Thursday, October 26, 2006

just a few pictures

Last weekend was great The wedding was beautiful, the bride the decorations the everything. So happy for Lyndsey and Dustin. But I failed this weekend with the camera, so I have a quick shot of Lyndsey with Jacklyn and me instead.

Here are the kiddies.

Jacklyns guy Luke is so cute. He is such a little man, and SUCH a good baby going out and about with the girls all weekend. Look at him, he's got a 30 year old lawyer wardrobe I tell ya, and I love it! This outfit is just the tip of the iceberg with all the sweater vests etc.

They were having a rough time posing, past their bedtimes and all wired. This one shows how they were really feeling I
think, kinda out of it.

Here's almost a good one of the both I guess. Alli wasn't really pulling out the smiles, more trying to run away in all the pictures.

I was sad I didn't get to see Whitney and Brittany's kids, but at least I did get to see them. I had so much fun hangin out with Jack, we spent lots of time together, just the 2 of us. I feel like its been forever since we had time like that. I guess that's what happens when she lives in Oregon and we only meet on busy occasions when we are in Raymond for something. We didn't do much, just same old chit chat for hours. But it was fun, like the old days. Me laughing at all Jacklyns jokes and her talking me into cutting and dyeing my hair, I love it.

Gotta go, but one more thing. Alli is walking. Well, if I stand her up and make her she can walk. But she never does on her own, she just sits down and cruises with the crawlers. Derek is really working on her. I know everyone says once she starts walking, you'll wish you never taught her, but frankly, she might as well walk. She crawls so fast and walks along anything she can hold onto, so I say why not. She is a year old and due for it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

pumpkins pictures!

Just a couple pictuers of Alli over thanksgiving with all the pumkins my dad grew. He grew 14 of them. They look so good. So good I had to bring 2 back with me to be carved soon. I got Alli's halloween costume yesterday, it's so dang cute I can't contain myself. I put it on her yesterday and she loved it. I hope she still loves it on halloween. I'm off to Raymond again for the weekend. Going down for my friend Lyndsey Hill's wedding. Thank goodness her sister lives up here and is coming down with me so I don't have to drive 5 hours with just Alli and me.

Ok, this is just kinda funny to me, I had to take a picture. Alli filled her pants for the 3rd time a day as usual, so I begged Derek to change it. This is what Alli turned out wearing when he was through with her. And I thought only moms played dress up with the kids!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

last one

All the birthdays in the family are over for the year. Phew. We've had plenty of cake here and wherever we went over the past 2 weeks.

We had a party over the long weekend for Lucy and Alli turning one. Rhonda and her mom made the CUTEST cakes ever. (I even made cupcakes today and had the neighbors kids over to decorate and blow out candles for the FINAL party, no more, PLEASE) Honestly, the picture doesn't do the cake justice. Thank you 100 times Rhonda for probably the fanciest cake Alli will ever have for her birthday, unless we do a double again...

Lucy and Alli both got little walker toys so they will hurry up and walk!

Alli really enjoyed her first bite of cake as you can see. She ate her piece so fast and then tried to Lucy's.

(WARNING! a little bit of sentimental mom coming up)
I can't believe it has been a year. She was so little, and I was certain, I was having a boy. Right when she was born and the doctor said it's a girl, I thought they were all playing a joke on me. I really REALLY thought she would be a girl. Then the nurse asked what her name would be. I said I have no idea, I thought I would have was a boy. Looking back I have no idea why I thought that. (Now all I want is girls!) I couldn't be happier. Sure she makes me run crazy some days, but I wouldn't want it any other way. And what do you know, she is squirming around in her crib, so I better go before she wakes and makes me crazy! But here she is, one year ago. They grow up so fast...sigh...

Friday, October 06, 2006

so excited

for these two! My sister Brooke and Brett got engaged last Friday. Such a fun cute couple. They are getting married December 29th. Coming up quick, but the plans are in full swing. Brooke lives in Raymond, finishing her internship, and Brett is in Edmonton. Derek and I did that for 8 or 9 nine months (or longer seemed like forever at the time) when we were dating, not so fun.

Heading down to Raymond for the weekend again. Can't wait for Thanksgiving dinner. Derek has had a football game every long weekend since we've been married (also last year I was a day away from having Alli) so it will be fun to be home for once.

AND...we are having Alli's birthday party on Saturday with cousin Lucy. So pictures for sure next week!
Hope everyone has a fun weekend, and eats LOTS and LOTS!

Monday, October 02, 2006

happy happy

birthday! (to me)

"Birthday's are good for your health. Statistics say the more you have of them, the longer you live."

I think that is so funny. Had the big 25th birthday yesterday. I'm going to be spent on cake here pretty soon with Derek's last week, now mine and Alli's next week. Haha, sick of cake yeah right.

Everyone has been asking me what the surprise for Derek was. I got him a massage since he was a sick old man with aching bones and back. And I hate giving massages and am quite terrible at it too, so he wasn't getting one from me.

We got to go out for my birthday on Friday night. (baby free!) Just went out to dinner at a real mexican restaurant, I wish I could remember how to spell it. Sooo good. I love the mexican, and I'm not talking about the taco time kind.

So no pictures today. I really need to get out and take some fall pictures before it's over. We went to the pitch and putt in the river valley the other day and I sure was sad I didn't have my camera. It was beautiful, but it seems that fall is over really fast in Edmonton.