Friday, September 29, 2006

new baby

So between this and that I have not been posting lately. All these annoying things happening. Just for an example the past couple days our car battery kept dying, and to top it off this morning our license plate was stolen. Also, I've been making Alli cry it out in the middle of night when she wakes up. I really don't want to get into that. Maybe I need to make another good things list!
And looks like that picture won't go the right way, so tilt your head, because I like it, and its cute in my photo library the right way. I tried to fix it liek 10 times, so whatever. If it was any other week, this probably wouldn't happen.

Well, here is a good thing. The cute little thing up there belongs to my cousin Rashelle. She had a baby girl 2 weeks ago, Melia. So cute and fun to cuddle. (until I woke her up, oops!) She's got a good set of lungs on her, and since I woke her up, I got a cute soother picture. I could put up the cute crying pictures...

Alli was pretty excited about the whole set up and just might have thought Melia was a toy of some sort. This was before i decided to disturb the baby. Alli kept trying the bounce the chair (with the baby in it). She must have had some fond memories of long naps in that chair when she was little.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

good things today

I was reading
  • Rhonda's
  • post from yesterday and decided to try my own list.

    1. Alli is sick, now that is so not a good thing. Throwing up and huge explosions in the diaper. But she cuddles way more when she is sick. And I love a cuddle from the girl who never stops for a second.

    2. Good thing is, I am not sick. I always get whatever is going around, and I didn't this time! Derek has what Alli has too. So sad for them, but at least I can take care of them. I never know what to do when Derek is sick since he gets sick like once every 3 years. He's not a whimp so I kinda do nothing.

    3. I had supper made by 10 am. It was a church thing, so fast and easy, just the way I like it. Now i just have to warm it up.

    4. Since I made supper somewhere else, my kitchen is still clean!

    5. I have crisp clean sheets on my bed. I love climbing into bed at night after sheets wash day. When I was little I remember I used to wait and put my sheets in an hour before bed so it would toasty warm for me.

    6. Its Dereks birthday on Saturday and I have a surprise for him. He doesn't even know. If any of you know me, when I'm excitied I have a bit of a hard time keeping it in, but not this time. He'll be so surprised I can't wait.

    7. Costco didn't have the cookies I wanted today (the chocolate with white chocolate chips) so now I don't have a HUGE box of them that I would eat myself. I just might be craving them enough to make them myself. But me baking? What a good thing!

    8. And of course Derek. He is just all around swell. Probably the nicest, most patient, non judgemental, non complaining, guy with no temper I know. (what a sentence) Just what a gal like me needs!

    So there is my list today! Only have time to think up 8.
    No pictures, because really, would you want any of us the past few days?

    Gotta go warm up my supper!

    So to all of you, think of something good and positive today and everyday.

    Tuesday, September 19, 2006


    how could I forget this super cute picture of the 2!

    ok, thats all.

    3 grandkids!

    I've been a little slow lately. With school starting, Alli breaking out with rashes and teeth, (therefore not sleeping like the princess she used to) going to phantom on the weekend with my mom and sisters (soooo good) and plus I have a car at home all day everyday. So there is fun to be had for Alli and me.

    Here are some pictures of the big 3 grandkids on the Steed side. Lucy and Alli are 6 days apart, turn one in October and Alden is just about 4! Maybe the Baldry side puts us to shame for numbers, but just as cute.

    These are from labor day weekend. (See I am slow) It was such a fun weekend. Great weather, went golfing twice, went waterskiing, ate way to much food and had fun with family to name a few things. Always nice to have people around all the time to play with Alli. I almost felt like a slacker mom on some days. But not so much that I can't wait until the next trip, hopefully at Thanksgiving! I tell ya, we used to go home maybe 4 times a year being so busy with football, school and work, now we make the time! Hopefully something exciting will happen this week so I can post again...let's not count on it though.

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    poor alli

    Well, on Saturday afternoon a few spots started showing up on Alli's chest and stomach. I thought, a little weird, but whatever. She was still eating away as you see and smiling for the camera.

    Went to bed Saturday night, not too worried. She woke up way to many times in the night, but in my delirious sleepy state I just put her soother in and that seemed enough. By 6 am I was spent (as was Derek, she seems to settle for him rather well lately in the night) I got up and fed her and changed her diaper. She was tugging away at her ears. Well, I would tug at mine too if they were swollen and hot and red. As I was changing her diaper in the dark, it was easy to see the red spots were more of red sploches at this point. But Alli fell right back to sleep as did I. So around 9 when she woke (I know I'm so lucky) and I got a good look at them, I was quite worried. We took her to a medicenter. When we got there they said we probably shouldn't wait out here with an unknown rash. We got put into a room and seen in about 15 min, not bad when there was a waiting room full of people. Dr. says some sort of allergic reaction, get some benydryl. So here she is happy as can be with big red ears and covered.

    I guess she is allergic to strawberries. She has had them from a jar tons of times and has had fresh ones a few times, as recent as last Sunday. So I'm hoping it's a one time thing, but I think I'll wait a while before testing that theory. They got worse, but by yesterday evening, they were settling. Today she still is pretty covered, but it's on her back, arms and legs and still pretty bad on her face, but fading. And through it all, other than being fussy at night, she has been herself. Laughing and playing and crawling all around. So no complaints really.

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    10 grankids!

    I said way back in July I was going to put up pictures of all the Baldry grankids. Well, here they are, all 10 of them. It wasn't hard at all to get 10 kids 5 and under to pose for pictures at all.
    We are down in Raymond for the long weekend and I will have to put up pictuers of ALL 3 Steed grankids.

    Here are all the boys.
    Rueben, Carson, Brigham, and Logan

    ...and all the girls...
    Caroline holding Ava, Claire holding Natalee, and Ella holding Alli.

    I think these two are really excited about this one.
    After all the pictures were done, Ella was just sitting there stuck with Alli, she didn't really know what she was supposed to do with this baby.