Thursday, May 28, 2009

there is no topic for a title

He never hugs back for the pictures.  But he really is quite the hugger when the camera isn't around. 

I didn't go running today AND I didn't feel guilty about not going. I actually haven't gone running since my race.  Usually if I don't go, I feel all bad like I'm ruining all my hard work. But I decided to take some time off no questions asked. It's been weird to not go and burn off some steam of the day after the kids go to bed.  But the 7 blisters on my feet and the big toe toenail that feels like it's going to fall off are begging me to stop for a bit.  These have all been bothering me for a least a month, but now that it's ok to stop for a minute, I gladly will.
I swear I have had nothing to say on here for a while because I get all my thinking done while out running for whatever amount of time it is that day. I have grown to really like my running therapy sessions where I am in charge, hehe.

Even after these days of no running I guess I still don't have much to say.  I have been going through deleting pictures out of my iphoto library because frankly there is no good reason for me to have 5000 pics in there.  I found a trend over the last 6 months or so whenever Alli and James get in the pictures together as you can see.  Sometimes I cannot believe these overly affectionate children are even mine.  Me, who is not a hugger of people outside of my husband and children.  Me, who gets harassed by friends and family at my dread of giving the awkward hug.  Me, trying and slowly getting over the weirdness of hugging people.  (I just don't see the point of regular basis hugging.  If you get a hug from either I really mean it, or i'm cringing and just doing the customary thing to do.)
Anyway, Me!  I have children who are huggers and kissers to the MAX!  James and Alli will NOT let Derek leave the house for work without giving them a hug and kiss AND me as well, or they will FREAK out.  So that makes for a lot of hugging and kissing morning noon and night around here.  Plus James is a SUCH a cuddle boy.  I realized I'm raising a wimp because every time he comes crying to me I can't help but grab him in for the best head my shoulder squeeze of a cuddle.  I crave it.  

But it doesn't stop there.  When were are with family, James makes my parents hug and kiss and then he has to hug and kiss them and so on....Then the aunts and uncles, James will pick and choose who he wants a hug and a kiss from.  We'll be at Derek's family's house in Raymond and he'll be laying in bed begging for aunt Brett or Stephy to come up for a kiss and a hug.  He'll also just go up to any random person at any time and give them a kiss.  And watch out, he is a kisser of lips only.  (right Jaime?!)

I think James likes to beat up Alli and pull out fistfuls of her hair so he can give her an 'I'm sorry hug' after.  I cannot even begin to tell you about the weirdness of this kid James.  He is so particular about some things.  I just am so glad he can talk a mile a minute or we would have tantrums like CRAZY here.  I mean, how would I know if he wants his socks on or off before bed, blankets or no blankets, the heater on or off, a pillow, or just different pyjamas on, no pyjamas, and how about sleeping on the floor?!  Let me tell you, with him, it DOES matter, and it's different everyday, and that's just one situation.  Getting dressed and meal time, WOW.  And there is no use trying to change his mind because it won't work, unless it's a complete ridiculous idea, (ridiculous as in, he wanted to sleep on the table the other day) I have learned to just do it his way.  Derek is still learning sometimes, haha.

I really could start a daily journal of this kid and have something crazy/entertaining/bizarre to say about him everyday.  Like today, he gets down from his stool at breakfast and is carrying his bowl of cereal around.  I tell him he better sit up to eat.  And he says, 'too busy.'

Ok, I'm a mom and I could go on and on, maybe I should start that journal.

And not to forget how sweet Alli is.  The other day she asked  'Do you know what happened to grandpa's hair?'  (he may a little thin on top)  And after she gave a kiss (as we love to do)  she said, 'I have little lips, you have old lips.'  

Well, when I sat down I had no idea what I was going to write, and that was the result.  Kinda all over the place.  Someday I'll look back on this and be so happy I got all this love when I have punk teenage kids.  

I'm looking at may calendar, and for the month of May there was something written down pretty much everyday.  I just flipped to June, a whole lotta nothin.  Hopefully this nice weather stays so our whole lotta nothin can be at the park and the likes.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

phew, i'm done!

(i'm not sure how or why i am smiling, 
because i think this is around mile 9)

Well, I finally did it. I finished my first half marathon, 13 miles. I've been wanting to do one of these for years, and have found a lot of excuses until this year. I'm so happy I did it and can finally join the 'people who have done a half marathon club.'   (not sure I'll ever join the 'i did a marathon club.')Today was the most perfect day of the year so far.  The sun was out, and best of all NO WIND!  
The good news is that I never thought I was actually going to die while running. I thought, this is terrible and what is the point of me doing this?, but overall it was pretty great. Derek and the kids came out to cheer me along the way, by far the best fans I could ask for, and my mom was at the finish line too. Thanks guys! And thanks to Derek for politely forcing me out the door some days to go run and being a good dad to be home with the kids while I leave for hours to go running every Saturday.

When I got back from New York James said, 'done running mom?'  He thinks I'm a pretty hard core trainer.  And I guess things won't change yet because Derek and I signed up a half marathon in August.  Note we signed up for it before I ran this one, I'm so tired...

Monday, May 18, 2009

james is 2 now!

He's actually not really growing too much, but he is older!

Happy Birthday James! He had his birthday on Thursday, but we didn't tell him it was his birthday. It was so crazy, all day he kept saying, 'Happy birthday mom?!' ALL DAY! He had some sort of 6th sense for the day. I felt so mean. But I didn't want to tell him it was his birthday because we had a birthday planned for Saturday. So we were just going to pretend that Saturday was his birthday. Then Friday he maybe asked once or twice. So weird.

He had a great little party on Saturday. We roasted hot dogs at Grandma's and had cake. For the first half it was Alli James and the rest just adults, then Regan and Rhonda with kids came late. Let me tell you how great an all adult party is. Actually, I don't even have to tell you, just think it. Yep, it's that good. Yet, somehow there was still a huge mess following.

I also went ALL OUT and did a 'theme' cake. (all out as in I've never really done one.) This was the absolute easiest one I could find. And what do ya know? James happens to slightly love 'game shirts.' The color is so not right and Derek didn't approve, but I thought the color of toothpaste would be just right.

James is such a great kid. He is so full of energy and is sooooo particular about the way he wants things these days. I could do a huge post about all the things this kids comes up with. It's a good thing he talks so well so he can tell me the ridiculous things he wants. He's a little bit crazy about it sometimes, but that's why we love him!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ahhhh moms

First of all, I'll update you on my Mother of the Year ranking.  The other day James started with the sneezes again.  Put it together, I'm awesome and when I took that picture below, I didn't actually throw away that puff ball after, and it ended up back in his nose again.  
I know, I'm awesome.  I was too embarrassed to take him back to the clinic.  I tried all the same tricks from last time including the newest with no success, and tried them again when Derek got home, no results.  By then it was bedtime, so I decided it will have to stay in overnight and I'd swallow my pride and lose all faith in myself (not faith in being a good and watchful mother, but frankly for being a terrible housekeeper) and take him in the morning to the dr.  (clearly I would look up a different dr. only to show off my good child holding skills to someone new who might appreciate it.)  
Alas, James couldn't sleep.  He was crying ' doctor get it out, doctor get it out.'  So midnight rolls around and Derek took the fall and took him to emerg.  He's so nice and he decided not to mention to the nurse this is the 3rd time in a week this has happened, (yes I said third, he did it another time when I wasn't home and my husband who really is awesome saw it in time and snatched it out.)  Thankfully they have awesome tools there and she got it out with minimal torture I am told.  (I wonder if I should invest in one of those for the future?)

So that's that.  Other than that, I don't see why I shouldn't be Mom of the Year.  

On that note, today is Mother's Day.  Had a GREAT day.  The kids woke up sooooo early, and I did not!  Alli and Derek made me yummmmy breakfast.  Got some fun stuff just for being me!  Which didn't include chocolate at church, dang it.  My Greenfield Ward friends reading, I hope the delicious tradition still stands, lucky you.  Had my parents over for dinner.  And now, the token Mother's Day blog.   

A while ago right after our blog mom revolution, they did a show on Oprah about mom confessions.  (she must read our blogs and got the idea there.)  It was HILARIOUS!  Some of the confessions put us all to shame.  Then, they had some people on who wrote a book about all the stuff about being a mom that no one talks about.  It was good.  BUT, they got a little complainy about things sometimes.  Let me tell you, I will be the first to say it is hard to be a mom, and a stay at home's hard.  Yes, we all have our days and moments and we might complain here and there, but when the gals got going in the complain department Oprah stopped them and was like, 'But isn't this what you wanted?'   And yes, Oprah, it IS what I wanted.  (and no, this wasn't an 'ah ha' moment Oprah, I already knew this is what I wanted.  I watch Oprah on a regular basis, but I don't like her, is that weird?)

It's not like I am the first mom to have a kid jam the same thing up his nose 3 times in a week (am I?)  or to have sugar freak children, or had to quit breast feeding before I wanted to, solely for my own sanity.  I love that I can meet a total stranger, and if they have kids I can suddenly make conversation with complete ease.  We are all in this together.  So let's enjoy it together.  I want to be able to be a support to any mother who needs it, and not judge. And I'm going to need, and have needed that support, because sometimes it's gonna suck along the way, but are you kidding me?  Is that what we are going to focus on?  Have the occasional vent and move it along because being a mom is the greatest opportunity.  Because isn't this what we wanted?!

And I'm afraid I just can't do the tribute to my mom's this year.  I love my mom and she's awesome on so many levels.  I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her every single day.  I love Derek's mom just the same for giving me him.  I will be a different and better person for having been so privileged to be a part of her life.  Ok, so I guess I did just do a mini tribute, but I'm practically bawling here, so that's all.  

Friday, May 01, 2009

it was up his nose

yep.  the thing on the right took a little trip up a little boys' nose yesterday.  

he was really digging around up there and then he sneezed like 17 times in a minute.  then he said it 'up nose.'  

i tried to get him to blow it out, i tried to tweeze it out, and i even tried to suck it out with a straw, all these things being rather tough when i was holding him down myself.  after a few hour, james wouldn't let me near him so i decided he needed to meet another dr. in town.  we got it out.  it wasn't a pretty job for me.  it involved me giving a little mouth to mouth while closing off the other nostril until the dr. could tweeze it out.  there is a reason the dr made me do the dirty work.  it involves a fair but off the child's 'nose mucus' on my cheek.  

the dr. commented on what a great job i did at holding james down.  as a nurse who misses pediatrics everytime i enter my new workplace, i took it as the sweetest compliment i could ever get.  what i wouldn't give to insert an ng tube into a child right now.