Thursday, October 20, 2011

my baby is here!

Sage Ellis Baldry

Well, my little Sage is here and I couldn't be happier or more in love! She totally surprised us by coming 10 days before her due date. I had a c-section booked for the 19th and the 24th was my actual due date, but she just couldn't wait so oct 14th at 6:43 am it was!

I totally woke up to a contraction at 3:30 in the morning and didn't think anything of it and fell back asleep. Woke to a few more, but nothing serious. I'd been having braxton hicks for months. And even when my water broke around 4 I told Derek and then decided to just read my book. That lasted for about 3 seconds when I think Derek actually woke up and was like um, are you kidding me, get up, we're outta here. By then I was feeling the contractions and thought I'd better pack a bag. I couldn't think of anything I wanted besides socks. Derek kept asking me to focus so he could pack stuff but he had already got my toothbrush and I had those socks and I really couldn't think of anything else. My mom came over and Alli woke up and started crying because she didn't want the baby to come yet. It was supposed to be her friend birthday party that day. And we were off! And then we turned around to get the camera...THEN we were off!

I got to the hospital and boy was I glad Derek hurried me along because I was SURELY feeling it now! They got me all prepped and I was off to the OR. The on call Dr. did not want me to labor any more. It all went smooth and Derek was the first to tell me it was a GIRL! She was 7 lbs 8 oz. I had a minute to do a fake snuggle because you can't really cuddle very well hooked up like that still being stitched up and all then Derek was off with the baby and I went to recovery where I watched people move my legs move and I couldn't feel a thing.

Everything went really well. My dr. didn't deliver since it was in the night but I LOVED the dr that ended up doing it. She was fantastic. I had a shared room the first night and was ready to check myself out the next day it was so horrible. Luckily a private came available the next afternoon and I was outta there. I stayed the full 3 days this time and am so happy I did. I felt rested and ready to come home when it was time. It's hard to accept help sometimes and not pop out of bed the next day, but I knew this was the way to go this time. My mom has been over this week spoiling me and I love her so much for it! My friends and family and Derek have been so great with meals and taking my kids and driving them places and what not. I am so grateful for them all.

The kids are in love with her and keep track of holding time and both are sure they are getting gypped in the holding department. James is learning to be gentle and loves to kiss her all over and wants to take a picture every time her eyes are open. He usually lasts holding her for about a minute and then he's done just like that. Alli is my helper. She loves to hold Sage and talk to her. Alli helps with the diaper changes as long as they aren't messy. She is excited to teach her how to play barbies when she turns one.

Sage was so swollen the first day, but those chubby cheeks and double chin are still hangin around! She might look a tiny bit like Alli did, but it's hard to say because Alli didn't get chubby until she was older. So far Sage has been such a good newborn. She is nursing pretty good which has never happened easy for me, and that makes me so so happy. When we left the hospital her weight was down to 6 lbs 10 oz but she is on the up again already! She has a little curly hair on top right now, it's kinda dark but I'm sure it will magically disappear like my other kids and then come back blond. Her eyes are a dark blue right now, just like the others, so I'm sure they'll lighten up. Her thin little lips are perfect. And for some reason I am in love with her ears. She loves it when Derek bundles her up and so do I. He's just so good at it! She's not too into the soother yet, but loves my pinky finger! Right after she was born she found her thumb for a while, but hasn't since. I can't think of anything else to say other than I am smitten with this tiny thing. I'm just so happy and in love with her. I want time to stand still for a little longer and soak this all up. I'm not sure I have ever been a sappy baby person, but this time I just might be!

So I am taking Rhonda's advice and am taking a picture a day of Sage for 30 days. All the pictures above are from the first day.

Day 2...eeks, i have 3 kids!

Day 3

Day 4
Day 5- here's the curly hair on top! it just kinda does that after a bath.

Day 6And now I am about to cry because I can't believe Sage is a week old tomorrow! Also, I just realized I didn't take a picture yet today. I swear she is awake sometimes, but it might be another sleeping pic tonight.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

alli is six!

Happy birthday Alli!

It's true I have a 6 year old. She is a mostly girly girl. She is having a rainbow unicorn birthday (did i say mostly girly girl? ok, all girly girl) tomorrow and she helped think up a lot of what this little party will entail! Details to follow...

(she really wanted to have breakfast in bed for her birthday, so i gave her a couple of limited choices and she couldn't have been happier. she always wants me to have breakfast in bed on special occasions and there is nothing i hate more than food in my bed so i have never really done it.)

Just wanted to write down a few things about my sweet little Alli Bea (her name is Alli Beatrice if you ask her which is fine by me. As if i am still having name regret after all these years!)

-loves to look at books, has little desire to read yet.
-loves kindergarten and might be one of those teacher lover types (oh dear)
-is a dream to put to bed most nights, i actually kind of enjoy putting her to bed and spending time with her and reading. james...he is another story...but i digress
-is on the road to being a hoarder, i'll have to expand on that to give you all a good laugh
-her favorite foods are kraft dinner, shrimp, meatballs, hawaiian haystacks, root beer and anything SWEET!
-has a fantastic memory of insignificant things
-loves to have long hot showers put on her robe and look at books in bed following (i don't know where she got this from...)
-always wants to have a friend over or go to a friends house
-asks to wear makeup on a regular basis
-is into barbies and crafty things lately
-hates getting her hair done
-is very helpful around the house (when in the mood)
-likes getting her picture taken and has the fakest smile ever sometimes
-wants to name the baby pixie if it is a girl
-is going to be a great help when the baby comes, i just know it!

(my kids wait for this year round. they get measured on grandma's wall. there are some classics up there! and i guess you get a 39 week preggo belly in that pic for a bonus. um thanks susie?)

She kept saying on her birthday, 'i feel different mom. oh right, it must be because i'm 6 now.'

I told her she could pick whatever she wanted for breakfast and supper on her birthday and I think she may have gotten a bit confused and wanted breakfast for supper! so waffles with coconut syrup it it was! Micky Mouse ones thanks to Grandma Karie!

I'm so happy to have Alli in my life. She is so much fun to have around. I see a lot of me in her somedays, not so much in the looks department (even she knows she looks like Derek because so many people say it to her) but her personality. Scares me a little sometimes, and gives my parents a real kick! So obviously she is fantastic and is a great gal! Love you Alli!

Also, after Derek ditched me on my birthday to a GREAT job in his marathon, he brought me home a new camera for my birthday! So the pictures will start flowing again and possibly the blog posts too! Oh wait except for the fact that I will have a 3rd child next week at this time might throw those plans a bit...