Monday, October 25, 2010

good times, good times

Ok, so things are so great right now. I'll let you know why.

We sold our house in Cardston, YAY!

(we went to the corn maze a couple weeks ago with the Vaz's and it was a perfect night to get very lost in the corn for 2 hours. I wish Bentley was in the picture, he is THE cutest child ever! But he also can't stand still, 2 year olds!)

I could go on and on, but it's done and gone and I couldn't be happier. In the mean time, we bought a house. YAY! It's just a little fixer upper in a perfect little culdesac that we are going to take on right away here. It's just fun fixing up, not crazy, I hope. So hopefully Derek and I won't kill each other in the process, oh renos. Once we get started you know I'll do the before and afters and it will just be so fun.

The weather has been fantastic, just perfect. My kids and I have spent more time outside in the month of October than we did in July. It is a party. James has only took off on his bike to unknown destinations a handful of times or so. He seems to think it is ok to leave the block if he is wearing his helmet and shoes because that is what I have to constantly harass him about. I am going to miss this quiet little street with the most fun group of kids.

(note the just socks, which is a step up from bare feet, but not great because of the dirty socks and all.)

So I've been thinking and that always makes for a good post.

-What' s the deal with yogurt. Why is it always such a dream to eat yogurt in the commercials? Seriously, all of them. Like it is some stay at home moms secret escape of the day. Yogurt? I mean sure the real stuff is ok with the cream and sugar and all, but it's still this tiny thing of yogurt is not going to make me smile like that even if it does regulate the ol digestive system...

-The waitress's are getting younger and younger, I am not getting older. I am perfectly fine with the thought that my waitress is 14 and I am 25.

-Not too long ago I took the children out on a beautiful day. Got them dressed decently (as in James in jeans!) to take some pretty fall pictures. We get out of the car and the kids instantly go into these perfect poses. I pull out me camera and NOTHING! Dead battery. I never did get it together again for those fall pics and now the fall prettyness is gone.

-I went to a junior high football game the other day (my husband coaches, I'm not weird) there was a mom with her full out face painted. I mean more of the face painted than not. A MOM! I cannot even imagine how embarrassed her son must be. And while I'm on the subject, do not cheer like a lunatic at your childs sporting events, again, that would have to be embarrassing for the poor kid. I know I was embarrassed for her.

-Speaking of me being 25...what's with all the wrinkles I have?! I'm too young for this. I don't care if they are 'laugh lines.' Laugh lines are crows feet to me!

-can't do a random thoughts bit without a celebrity bash, and it is you Miss Rachel Berry. ( I don't know her real name) It is you I am very disapointed in for your GQ magazine spread. That's just gross, I thought better of you. Here I am never have devoted myself to a teen show like this since the days of Saved by the Bell and this is how you deal with the fame? Scantaly clad pics?! Well, I'm quite sure Kelly and Jessie would not have done that to me. (please tell me that my sis and I were not the only ones who cheered for the Bayside Tigers.) Please know, my respect of Glee has waivered, but my love for it has not.

-I 'made' cereal for supper the other day. It was glorious. Derek was not impressed and made something else. My mom was almost in disbelief and I loved it. And it wasn't that I didn't feel like making supper or that I couldn't think of anything to make which is usually the problem, it was that the kitchen was clean all day and I just wanted it to stay that way. So cereal it was and not even a healthy cereal either, Frosted Flakes all around! I should do that more often.

-And just to keep you updated on my latest because I still don't craft or sew or bake anything out of the ordinary, but I do work out as my hobby, I am in full swing. 6 days a week at 6:15 I am working out with a friend. I have never sweat as I am sweating now. You have no idea. It's glorious. I can't wait to be so strong. I'm also doing a yoga class once a week and quite like that too!

(James and his partner in crime last week!)

Well my friends, that is all. Have a great Halloween week. I keep hoping that one of these years they are going to just ban trick or treating so that I don't have mental children the days following. A simple party will do for the season, no?

Saturday, October 09, 2010

still 4

Just so you know, this gal is still 4...for a few more days. And I'm just sick about the day I have to say my child is 5.

I've never cared about my kids growing up, it's fun. But this time I am quite distraught over the thought of a 5 year old. It's all too much. When you are 5 you can still shop in the toddler section at most stores, but you might as well go to the kids section size 5 for a bit bigger to make the clothes last longer. no more toddler girls?!! WHAT? I miss that. When you are 5 you are in preschool. (am so glad of the cutoff here, it would be all too much to have her in kindergarten right now.) A five year old is smart enough to figure out what her parents are talking about when they spell words like p-a-r-k or m-o-v-i-e. But not so smart to know
d-e-s-s-e-r-t at least! 5 year olds are way to independent sometimes, which is good and bad I have decided. And on the bright side, 4 year olds can be bossy, demanding and kinda mean to their brother too, so I'm sure this 5 year won't be...

Alli Loves her preschool. It is only 2 afternoons a week but she looks forward to them with much excitement. She walks in like she owns the place and doesn't take a second look back at me. I'm happy that she does so well. She has already told me she doesn't need me to walk her to the classroom, that I can just drop her off from the car. I'll be wishing I was allowed to do this in the winter. She loves riding her bike to preschool and wearing the gigantic backpack they insist the 35 pound children wear.

I have to write this story to remember. The first day of preschool I was the snack mom and the snack mom is welcome to stay as long as she likes. So I showed up right before snack time and when I didn't leave after handing it out Alli was told me in a loud whisper, "Mom, you're not supposed to be here! I go to preschool by myself now!" I told her I was going to stay for snack time and she was ok with it, and then when James sat down for the snack too she was all, "Mom, what are you going to do about James, You gotta get him out of here! He's 3!"

Slightly excited?!

So I'm just going to soak up my 4 year old until Monday. And if people ask how old my child is I might still say 4 not because I'm really this lame and denying my child to grow up, but because I sometimes forget. I told someone at church a couple weeks ago James was 2, oops!

We had Alli's birthday party yesterday with her friends. I have decided, if i ever didn't feel like planning a birthday, I could just turn on some music and I think the girls would just dance the whole time. But I did plan a party and it was fun, a tea party at that! We used my mom's tea cups and had mini cupcakes and made necklaces and fans and of course a parade, because who doesn't have a parade at their party? I also a couple 10 year ols come over to help with the crafts and party what nots, best idea ever!

This was following the dress up parade.