Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 for tuesday

10 things I have learned over the last week or so...

1.  The neighbors have a birds nest in their roof.  I see birds flying in and out from under the over hang thing.  I know there is a very important word for this part of a house, but I am not sure of it exactly...

2.  Even my cute superstar husband is not invincible to some random health issues popping up.  He's fine, but not cool Derek, not cool.

3.  Even the farmers are ready for the rain the stop.  I know some, they told me.

4.  Well, Sage is on the move, has 2 bottom teeth peeking through, the hair is...coming, and most importantly is playing strange!  What the what?!  She missed the Baldry family memo that we sleep in and now she missed the we love everyone even if mom isn't around memo?  Am I going to have to put in some effort with this child or what?!  Sheesh, good thing we are best friends and I love her to bits.

5.  I CAN still run a sub 8 minute mile without the ol c-section hurting me too much for 3 days after.  (i never said i can run multiple miles at the pace...yet)

6.  I haven not written in a journal since I started this blog.  Isn't that bad?  6 years!  And it's not like I was writing consistently before that either.  Just over a week ago I decided to start up again.  It's ok, I decided to hand write and I'm out of the hand writing business on mat leave and my hand hurt after a bit.

 (go Alli go!)

7.  Soccer drama!  Some peoples 'input' comes off more like complaints when said people aren't volunteering or coaching.

8.  There are 2 empty houses in my little culdesac (one with the birds, but they are fixing it i promise!) So who wants to be my neighbor?  It is the BEST culdesac in town!

9.  Nursing a baby 3-7 times a night is easier than dealing with the crying.  I'm being serious, sometimes it sucks, but I just can't be bothered to fix it so I try not to complain about being sleepy sleeperson sometimes.

10.  Darn that I didn't get any Fathers Day pics of this fantastic dad we have hanging around our house.  And darn that he gets me fantastic Mother's Day gifts and I get him lame-o ones like pistachios, true story.  Love that guy, I just really do!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 for james!

My little Jamer had a birthday!  Is it really true he is 5?!  It seems like only yesterday I was wondering why why WHY won't this little boy sleep at night?  Now he is all growing up and likes to party as late as possible, but sleeps all night long!  He has the cutest smile, with the BEST freckles!

(here he is on his new scooter wearing his new jordans and sportin his new rondo jersey from grandma karie, you better believe he can name the whole celtics team)

He wanted a backyard party with the grandparents, so that is what we did on May 14.   It was a beautiful night, as May 14th always is!  James wanted a teenager party, you know with all his teenager friends. (what, your 5 year old doesn't have a slew of teenage friends?) I talked him out of it and he just had his fav neighbor teenager come over for the fire.  Such a nice teenage boy!  James knows more jr high/high school kids than I do.

(we didn't have cake on is birthday, he wanted smores, so he blew out a marshmallow)

So here is 10 things about my favorite little boy ever on Tuesday

1.  James loves all things sports.  ALL of it.  He will be out shooting the basketball rain or shine everyday.  He asks Derek to some sort of something sporty everyday.  Catch, football, basketball, soccer, running.  Yep, Derek is the best dad and even takes James for runs.  He is on a pretty tight training schedule, ha!  At least he can back it up and is a good little athlete already! ( my blog, i'll brag if i want to)

2.  He is so easy going.  James loves to play with other kids (or teenagers) so he will play whatever they are playing.  From Lego to Barbies, he'll do it all and have a great time.

3.  James is so likeable.  If you know him, you just have to love him.  I don't know what it is about him, but you just want to eat him up even when he drives me CRAZY I just want to grab him and snuggle him tight.

4.  His imaginary world.  Oh my heavens, well he has been to Australia, he is 24 years old, he is faster than you, and he did it 27 more times than you, he invented it, he's eaten it, you saw a bear in Waterton, well he saw an alligator, the score of the game was 4-2 no 6-1 no 17-0, it goes on and on...  I'm not sure he lives in reality,but I just can't burst that bubble yet.

(another form of a football cake for the friend party)

5.  Little girls play pretend and dress ups and house.  James plays pretend hockey practise, basketball tournaments and football games.  He packs his bag with clothes and equipment goes and plays a game or whatever tells me the score has me watch.  Cutest.

6.  He is so independent.  It makes me a little sad sometimes that he doesn't need me for so many things.  But I am so happy he is growing up into a good boy.  James don't you dare grow up into that stinky 10 year old who thinks dumb things are funny!

7.  He loves his dad.  What boy doesn't right?!  No matter what I am doing he pretty much would rather be doing anything else with Derek.  He copies Derek so much.  Some days James gets dressed and puts on a belt, puts his toy phone and wallet in his pocket to be like Derek.  He is begging to run the 10k race this year!  Note #4, he can totally do it...in fact he's done it before.

8.  He loves Justin Beiber.  He'll be like mom turn on the Biebs!  He tries so hard to sing along and it is hilarious.

(No James isn't short for his age, he is bent down in the ready position for the obstacle course and happens to be friends with the tallest children in kindergarten.)

9.  Still sleeps in like a champ.  Sometimes it's annoying, like we had to drag him out of bed at 8:50 on Sunday for 9:00 church, but usually I love it!  My kids wake up 1 at a time these days and it's good.  It really eases me into to the whole getting out of bed thing (insert Derek rolling his eyes at me here, but really, he is just super jealous)

10.  James is so kind.  He is really nice to kids younger than him, and loves to help kids in new situations when he knows the drill.  There are a couple kids in his church class who have physical handicaps.  The girl is really tiny and he just holds her hand or even puts his arm around her to help, melts me.  He does get super shy sometimes in new situations especially when there are lots of adults around.  I don't know why, Derek said he was kinda like that as a kid.  It's weird when he gets all clingy cause he hardly ever is and I never know what to do.

Anyway, I just love my James.  He is a ball of energy from when he jumps out of bed right to when he is singing Justin Bieber or Britney Spears laying in bed at night.  What a kid.  Here are some soccer pics my dad got the other day at his game.  He is loving it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

oh darn i rambled again

Well, I just fiddled around on my blog for way too long and have nothing to show for it.  I wanted to update some things.  I figured out how to change my little blurb on the side to state that I do in fact have 3 children now and am going on 10 years marriage.  That is as far as I got.  One of my pictures on the side is now gone, and I can't figure out how to get it there again.  I wanted to put a picture of Sage up to, but that may be asking too much.  The picture of Alli is at probably a year old and the one of James is going on 2 years old.  I'm so lost.  Plus all my profile is super old, and I KNOW people want to know my current hobbies and such!  Why did this have to change with no notice?  I even watched the cheesy video. 

 (you better believe we hit up Waterton yesterday with the other thousand people, it was beautiful)

Did you know my first year of college I took a computer programming class for some reason?  It was super nerdy of me, but in the end all that crap made sense and I did surprisingly well which is not like me with all the numbers and letters and codes and such.  I don't remember anything of it.  I remember one single thing from that class.  One day the instructor tripped over the cord to the overhead projector, yes overhead projector that is how long ago I was attended post secondary education, and we all laughed and laughed.  The rest of the class was a complete bust.  Someone would start with the giggles and then it would spread, it might have been me that started the giggles every time.  I have the giggles now remembering!

Wow, I got off topic, but I like the thought of that story being on the internet forever.  So what is the deal with this new blogger?  Why am I the only complaining about this?

James turned five.  I'll save a normal non random post for him.  Or I could just remember his last 3 or 4 birthdays and they are all the same.  Football and wiener roasts!  I'm sick at the thought of him being older.  It means someday I'm going to have a ten year old boy, and the only thing worse than having a ten year old boy is his ten year old friends!  For some reason I have never taken to the boys of that age.  I can tolerate 9 and I almost handle the 11's but 10's are the worst!  I'm sure my child won't be annoying at ALL at that age.

Ok, I'm not really sure what I'm writing about today.  I did find all the new blog stats info interesting.  I get over 50 hits a day on a regular basis.  What the heck, get commenting ya jerks, just kidding, kind of...

Well, we managed a few Mother's Day pics.  Last year we put the camera on timer and took one picture and it was good, not so much this year.  I really wanted them all in front of my perfectly blooming apple trees but the kids were scared of the loud buzz it was making.   I asked Derek for a 2 hour uninterrupted nap for mothers day.  After a delicious lunch made by him he gave me a gift.  My first question was if I still got the nap.  I might have taken the nap over the new lulu lemon jacket that day.  He is so fantastic, he gave me both!  Oh mother's day, I'm such a great mom. 

 This is what most of the pictures were like.  The top 3 below, I guess it's hard to get babies to look at the camera or something, also it appears I need some highlights in my hair.

 It only took me 7 minutes of clicking to upload my pictures to realize you now have to select them first.  I'm going to try really hard to remember that for next time to cut down on my blogging time.  Also, I didn't coordinate the kids clothes, but it sure looks like I did!  And the problem with pictures after church is who knows where Sage's headband is but I'm pretty sure she didn't make it to church that day with shoes so whatever.  Poor 3rd child.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

before april ends!

What the heck happened with blogger eh?  I'm a little lost, but I think I like it.  Guess I should log in a little more often to see what's up.  How great is the uploading photos process now?  Or did this happen forever ago and I'm the last to know and update my system?  Hate that I don't care about computer junk sometimes.  I was noticing I really should update those pictures on the side.  I changed my info since it still said 8 years marriage and 2 kids! 

I've been wanting to blog more lately.  I've been wanting to take more pictures lately, especially of my little growing Sage.  I've been wanting to be more organized lately.
It just doesn't seem to be happening.  I sit to blog and can't think where to start, so I don't.  I take more pics with my phone than anything and it's usually the older kids saying 'take my picture mom' so I do, but Sage can't ask me darn it!  And you better believe I have never loaded my phone pictures to the computer.  Between trying to nap a baby 3 times a day who likes her bed best, soccer coaching, primary and everything in between I forget so much, more than I ever used too.  I straight up missed visiting teaching last week, forgot, even though I made the appointments the day before.  Feel like SUCH a fool coaching soccer.  The later start time makes for a lot of parents watching and I just feel silly sometimes running around with them and then the parents sit and watch.  I decided I think it's weird, not that I expect them not to.  That didn't make sense, but whatever.  Didn't call any subs for primary this week because at 11 at night on Saturday I remembered I needed 2 so Derek ditched young mens to help me.  Told somebody 2 times this week, sure thing I can bring a salad for dinner, 2 times was too low on lettuce or spinach right before it was time to make it and go!  to many green smoothies I guess.

I'm going to try to be better this week.  I already meal planned!  To carry out those meals I need to go shopping so...

But the weather gets so nice and I'm like a little kid and I just want to haul the kids around and play outside till all hours and go for walks and runs and bike rides and go to the park and not make supper or tidy the house.  Being a mom is so much more cleaning and making meals and laundry than I ever want to think about.  I like all the other stuff though!

Well, this is most likely one of my worst blog posts ever.  I think I wrote on this same subject last post, so I guess my life is still the same!  And here is a dump of pics from the past couple months to top it off.  Enjoy!

Someone loves her real food!  Loves it A  LOT!

 Yes this kid has this energy everyday.  he is a riot to live with!

These 2 are also fantastic!

I think she would eat all day if I let her, even though she doesn't quite look it I guess.  But I do have to say that we got her weighed and measured last week and, jot this down everybody, we have a Baldry child in the 40th percentile for height!  It has never happened on record.  My kids have never made it out of the 30th for height or weight.  James and Alli are hanging out in the 20th percentile right now and Sage is there for weight too!

I think all the snow pictures are from March.  No more of that please!

My little musicians.

Ok, I do have a few pics of my little Sage I guess.  She is just the sweetest!  She is sitting and rolling one way and trying (unsuccessfully) to scoot the little stinker.   However she did not get the Baldry family memo that we sleep in.  She has always been the first one up for the last couple months, but lately it is 7am.  Laugh if you will, but my kids NEVER get up that early, it's weird and I don't mind it too much if it is a sunny day, but the rainy days lately, 8 is so much better!

Friday, March 16, 2012

i don't think i'm tired

Ok, I'm always tired. Show me one mother of a new baby who isn't tired, I'd like to sock her in the nose. What I mean is, I feel fairly normal and I think I am functioning like a regular human being, but if yo give me 30 seconds of nothing I will fall asleep, and I might be short a few brain cells these days.

(She is 5 months old, I don't even want to talk about it.)

Here are a few reasons why I must be tired.

1. I had a list of numbers to call for something. The numbers and names were all mixed up but I didn't know that, so I began my calling. I dialed Carrie's (my good friend and neighbor) number who I call multiple time a week without knowing it was her. She had just left my house a minute before I called her and I didn't clue into the fact the it was her number, even after she just left my house. Had a good laugh. Then I thought, oh they must have crossed the numbers so I switched with the next kid on the list, dialed it. Did you know if you dial your own number you can check your messages? I didn't know that, but I found out after I dialed my own number without knowing it! Did that make sense? If it didn't it's because I'm tired and I don't know it.

2. I filled my crockpot the other day and left my house at 1pm. I returned at 3:30 to a not turned on crock pot. That was a bummer.

3. I said yes when asked to be in charge of and sew 6 skating costumes for the kids year end show. The fact that I said yes to this means I was not in my right mind. I don't sew, they were easy, but I still don't sew. I learned a lot when I took on this project as I always do when I sew. But mostly I learned I still don't like sewing. I also did the decorations with Carrie, that part was fun and easy.

(the Jackson 5 (6, haha) skating to ABC. It was so dang cute! I bet you thought the costumes would have been a little more complex for how I was whining about it, nope, I'm that bad of a sewer! I'm also still kind of smart for picking out such an easy costume though right?! check out that poser of mine.)

4. I called my child Stage the other day, twice.

5. I forgot about the snack James was supposed to bring for preschool the other day. I even wrote it on my calendar and looked at it the night before. Good thing Jill called me an hour before!

6. I am on the list of people the local show choir calls because I always forget to buy tickets and then they are sold out. They are so nice. The day they go on sale a kind person calls me and asks me what night I would like to go and how many tickets I want then they deliver it right to me! This has been going on for a while, so I don't know that I can blame it on being sleep deprived...and they are my kids regular babysitters so the delivery is a perk!

7. I don't think I got a single child's name right at church on Sunday during sharing time. The kids thought it was hilarious. I blamed it on the hour loss of sleep. I didn't even try with the identical twins in our ward, I can't get them right on a good day!

8.There is a crack on the screen of my iphone. I have no idea how it got there. I did drop it pretty hard the other day, but I remember looking at it after and being like phew, I can't believe it didn't crack!

9. In his prayers the other day (among many other awesome thing this kid prays about, it's kinda hilarious) James asked that "Mom and Sage could get enough sleep at night so she could get up in the morning to get me breakfast." Oh man, I was laughing, but I sure felt like at slacker after that one!

10. I drive a couple extra kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can't even count the number of times I'm driving them home and end up on my way to the complete wrong person's house. Worse is, I have forgotten one of the kids a couple of times. Only for a few minutes, and I only actually drove away once...but I came right back! I didn't tell his mom.

I have made so so many typos in this list and done the type and delete back more than ever! good night, except that it is 1 in the afternoon and the kids haven't had lunch yet, dang. Also, in the middle of typing this I had to call Derek, I called my dad. We had a nice quick chat.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

just some ramblings...

Here's some pics from Waterton the other day, it was so beautiful and we had so much fun with the Vaz's and our sleds! That hill behind us is what we were going down and we really got some speed I tell ya!

Well I guess I just can't keep up with this whole blogging thing consistently. I'm not sure what I am doing with my time, but it seems some days I just don't have enough of it (or energy). I don't know how I used to fit this in once a week way back when. Mostly I can't figure out what the heck I talked about! But get ready, I'll give it to you this week!

I really can't stop thinking about time lately. Ever since I turned 30 I feel like my life has been on fast forward. This might have something to do with a baby coming 2 weeks after, but still. I find myself all the time thinking 'would everybody just SLOW DOWN for a minute! Alli put on some jeans yesterday and I almost wanted to get mad at her because they were floods. Sage is 4 stinkin months old already!

I know it is so lame and I sound like a Grandma when I talk like this, but this has been on my mind lately. I just want my kids to stay still and be kids like this forever! Because I feel this way, I sometimes let things slide around the house. Last night we had a late supper and after at 7:30 (the kids are usually in bed around 8) we all went over to my parents house to play on the wii until 9:30. The kids loved it and I did too and I'm pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa always love a visit! Derek was tired and was like what the heck are you doing because we did the same thing on Sunday and had been out kinda late the whole week frankly because there is no school this week. But sometimes the day gets away and I just want to do something fun with the kids and my kids are at an age where if they stay up late here and there they still function the next day. (they get that from Derek not me!)

Anyway, what I am saying is that I do want to seize the day. Did you see that article a while back that was floating around? I thought it was great. I'm too lazy to find it and link it. But it was good from what I remember of it a month ago. However, when the old ladies tell me to savor the moment and it goes by to fast I really honestly do try to. I genuinely do appreciate the reminder. It is always a good reminder even when you feel like the tamer of the circus at the zoo! I love my kids in this crazy outta control wanna hug and kiss and squeeze and hold them forever kind of way, I also want to spank them sometimes, I don't but it sure has crossed my mind and I don't think there is anything wrong with feeling that way. I love my kids 100% of the time but I do believe it is ok to breathe a sigh of relief when dad walks in the door or when they are all tucked in bed for the night.

I feel like I am working so hard to raise kind respecting children. I feel those are 2 very powerful traits to have and I am so very happy when I see my kids act this way...on occasion, but I realize they are children. I would be a liar if I said I am a perfect mother who makes supper every night complete with all the food groups for my obedient kids and all we do is hug and kiss and laugh and play and learn and stay up late playing the wii all the time. It isn't realistic to be happy with your kids all the time, it's hard for me to write that, but it's true. At the same time I sure hope my kids do remember the late night family bike rides or going out for ice cream and not when I am pulling my hair out in the grocery store line talking to them through my gritted smiling teeth or telling them 17 times to hurry up and put on their coats and shoes and get going with a slightly raised voice. That's what I want to remember.

My time is going on like it always has, I just have more things besides myself to fill it. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the things that fill my time and I guess I just hope that whatever it is that I am doing is worthwhile.

Now let's not end so seriously or I might not get any comments. I sang a song to James the other day about all the things he likes to do so he and Alli sang one to me. It included such things as yoga, Primary, Sage, running, quiet kids, (hehe, I do shush them more than usual in our small quarters when Sage is sleeping) your friends, sleeping and doing crafts with Rhonda. I think they summed up what I am doing with my time pretty good! Although I feel like I should get credit for doing crafts with them because I only crafted with Rhonda once in recent memory and I'm not sure how they even knew I did that and I pull out that craft box with them regularly!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 things on a day of love

1. I made pink pancakes for supper. The kids love breakfast for supper. I tried one heart shape and it didn't work so I was glad I made the batter pink. I love those kids.

2. Almost every Valentine my kids brought home was super cute and/or had a treat on it. Mine was just a box from Wal-Mart. You're welcome every mom that got one less treat from my kid! Except the treat that was Justin Bieber from Alli!

3. Derek and I got each other the same thing for each other. A magazine and a treat, we planned nothing. And we were both happy. Derek also cleaned up the kitchen really good and didn't complain when it it was breakfast for supper. I love him.

(The 3 babies born September, October, November on Talia's blessing day on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it will never get old taking pictures of these 3 cute babies together!)

4. Sage has found her voice. It is loud and cute. She smiles when you look at her and even laughs on her own without having to be tickled and baby talked out of your mind. She is 4 months old today. WHAT?! Love her.

(I don't know if you can tell but her hair is super curly out of the bath. The hair that is left anyway, she's a side sleeper!)

5. I don't think I mentioned that Derek is coaching the jv basketball team with his brother Ryan. I told him no at first because Sage was like a day old... And then for some reason I had a moment of weakness and told him to do it. Love that Derek is doing something he loves.

6. If nothing else came out of it (for me that is, because he better be getting all sorts of life lessons or whatever out they do out of this) at least we got to tag along to Calgary for a tournament on the weekend and go swimming at the hotel and see our cousins! He's had so much going on since the fall really and it all kinda ends in March and April. It will be weird when he can be home at 4:00 most days. I'm sure he'll find something else to do, but I was thinking maybe I'll find something to do and he can hang out at home! I'll love that!

7. We had a mouse incident at our house. Let me start out by saying the last time I saw a mouse was maybe 2 or 3 years ago in the fall. (I may have mentioned this on here before)We were at Indian Battle Park with some family. I saw a mouse run through the grass in front of me (in its own habitat where it is allowed to be and SHOULD be because that is not in my house) and poor little Lindsay freaked out and cried like a baby. Yep, you bet I cried. I was laughing at the same time, but I was crying and could not stop and lost sleep for a while there.
Here is the most recent installment in my life. It's a long story, I'll try and sum it. Alli screamed and in the end I think I put the thought in her head that the flash of a shadow she saw was a mouse. But let me tell you, I did not even see anything and I went directly into to my mental mouse phobia state. My poor kids are scarred, I'm serious, I truly feel bad for what I have done to them. Derek was gone coaching some dang basketball game. To sum it up, when Alli screamed I froze and immediately thought she saw a mouse, it was that kind of a scream TO ME. I freaked Alli out and she was cryingand wouldn't say what she saw. I made my kids gather my things, (good thing we were on our way out the door) had a heart rate of oh 200, couldn't talk or breathe normal, dry heaved a little, cried to my inlaws as they drove to coach some other dang basketball game, went and got traps, found my parents were still in Mexico, went to the fabulous Rhonda's house while Regan set up traps for me, went home 4 hours later and made the kids go in the door first, turned every light on in the house, music and tv too, got Alli to bed and let James stay up with me until Derek got home and haven't slept good since and I finally started making supper again. Derek is such a good sport about this crazy woman that appears when those rodents appear. I feel sorry for him, I know I'm insane, but I honestly cannot help it. I wish I didn't act this way. This was 2 weeks ago and I only think about about 2 or 3 times per hour instead of every waking minute, I'm not joking. SO, in these 2 weeks, there has been no sign of anything lurking in my cupboards, the traps are untouched, and I can finally put my feet on the floor in the middle of the night when I'm feeding Sage, but I won't go in the food storage room, even though Derek has checked it multiple times and nothing, and we were upstairs when the saga occurred. That was really long and I feel like I have about 2 more pages worth of things I could say about all this. I'm sorry, but I'm hoping this is therapy for the crazy woman. I'm not sure I can find anything to love about that.

8. Back to lovely things. I love when my kids play and get along together. Some mornings before school they get so so deep in play that I have to get kind of mad at them to snap out of it and get ready and eat lunch, and then I feel all bad and mean after. I love when they are good and I am nice.

9. I have been blogging for 6 years! I started when Alli was right about the age Sage is right now. Check out my 1st lame post. But I did do a valentines post all those years ago! (Derek got me a massage 6 years ago for Valentines, this year he got one for himself on Valentines...he also happily hung out with us between practise and mutual and that dang massage!)I love that I have been doing this (off and on) for such a long time. Love all my readers and commenters too!

(if you take the time to go read my 1st valentines post you'll get this pic and see that Sage is slightly bigger than Alli at this age! and no her diaper doesn't need to be changed that's just how small the outfit is. I still don't know who this girl looks like)

10. I had a couple little Valentines parties for the kids last week. It was fun and cute. I planned the same things to do for each party, and they turned out so different! Girls spent forever doing a craft and the boys just wanted to wrestle!