Wednesday, November 30, 2011


enough is enough!

I just haven't been able bring myself to blog because I'll have to fess up to the fact that my baby is growing and time is moving along. I know you are all just dying to see pics, but as usual you get to read my ramblings too! I did actually follow through and take a picture a day for 30 days, I think these are in order (except that one above I just took last week) and I'm missing a few I took on my phone, but I DID do it and I am so happy I did.

-I pretty much kiss her chubby cheeks all day, and she loves it.

So here is some documentation on the little one and life around here.

(This is obviously the wonderful work of Rhonda! and as good as it got on our first attempt at a photo session)

-I put clothes on Sage some days not just sleepers which means she is big enough for clothes/dresses dang it! but it's pretty dang cute so it's ok.

-I don't want to jinx it, but she is a good baby. However, it doesn't take much to take that title in the Baldry house. It usually means that you don't cry for more than an hour for unknown reasons. (I cannot even fathom a baby crying for hours on end like James did.) I told someone she was a really good baby and they asked me if she slept through the night. I said, well she is still a baby and up every 3 or 4 hours but that is what they do!

(this was our second go around. Love this pic. I wish camera/photoshop lingo wasn't like Japanese to me because it would be really fun to be able to take/make great photos, not just pics like I do!)

-she does get a little fussy at bedtime most nights, but I laugh in the face of fussy. (and give gripe water)

-we have middle of the night parties on occasion, but again she doesn't cry, so we just hang out.

-Sage likes her soother now, but only one type and I only have one of them so I'm on the lookout

-I am so much more relaxed with 3 than I was with 2. I think it mostly has to do with the ages of James and Alli and the fact that I haven't really done anything yet. There are enough other things going on in life I don't have time to analyze every little thing.

-She has started to really smile, but I have yet to capture proof of this.

-Every time I try and do a somewhat of a posed picture Sage cries, every time. It's best not to disturb her she tells me.

-Finally had her first bath that she didn't scream through on Saturday and has been mostly loving them ever since. But I have to say, keeping up with the bathing and hygiene of 3 kids is quite the task.

-Through all the annoying/uncomfortable/painful post baby things I kept telling myself it doesn't last long, it doesn't last long. And it doesn't! 6 weeks goes by so fast and I feel mostly normal.

-Which means I started walk/jogging etc, oh yeah, that doesn't feel normal. Now I need to start telling myself the out of shape doesn't last long...right?

-Lots of people have asked me about her name. Well, I have loved the same Sage since probably jr high. We almost used it for Alli's middle name. Glad I help out for a first name cause I just love it! Her middle name, Ellis is a family name on Derek's side. His Grandpa Baldry had the middle name Ellis. The name goes back 5 generations or so I think, where it turns out a James Baldry married a Susannah Ellis and they are Derek's great great grandparents. (visited Derek's grandma this week to make sure I had my genealogy right, correct me if I'm wrong Grandma B!)

The kids are having a great time with her. James had a bit of cough the last day or 2 so I have been trying to keep him away and he pretty much cries when he can't hold her because he is usually smothering her.

-I realized James has way more pics with Sage than Alli. He used to always ask me to take his picture when he held her for all of 1 minute. But Alli will sit with her longer and I guess when she does I trust her unsupervised and get a thing or 2 done!

-Who knew I could say so much about my little almost 7 week old?

And just a couple more! First is Sage and Oliver a month apart. I can't remember but Sage is probably a week or 2 old and Oliver 4 or 5 weeks I guess.

Sage's cousin Talia born 4 weeks early. Sage and her chubby cheeks are 5 weeks here and Talia is 1 week! I guess Talia is still a little jaundice here, but Susie's kids do always make mine look pasty white. Love that there are 3 little cousins all in a row on the Steed side.

I'm so glad Rhonda gave me the great idea for the pictures with a new baby. Now Rhonda just gave me another idea to have a least one picture a month with the entire family. Totally up for it, thanks again Rhonda!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ye ol halloween

So here is the token halloween post for the year.

Alli has been talking about being a clown since last halloween and she didn't forget, so a clown it was! I washed her hair 3 times ast night and it still has color in it. I knew it would happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't. She thinks it's awesome she still has pink hair.

James had about 13 different things he wanted to be over the last month. Last week Derek called from wal-mart and asked James if he wanted to be a dirt biker, success! James was excited and was wearing the costume all week and wore it to preschool but I didn't take a pic. Well, yesterday he played dress up with all sorts of things we just have around while Alli was at school, I painted his face 3 or 4 times. In the end he couldn't help it and he just had to be a football player. He dresses up in football clothes on a regular basis and was still just as excited last night.

Derek and I went to a party on Friday. Going with the football theme I guess. I can't believe I didn't take a better pic of Sage. She's a little football, I'm the coach and Derek is a football player and as if I just wrote all that, I should hope it was obvious!

The kids are bouncing off the walls, there is still too much candy in their bags and I can't wait to send them to school! And one more because she is just too cute in her halloween outfit from grandma Karie. I have still been taking a picture a day of this little gal so I will update that shortly.