Thursday, June 22, 2006

what do ya know...more pictures

I was going to post these few pictures right away and suddenly it's Thursday! It's been so nice this week, I spent Alli's nap time reading on the balcony and fixing up my flowers I have out there instead of posting. I'm afraid my cherry tomato plant is wilting after about 2 weeks. We had a good run, no tomatos, but oh well. I think maybe the sun just gets too hot. Any suggestions to save it? We've been out for walks and to the park and hangin out with friends, just having fun. It is staying light out so late at night this week up here. Last night we went to the park with Susie (while our husbands were golfing together until 10pm) until 9 and Alli was up to 10. She's been up late all week. It's kinda fun.

Alli loves to go to the Peterson's. She gets LOTS of attention there. So we like going there too.
Lauren and Alli could probably play for hours together. Alli just smiles and plays with her, and of course tries to grab her glasses. They are so cute together.

We invaded the house just as everyone was getting up from their Sunday naps, and how convenient just in time for supper. The Peterson's have been so good to us this year. I hope you guys didn't mind another invasion from us! We had to make up for last week's babysitting. We were a little late getting back to Peterson's and she only slightly screamed for the last half hour. I guess Alli was posing so good and in such a good mood because she felt bad. Thanks guys!

And since she has no grandma up here to spoil her and break the rules, Cathy gave Alli her first popsicle. She loved it, and the cried, and loved it and then cried. I think she got her first taste of freezer burn!

A few more pictures. Roman and Alli hanging out in their kinda matching outfits.
He's 3 and half months old now. Alli can pull and grab and pester him now, but she better be careful. This kid is growing like crazy and might get revenge soon.

Monday, June 19, 2006

happy father's day

I've said it before, and it's true, Alli is a daddy's girl. He can make her giggle way harder than I can, even if I do all the same stuff he does. She just cracks up for him. Alli watches him walk around while she is sitting on the floor or in her toys. Then as soon as he gets close she goes crazy kicking and waving until he picks her up. He even asked me last week if I read to her everyday. He thought this was important to do, (as do I) but I had to break it to him that everytime I try the book is in her mouth in about half a second. If I try to read another one while she is chewing on the first, she just wants the new one. You know how it goes with a teething baby.

Derek is such a good dad. It came so naturally to him. I guess that's what happens in a family of 8 kids. He really is already awesome with Alli, and I know he's just going to get better. Derek is so patient with me and never loses his temper, which will really come in handy with a teenage daughter someday. He loves Alli so much and is proud of her. I could go on and on...

We went for a walk yesterday, and I wanted to get some pictures along the way. I thought we would just walk over to the park, but after we got started, we decided to go over to Peterson's house (Derek's dads cousin) and take some in their backyard (pictures with them on the next post). Since our walk was just going to be short when we left, and I am still a rookie mother, I brought nothing. As we were walking and the sun was shining, (finally a nice day) Derek was so concerned about Alli's bare arms and legs and no hat or sunscreen, she didn't even have shoes on (it was about 6pm and so beautiful out) He thought she was too hot, then maybe cold, then bored because we were walking too long and talking to eachother and not to her. It was so cute, such a concerned dad. So here are a few of the first of many more years of Father's Day pictures.

Alli was loving the dog. Caught a few good smiles this time, not as serious as the last post!

And I can't forget about my dad. This list is endless, he is so many things to me. I have learned so SO much from him, just by watching him live his life. I started typing to say a few, but I didn't want t leave anything out because there is just too much. I'll just pick one, and that he always put his kids first. For him, that was huge. He was so busy in his life when us kids were growing up, but we never knew it because he was always there, he did everything. He even took all the pictures, this is the only I have in my collection that is just the 2 of us. I love it!

And since I missed out on telling my mom how awesome she is on Mother's Day on the blog, I'll tell her now with this picture I found while looking. The quality is not so hot, but you get the idea, us girls, we were hot! I love my mom so much. I only picked one thing for my dad so the one thing for my mom is how she just gives gives gives of herself.

That was hard, I have a million more, but I gotta go. Makin food for the oiler's party tonight! GO OILIERS!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

just a minute

Sorry for no post in a while.
Keeping busy, but not much to show with pictures.
Don't have much time, but here's a couple pictures.
Brett was up for rugby provincials. They got second, not bad!
Alli and Ava playing at the game,
and Alli learning new skills everyday!

Friday, June 02, 2006


Do ya love that face or what!

I haven't posted in a while. Susie had my camera for a while so I haven't taken any pictures, and what fun is a post with no pictures right! Not much has been going on to take pictures anyway. Alli and I have just been lounging in the nice weather. We walk across the field to the park all the time, for the swings of course. Don't worry, we go often enough now that I don't feel like I have to take pictures everytime. So no pictures of that this time!

Derek and I have been out to the driving range a few times. We go when nobody else is there and sit Alli on the blanket. She just watches the cars go by and plays with toys and she's in heaven. Hopefully we'll get a babysitter and get out on a course before our next trip to Raymond. I'm still pretty pathetic at golf, but for some reason I love it. You get a good drive here and there and it really keeps you going.

Alli thinks she is keeping a secret from me. Whenever I am playing with her she still never rolls over to get her toys, but I catch her rolling over all the time in her crib. She rolls back and fourth, back and fourth, and she has no idea I'm just peeking in on her. Also a couple weeks ago her two bottom teeth started poking up. They are just barely there, but coming. Don't worry I didn't take any pictures of that, she wouldn't let me anyway.

Derek got a new job this week. He's installing alarm systems for his cousin Nathan. It's much better hours than the old job, however it is 10:30 and he is still at it and has been since 7:30 this morning, but it won't always be like this....I hope. As I am without a car and it was almost 30 degrees today, maybe a trip to the air-conditioned mall would have been nice.

After the trip to the park and before the bath here is what Alli had for supper. Yummy green beans!