Wednesday, August 03, 2011

i won't evn try to make it sound catchy...summer

Summer is passing by right before me! we are living it up every moment around here. This is really just a good ol fashioned picture post in my new format of 10's!

1. I've been having to work a ton (a ton for me, but really not that much) so I can get my mat leave. worth it. worth it. worth it. That's what I tell myself when I waddle down the halls of the hospital.

2. Derek has been great to stay home when I work. Kinda handy school teacher that way! it's like we planned it or something...he found an on off job for the summer which has been just perfect. i also try employ him on a regular basis, but he prefers his self employment of doing yard work and shaking his head at our disgrace of a garden.

3. We went camping, proof. We went with all Derek's fam to Banff. I was blessed to not have to get up and pee in the night for 3 nights. I was not blessed to be warm until the 3rd night when derek gave me his sweat pants to wear over my sweat pants with an extra hoodie from my brother in law on top of mine and derek's cuddled up to Alli with an extra sleeping bag over top of my sleeping bag and blankets. so cozy. my sweet inlaws gave me the shirt I am sportin. It says "I love not camping." Weird they got it for me eh?

4. Derek and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on July 5th. We were camping with all the layers and stuff, it was so special. I love him so much.

5. Ok, we did do something. We just got back from a few days in Whitefish. Fantastic! We had no kids with us. Did I mention it was fantastic? Well, it was. I love my kids, but a couple of days without them can really revitalize a woman! Thanks to Derek's great cousin for taking the kids and my friends in the right places who own a cabin there!

6. We have been doing lots of day 'trips' this summer. Waterton, Writing on Stone, Ridge Park (does that count?) and lots of hanging out at the park, on our bikes or in the backyard with the pool and sprinkler and roasting hot dogs in various peoples backyards because we don't actually have a fire pit.

(we hiked up to bertha falls and i swear the kids had fun despite their faces in the pics. the last pic was right before James slipped into the creek. he didn't even care. It was stinkin hot!)

7. I believe I am retaining water. It is not pretty. I'll pretend I am retaining it in my butt too. I really don't think I am any more hot than I would be if I wasn't preggo these days. I don't mind the heat. The fat feet do mind a bit when I don't cool off at night though.

8. It's amazing what the husband will get done around the house with a little Montana golf trip incentive!

9. I forgot to mention July 1st and ALL the festivities, James' stitches, I really did like camping, Magrath waterslide twice! (and twice! kinda crappy weather), new toilets (you know you were wondering, and shout out to Christal on the transport), swimming lessons, family reunions, ym camp for derek, COUSIN TIME, aaaaaaand NAPS and my sleep in children!
This is a couple days after. I decided not to put up the picture I sent to my dad from my phone asking him if we should come home for stitches. Your welcome for saving you from barfing. jks, it was a gross gash, but not barf worthy.

10. I don't want this summer to end. We are having way too much fun.