Sunday, September 27, 2009

when did this happen?

All of a sudden my kids are GROWN UP!

I finally got some good pics to document Alli riding her bike.  And really how cute is she with her florescent helmet/bike and flowing dress?

And this stud got his first REAL haircut, not just a trim off the ol mullett.  That was pretty much 2 and half years of growth for that kid.  I can't believe he looks so grown up.  (and so much like my brother Peter it scares me sometimes)  We went up to the hair shop and thank goodness Angela returned from Australia to cut hair here again.  My kids are obsessed with her for some reason.  Everybody loves Angela!

I have been the blog slacker.  I'm just not feelin it.  Maybe because boot camp is kicking my butt and i am sooo tired all the time, but i'm not stiff anymore so that is good and i do quite enjoy all the push ups...  I drove home from Calgary yesterday and had to pull over to sleep at 9:15 to sleep because I was so tired, for 25 minutes!  Now that the nice weather appears to be over I'll blog about all the fun stuff we did when it was hot, maybe.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

update on my random life

I was looking through a couple pictures and I never did post about a bunch of stuff we did in August.  Oh well, here we are at the zoo.

-alli is loving ballet
-james is VERY jealous of this
-i'm back to biting my nails for the most part, dang it
-nobody is sick anymore, but my mom did get it...bad...
-we got a new thing for more closet space, phew
-i'm so stiff right now, and i'll be up early to do it again tomorrow
-blisters and toes are healing for now
-now we started this thing called parent preschool, we'll see how it goes for a while before I form an opinion
-i started piano lessons
-i'm not sick of fresh peaches yet
-derek's sis and my friend steph both had baby girls last week, the sweetest little things EVER!

-alli has been riding a 2 wheeler for like a month now.  i can't believe this is the only picture of have of it back before we moved.  i'm horrible!

-derek was happy to see some ugly pics of me last post, oops guess he still checks

-LOVING this extended summer, still cruisin town on the bike

I hardly took any pictures of our little trip to Lake Blaine with Tom and Ashley back at the beginning of August.  I hardly even pulled out the camera, and it was nice.  Sometimes you get so caught up trying to capture every moment and every memory you don't enjoy it as much.  All these pics were taken within 5 mins of eachother right before the neighbor kid dunked me.  I still can't believe he did that!

Ashley's little sis Abbey, our awesome built in babysitter!

And this was Alli on the way home.  I think she got carsick on Logan's pass and puked all over.  

Ummmm, I guess that's all for now.  

Sunday, September 06, 2009

for the enjoyment of others

Just a little a me makin a fool of myself for you!

well, i skimmed over the ol half marathon in the last post like it was no big deal, but it WAS a big deal.  I'm just waiting on some pictures to post with it.  Soon.

While we wait on that, I'll share a good one.

The race was in Utah.  There were 7 of us driving down.  Someone thought it would be fun to have boys car and a girls car, so we did, and what a time we had!  We stopped in Idaho Falls for gas along the way. (met the strangest man at jack in the box there, but that's another story.)  I was showing the gals in my car how fun we are and I was tapping my leg to the beat while washing the windshield.  Like really tapping/dancing away.  You know, you do what you gotta do when you're in the middle of a 12 hour drive.  I notice another car drive up to the other pump while I'm jammming away, no big deal, we're in Idaho Falls, so already I'm cooler than everybody there and don't have to impress anyone.  I finish up the windows/dance.  I turn to receive my praise from the gals for the entertainment and see the people now filling their car, at the random gas station in Idaho Falls on a Thursday evening.

(this is my sweet basement bedroom where i now reside. just let me know if you want some paint colors)

It's one of our faithful babysitters from Cardston!  Right there holding back a huge laugh at me!  What are the odds that this 12 year old girl, who I have evidence on and am more than certain she has the hots for teacher (yes, the hot Derek teacher), is there at that moment?!!  I have no information to confirm that she was there stalking her hot teacher, but I am sure she now has lost all respect for the cool wife of the hot teacher.  (yeah, I'm the cool wife, or at least i was)  Therefore, she may or may not try to run me out of my position as the cool/hot wife so her dreams can come true.  Good thing we moved and she'll never babysit for us again.

(these happen to be the stairs leading to my sweet basement bedroom. don't think for a second i am unappreciative mom)

you're welcome for that.

and to all the random pics of good ol me, thanks for the post rhonda.