are quality because of course I forgot my camera. Shortly after these pics, Derek told the kids he would get them a huge ice cream cone if they went under the water. Well, they both did, multiple times actually. I have some funny videos of it.)

Do you want a soda? I do. That's what I've been drinking the last 9 months. (maybe that has something to do with the charlie horses this baby is giving me. caffeine?!)

Knock on wood, but I have not been at all an emotional basket case this pregnancy like I have before. Don't get me wrong, I still turn cukoo crazy sometimes, but maybe I am finally just becoming more mature and have somewhat of a handle on my emotions. Derek is so proud!

(woot woot! there's my belly. i'm glad my shirt wrinkled over my belly so you can see it and my belly button really well.)

I think that was 11, you're welcome for the bonus.