Wednesday, February 02, 2011

well my friends

First thing is first. I had no internet for like 2 weeks after we moved on Jan 1st, and surprisingly enough, my life carried on and I actually read some books and talked to my children.

Second, when I did return to technology and checking of the blogs, the first picture I would see on mine was my pretty little family, so there was no rush to get it down the page, just too cute we are I have to say. The design was compliments of very talented friend Ashley. Pics compliments of me dad in about 20 mins one Sunday when we all looked half decent.

Third, during my hiatus I forgot all the people I used to blog stalk and literally cut my reading time in half, but I found some new fun ones so I'm good.

Fourth, frankly there is nothing to talk about when your brain is frozen from a month of depression in the weather. It gets me down down BLAH feeling.

So my house is pretty much settled and very livable, but not quite picture on the blog ready, so be patient my friends. Like if you came over I could offer you the microwave in the living room to sit on...And as trendy as we are trying to be with ripped up drywall where the kitchen backsplash used to be, we are just not pulling it off, so Derek is going to have to learn how to put that up any day now...And if you think I have

bedroom curtains, no no they are just the doors off the bedroom closet.

I have been forced to cook on an even more regular basis since leaving the parents. The careless days of free late night babysitting and surprise we get home at 6 pm and there is supper are over. Can't say I didn't take full advantage of the situation for the last year or so. I still can't figure out how my parents were so good to us for that long. I never felt like an intruder or even more surprisingly, annoying to them. I have to consciously think about ringing the doorbell when we go over there now. I can't thank them enough, I really can't. But I bet that homemade soup I brought tonight helped right mom?!

Now it's just time for my usual craft slot over here at 'a little bit of me.' Every winter there is the dreaded phrase that runs through mt mind more days that not. "what are we going to do all day?" I love me a little lazy day hang around and just taking things as they come, but that gets old after a while even for my kids and their never ending imagination. (Their imaginations do however, have to be kindled by some morning tv they tell me.) So I try and do stuff so I don't hang out at the fridge all day.

Now hear me out, I am not raging on anybody who puts great kids or otherwise crafts on the blog. I love them all. However, when you guys all say, 'well I just used up some of my left over fabric.' or 'Oh these? just had some fantastic buttons in my sewing room.' or 'I just came upon these rather beautiful feathers and rosettes while tidying my craft space.' Well, I don't have those so I don't do them. But what I did happen upon while cleaning out my magazine rack was, MAGAZINES! So we just had ourselves a little craft time of the collage type. I highly recommend these. Now there are some things all you crafters might not have around the house so I'll give you a list, and some pictures so you don't get confused.

-scissors and glue. preferably more than one of each so the kids aren't stealing them while you are perfecting your own masterpiece because trust me, you are going to want to cut and glue these pictures all in the topic of who you are and what you like! I know so fun right!

-some blank paper (I have lots because I have printer paper, but you guys can use some deemed ugly scrapbook paper you might have left over if you don't or feel free to stop by for a visit on my microwave to borrow a few sheets)

-and of course magazines, these work best if they are old golf and running magazines I found.

And that is all it takes my friends.

It helps to finish off the morning with a half marathon (the house isn't quite marathon size) if you were wondering about the head pieces while crafting.

they are so speedy when my camera is on the wrong setting.

ps there is a post below this one if you want to hear the christmas happenings of 2010.