Monday, May 24, 2010

happy happy day!

James turned the big #3 on May 14th!

He wanted a Diego cake and I didn't want to get into that. So a few days before I started to give him a few ideas like a farm or a football...and that is as far as I got. He wanted a football cake. Yippee, for me! So I added a few various balls for extra eats. We had a wiener roast in the backyard and just played all afternoon. It was the best day, so sunny and warm, and the kids just played and played.

And yes, if you recall he did have a football jersey cake last year with a backyard wiener roast and I sure hope we can do it again next year!

We got him a new 2 wheel bike and he has been riding it pretty good but he much prefers his training wheels on the ol one. So I won't push the 2 wheeler but it sure is fun to see him go on that bike. I only have pictures on Derek's phone of him riding it, so maybe next time.

Well, a little bit about this James boy.
-he will talk your ear off and tell any thought that comes in his head
-therefore, he is a 'storyteller' of the untrue nature...
-he loves soccer and baseball and football and basketball and all that
-also loves dressups and dolls and most things Alli likes
-he is such a good brother to Alli, most of the time...
-he has a neighbor friend across the street and they are inseparable some days, it's cute. they crack me up and also make me nervous with what they think they are capable of.
-favorite foods are hot dogs, hamburgers, sushi, pickles, milk, vegetables and fruit and well most everything. oh and SODA!
-bike rides to the park are his favorite thing to do these days, he likes the bike ride over more than the park lately
-if dad is around, he wants dad and rarely me
-loves to sing and dance. his fav songs right now are anything black eyed peas and the beatles
-he has been wearing shorts pretty much everyday for the last 2 months or so minus some church days (not all...) I think there was a day or 2 of sweatpants in there, but not on the snow days
-speaking of, he dresses himself everyday. it is just not worth trying to get him to wear what I want, hence the shorts. So if you saw me around town with a child in shorts with boots in the snow, well, don't judge, he said he was hot.
-he's getting better now that we spend a lot of time outside, but he changes his clothes up to 6 or 7 times a days, not cool in the laundry department

Ok, that's a good enough list for now. James is such a great kid. He makes me laugh everyday. He makes the funniest facial expressions. I just can't get enough of him. I want to cuddle him every day for the rest of his life, so far he still lets me so I will do!

We had a ridiculously fun weekend visiting Susie for a while and then in Okotoks with Brooke and Brady bustin' on their family, but I'm actually related so it was all good! We 'camped' on his parents acreage. I got my camera out on Saturday morning and my battery was dead and so was Brooke's. So sad because there was quading, and dirt biking, and sleeping in the trailer and campfires, and garage saleing (i scored by the way) and a petting zoo and everything in between!

Phew. I'm done.

Monday, May 17, 2010

mom stuff

I can't believe how much of a slacker I have been! Shame. Sometimes ya just aren't feelin it right?

My cousin Shannon did this and I even did a similar one a couple years ago so it's just perfect for Mother's Day (or a week after)

First up Alli, word for word!

How old is she? umm i don't think i know, 20?
What does she do around the house? sweep up the house
What her favorite thing to eat? chicken
What is her favorite show on T.V? umm i don't know, give me hint
What does she cook? you like to cook pizza a little bit
Where does she like to go? you like to go to work, to the store, to the movie theater
What does she like to buy? you like to buy presents. you like to buy food.
What is her favorite thing to do with you? play and play
If you could do something kind for your Mom what would it be? making a sandwich for me and you
Finish the sentence. I love it when my Mom.... stays at home with me and doesn't go to work(ouch!)

And James

How old is she? 2
What does she do around the house? clean up, and sweep, and maybe make food (apparently I do a lot of sweeping)
What her favorite thing to eat? taco soup (this just so happens to be one of his favorites)
What is her favorite show on T.V? conference
What does she cook? taco soup
Where does she like to go? to costco, to walmart, to romans, and rueben house too.
What does she like to buy? glasses, keys (there are glasses and keys right beside us) and food
What is her favorite thing to do with you? sharing with you is fun to do (He sang this part) and duck duck duck duck goose, and going to church.
If you could do something kind for your Mom what would it be?help you get better when you are sick.
Finish the sentence. I love it when my Mom....I don't want to do this anymore, can I watch something on the computer?

So, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Derek let me sleep in so I got 4 hours of sleep instead of 3, don't ask. That seems to be my weekend trend of sleep lately, but I never regret it, I'm always up for a good time, so call me! We had a Baldry family affair and it was a fun afternoon, with a perfect rainbow to end it on, right girls?!

I have so many wonderful examples of mothers in my life. My own mom, mother in law, the new edition mother in law, sisters, and sis in laws, and friends, and just random others too. I look up to all of you in different ways. Being a mom is such a journey. I appreciate every one of you and the influence you have had on me as a mother.

I am having a hayday being a mom right now. The weather is beautiful. We've been good busy and inbetween we go to the park everyday, picnics, bike rides, all the fun stuff. This is when being a stay at home mom through the trials of 'what the crap do we do inside all winter' are all worth it! I mean what other job do you get to work on your tan in the backyard while the little ones play?!

My kids bring me so much joy. They are a ton of work sometimes and they better appreciate all they stress they put me through, but it is so worth it. I hope and pray every day that I am doing this right. It is so hard somedays to know what to do and how to do it in this ridiculous world.

I rely so much on my Heavenly Father to help me be the best version of me. I want to be the person my mom knows I am and I want to be the mom my kids know I am.

I made that up. Does it make sense? Probably someone will quote me someday.

Next up. James' birthday. Hopefully it won't be a month later.