Sunday, March 28, 2010

first this...

James insisted on waiting up for his galavanting parents.
Then he fell off, but he slept through it. and yes, that is combined spiderman, cars pj's
And then this...
Alli had to even it out and mess up the top lip

Look at that blood drool. Her top lip was so swollen and got a huge ugly scab on it, yeeouch!

Now this...

I haven't blogged in forever. Like FOREVER in my blog world. I feel so lost and empty without writing and that nobody is reading my deep thoughts and ramblings. Derek is annoyed beacuse I talk to him way more now. I don't know what's come over me. I really don't. My biggest problem is I don't pull out the camera anymore. My bedroom is down in the base-basement, like 2 flights of stairs down. So whenever the kids are doing picture worthy stuff, I'm like 'ah, they won't be cute in the 37 seconds its gonna take to go down and back, so why bother. The battery is probably dead anyway.' And even though I don't always write about the kids, I seem to always put their pictures up here because I like to look at them, just sayin...they are cute to me.

Anyway, I thought about recapping the last month, but I won't because it wasn't that exciting, and there is limited pictures of course.

There is the '22 things I learned as a Mother' going around.
I don't feel like doing that right now, maybe another day.
I havn't changed a tag to make it what I want in a long time...

So here is 22 random things, happenings, and observations...

1. Taylor Swifts' hair bugs me. I mean does she curl it up like that every day? because it doesn't look like natural hair. She's all just a little to perfect.
2. I've only truly watched one American Idol from start to finish. I decided I was going to watch it this year, lame-O. Did I choose a bad season or is it just me.
3. I was thinking Ellen would be a lot funnier.
4. I still listen to Pearl Jam on regular basis, it would be weird if I didn't.
5. I stayed up until 3am last night with some of my fav gals. I thought it was 2 am (fix your dang clock Marissa, daylight savings was 2 weeks ago.) Came home to 2 peed beds, always a treat.
6. Flexerol is a very powerful drug, I took it twice this week. I was floating. But my back/neck pain that has been KILLING me for 6 months was at a minimal.
7. I have not bought any clothes for myself or Derek or the kids for over a month, one more month to go!
8. I am truly disappointed in Jesse James. (of course I care)
9. Is it too much for me to ask to want Giselle B hair? I mean really...
10. It was my goal to read at least one book a month this year. March 28th: total books read in 2010, ZERO.
11. If I'm not blogging and I'm not reading, what am I doing?
12. I could not believe how much fun I had swimming this weekend, I usually don't like swimming.
13. I'm pretty sure I'll have even more fun swimming in MEXICO next week. Thats right.
14. Will someone please buy our house in Cardston, please?
15. We spent a long time in the Running Room trying on tons of shoes and getting my 'walk evaluation' and then we went and ordered them online and saved over $100. Should I feel bad about that? (this doesn't count in my no shopping rule, I've needed new shoes for a awhile, I just finally got around to it.)
16. Why does Frankin get a name and everyone else is just bear, or fox, or beaver?
17. 22 things is just too many, I think I'll go take a flexerol and go to bed. I'll break it in half this time so I don't sleep for 11 hours and through my morning workout class.