Friday, March 16, 2012

i don't think i'm tired

Ok, I'm always tired. Show me one mother of a new baby who isn't tired, I'd like to sock her in the nose. What I mean is, I feel fairly normal and I think I am functioning like a regular human being, but if yo give me 30 seconds of nothing I will fall asleep, and I might be short a few brain cells these days.

(She is 5 months old, I don't even want to talk about it.)

Here are a few reasons why I must be tired.

1. I had a list of numbers to call for something. The numbers and names were all mixed up but I didn't know that, so I began my calling. I dialed Carrie's (my good friend and neighbor) number who I call multiple time a week without knowing it was her. She had just left my house a minute before I called her and I didn't clue into the fact the it was her number, even after she just left my house. Had a good laugh. Then I thought, oh they must have crossed the numbers so I switched with the next kid on the list, dialed it. Did you know if you dial your own number you can check your messages? I didn't know that, but I found out after I dialed my own number without knowing it! Did that make sense? If it didn't it's because I'm tired and I don't know it.

2. I filled my crockpot the other day and left my house at 1pm. I returned at 3:30 to a not turned on crock pot. That was a bummer.

3. I said yes when asked to be in charge of and sew 6 skating costumes for the kids year end show. The fact that I said yes to this means I was not in my right mind. I don't sew, they were easy, but I still don't sew. I learned a lot when I took on this project as I always do when I sew. But mostly I learned I still don't like sewing. I also did the decorations with Carrie, that part was fun and easy.

(the Jackson 5 (6, haha) skating to ABC. It was so dang cute! I bet you thought the costumes would have been a little more complex for how I was whining about it, nope, I'm that bad of a sewer! I'm also still kind of smart for picking out such an easy costume though right?! check out that poser of mine.)

4. I called my child Stage the other day, twice.

5. I forgot about the snack James was supposed to bring for preschool the other day. I even wrote it on my calendar and looked at it the night before. Good thing Jill called me an hour before!

6. I am on the list of people the local show choir calls because I always forget to buy tickets and then they are sold out. They are so nice. The day they go on sale a kind person calls me and asks me what night I would like to go and how many tickets I want then they deliver it right to me! This has been going on for a while, so I don't know that I can blame it on being sleep deprived...and they are my kids regular babysitters so the delivery is a perk!

7. I don't think I got a single child's name right at church on Sunday during sharing time. The kids thought it was hilarious. I blamed it on the hour loss of sleep. I didn't even try with the identical twins in our ward, I can't get them right on a good day!

8.There is a crack on the screen of my iphone. I have no idea how it got there. I did drop it pretty hard the other day, but I remember looking at it after and being like phew, I can't believe it didn't crack!

9. In his prayers the other day (among many other awesome thing this kid prays about, it's kinda hilarious) James asked that "Mom and Sage could get enough sleep at night so she could get up in the morning to get me breakfast." Oh man, I was laughing, but I sure felt like at slacker after that one!

10. I drive a couple extra kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can't even count the number of times I'm driving them home and end up on my way to the complete wrong person's house. Worse is, I have forgotten one of the kids a couple of times. Only for a few minutes, and I only actually drove away once...but I came right back! I didn't tell his mom.

I have made so so many typos in this list and done the type and delete back more than ever! good night, except that it is 1 in the afternoon and the kids haven't had lunch yet, dang. Also, in the middle of typing this I had to call Derek, I called my dad. We had a nice quick chat.