Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i went running

So what do ya know, back again. And how about all those comments, I'm gonna beg like a hungry puppy more often!

I have been doing some training the past few months in the running department. I have been getting up before my kids almost every Saturday and during the week too for a while now. I've been wearing ear warmers and layers of clothing and enduring a couple of the worst blisters of my life. All for the joy of running. Oh the joy.

I ran another half marathon a few weeks ago. It was not my favorite race up to this point in my life. I do still have all my toenails intact with no bruises underneath them this year so that's good right?! It was my slowest time ever so that was lame, but whatever I guess. Remember last year when I ran the same race on the same weekend and how fantastic it was seen here?

(I passed all those people behind me in the last mile, minus the dude walking rubbing it in our face we weren't done and he was. I felt like I was going in slow mo, I don't know how I passed them)

Anyway, I still like running, so I guess I'll keep doing it. This year I trained with a couple friends. I have never trained with people and it was a-ok. I never would have gotten up at 6:30 on Saturdays if I wasn't accountable to them. We had quite the time together. It's surprising how deep your conversations can get while running for a couple hours.

(this is the end, I thought I was going to cry or puke, but I was so cold I did neither.)

So as you can see, the weather may or may not have had a factor in my time. The snow plow went past us twice. It was a sleet kind of snow with wind that pierced my face and froze it into place. My feet were soaking wet in about 3 mins, but it was ok because I couldn't feel them after 5 mins. I could not get warm for days following. (remember, I hate being cold) I'm not very competitive anymore. I still have goals when I run, but it's hard to get to into it when for the last 3 years I haven't ran a race faster than I did back in the day. It's especially annoying because I actually train harder now than I did back then, I think anyway. I ran another race last weekend and my time bummed me out. I think I'll quit trying for a time and focus on the fun. But if I try and focus on the fun I realize it isn't any fun. Dang.

(Oh wait! I'm having fun!)

So I don't know what I'm trying to say. I just thought I'd talk about running for a while because other people talk about crafting and all and I don't know how to do that so I thought I'd talk about something I like to do. I guess that just about sums it up.

Me and one of my running pals, Julie. I look like I just woke up, I never look good pre post or during a run. See, I'm not always vain, I'll put up ugly stuff too.

ps i hate that i didn't lose 5 pounds with all this work out business before my 10 year reunion coming up in less than 2 weeks. woops vain again!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

put it on the blog, rockin like this my job

It's bad. It's bad when my friends and neighbors are telling me I'm a bad blogger. It's bad when it's true.

There was a time when I was full of inspiration and jokes. (haha see? that was a joke.) I was getting 10's and even the occasional 20's of comments. These friends and neighbors stopped me on the street to tell me what a good laugh I gave them or how they didn't fold their ginch either. It was glorious. Lately, for no apparent reason, I seem to have gone kinda out of service. Is there nothing to say? That doesn't usually happen to me. So naturally I still have plenty say.

I'm here to say that I think I'm taking up the blog again. I make no promises other than I should most likely get my act together to post more than once a month. I'll continue to be real, maybe entertaining, maybe not. There will still be pictures, predominately of my own children for my viewing pleasure more than yours, because frankly it would be weird if I posted other peoples kids all the time. I'm talking like this is a favor to my readers, all hail me for coming back to blogging even though I never really even left. But whatever and now that I have said it out loud I better do it or you will have a good laugh at my failure. Either way I would appreciate your continued support in the commenting department, it makes me so happy to know I'm not talking to myself. So even though I say this blog is for me my ego would take a hit if the comments went down and I would be truly devastated. Yep, devastated no other word for it.

Ok, that was weird that I just wrote all that, but it took like 10 mins so I'm leaving it.

So do you know what the rage is? I heard it on tv one time. Hate lists. That's right. You heard me. I guess you makes a video and youtubes it. Well, I don't like the sound of my voice, so I'm going old fashioned. I blog, it's what I do now.

And because I'm nice I'll put the disclaimer. I'm here for you, or is it me, I'm so confused. If something that you do or like falls into my category of hate we can still be friends, we can even talk about it! I'm just having some fun here. I'm not a hater or a negatron, (though some may disagree, you know who you are...) just playin my game.

We know I hate feet but...
I hate long toenails
I hate my nasal problems
I hate tip jars at pita pit or booster juice and the likes, as if you think you need a tip for that
I hate how many shows are on tv about cake and little people
I hate Justin Beiber. I'm so confused at how he came to be. Is he the try hard geeky kid at school who made it because deep down Usher and Timberland are making fun of him and laughing behind his back at his hair and buttoned sweaters?
I hate when stuff breaks especially if I paid for it
I hate being cold
I hate when people sign cheers at the end of their emails
I hate when summer isn't on time
I hate flats, but I wear them sometimes anyway
I hate laundry
I hate baby talk, even when I do it I hate myself for it
I hate people that are too cool for Raymond and have a secret 'I'm better than you' look in their eye because they 'got out' Well guess what, I came back willingly...for the most part.
I hate dull pencils
I hate that I haven't downloaded new music in like a year, A YEAR!
I hate boys names for girls (and that's just me!)
I hate that I have no TVO right now
I hate nicknames (that's just how I feel right now at this moment, it's allowed to change and I might call YOU a nickname tomorrow because I used to really like them)
I hate that I pay a mortgage on a house I don't even live in
It hate 'sugar free' treats. don't healthy up my stress reliever, I want it to be good
I hate when people are like you don't watch whatever show oh my gosh it's so good the best show ever blah blah blah. i'm most likely not gonna take it up so quiet that down will ya.
I hate how bad I am at golf and still want to play it
I hate that I was excited to download the pictures off my camera because I couldn't remember what was on it and there weren't any there which means I haven't taken any pics in like a month. I better go check my dads.

ok, ok I'll stop, but that was some good times.

I found some pictures! And I sure don't hate any of them! Alli had her ballet recital on the weekend. It was cute of course. She was a little more shy on stage than she was at the Christmas show, but of course I was a beaming stage mom and thought she was the cutest.

Also, Alli didn't want a picture with me but I made her and you can tell she could care less, but this is for you Jacklyn cause I thought my hair looked good so I put it in. Yep, still vain, don't hate me for it...