Monday, December 18, 2006

one more week...

...until Christmas! I'm so excited. Excited to be home and see family and friends and eat lots of food and have a wedding to name a few. We went to Candy Cane Lane last night, love the lights. We only walked one block and drove the rest, it was freezing. Maybe the ledge tonight since it should be a little nicer.

I have Christmas music playing and Alli is beside me dancing. Alli dancing is bouncing her legs and kinda doing a headbanging thing. What better way to dance to the Jackson 5 Christmas songs. I highly recommend Santa Claus is Coming to Town, that is the Michael Jackson to remember.

Alli is still obsessed with Dereks Golf stuff right now. Yesterday I was buckling her into her carseat and what do ya know, she had a golf ball in hand.

I have to venture out one more time to finish up some odds and ends shopping today and then I'm done! I have nothing wrapped yet, but that's a fun easy project for tonight. Along with sewing our names the stockings I made. I think maybe I'm putting it off because for some reason its weird that I have to MOM and DAD on them.

I tried to take a few pictures of Alli in her cute Christmas dress, it so wasn't happening. She started this new thing where she has to be in action while I take her picture. Which is fine, except for I wanted the pictures in front of the tree. She was running everywhere around the house smiling really well. This was the only decent one in front of the tree, but it wasn't part of the plan for me to be in the picture.

After I kept forcing her to stay in front of the tree this was the result. So maybe we'll try again later in front of grandma's tree.

We are heading out tomorrow night to Raymond, for like 2 weeks! Derek writes his last test tomorrow afternoon and we are off. I hope there is snow down there for Christmas, because there sure is more than enough here.

Here is our Christmas card this year. Derek won and we didn't take a new picture. Since he made the whole card in Photoshop he got the final say. I'm over it now anyway.

Well, I'm off, and I think before I go shopping I'll try making some of Rhonda's chocolate crinkle cookies. They sound really good. I have done zero Christmas baking for fear I would eat it all. I'm saving up to do some in Raymond. (saving up for some baking and eating that is) Can't wait to dip the chocolates.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

time to embrace

It's into December now so my tree, my little little tree, is up now. We got this tree a few years ago when we had to stay up in Edmonton for Christmas because I had to work. I wasn't gonna be stuck up here on Christmas morning with no family and no tree and working. So, went to home depot and got a nice little one for our little apartment.
We put it up on Monday after Alli went to sleep, because sure maybe it would be fun for her to decorate, but really, so not worth the hassle of a 1 year old around with all that. The snow was falling outside, we had Christmas music playing while Monday night football was muted (hey, at least I got him to mute it right?) and it was fun fun. Time to embrace Christmas.

I decided come December I would embrace something else. Maybe you can tell in this picture, but it is a pretty forgiving angle. (thank you Derek) Surprise Surprise everybody, #2 on the way! I'm embracing my growing tummy. Mostly because I have no choice. The hoodies and baggy shirts aren't cutting it anymore. Second time around it really pops out in a hurry. I've been feeling good, the tired time is over and I can function without a nap now. I'm due around May 11th, so about 4 months now. We're getting excited and I think we might have to find out if it's a boy or girl this time, Alli really threw us off last time.

Thought I'd better put up some pictures of Alli. I got home from work right before she was going to bed, so I took a few really quick. I don't want to jinx it or anything but she hasn't really even tried to touch the tree. The first morning, she looked at it all excited and said ooooo, ooooo over and over pointing at it and I said no touching, and it actually worked. Not like her at all, maybe she is afraid of it for now.

And here's Alli trying her best to be Dereks caddie while he putts around the house. She chases the balls around, but mostly just goes for the one he is trying to putt.

Well, we go home in less than 2 weeks and yesterday I realized I hardly have any shopping done. I have most of the ideas, but now I better get out there. I still need shoes and ribbon for my bridesmaid dress and I have been looking and not finding in that department.