Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursdays questions?

1. Is there anything better than doing all the rage right now which is a list on the blog?

2. Is it rude if I am hurrying out of Costco and walk really fast past a couple of old people to get to the receipt stamper first?

3. The kids 'dragged' us (Derek) to McDonalds for supper tonight. ( i confess, i like it, and preggo me won't hold back from going. so sue me.) We (I) told the kids if they were good we could get ice cream. They were ok, but the line got really long all of a sudden so Derek said we could have ice cream at home. (surprisingly the SUPERSTORE root beer cream is not gone yet, oh i bought 2, that's why.) There was an outrage by all (me) and I took the kids out and belted them in to be so good while he got them. He came out with 2 measly ice cream cones. I rolled my pregnant eyes at Derek and then he rolled his eyes at me, apparently we need to learn how to share and not give the kids everything they want. (aren't I an adult?) I let the kids have a lot, I had a little, and Derek had none. The question is, don't you think I dealt with this rather well? I'm such a mature adult.

4. Are you looking for me? I'll just be out in my backyard relaxing in my new zero gravity chair while my children are being angels. Ok, it's a cheap knock off zero gravity chair, but just as heavenly.

5. Why do I kill the spiders and flies that enter my house left and right without a thought, and to date I have carried 2 ladybugs out the door?

6. Did I do my 8km race a few ago? You bet I did. I felt great (during the race) and ran in a respectable time for the state I am in. (felt terrible the next day) I think it's time to start walking for exercise, booorrrrring.

7. My kids have 17000 mosquito bites combined. Am I a bad mom? They don't have sunburns though!

( Thank heavens the picture makes it look not so bad so no one will call social services on me. Their legs and arms are pretty bad. Poor kid, he can't even stop itching for the picture. In my defense, they had spray on at some point, and James had a shirt. When he took his shirt off he already had a bunch. If you don't have the Benadryl spray, get it, it WORKS!)

8. How many hours have YOU wasted on pintrest. If you don't know what this is, don't say I didn't warn you!

9. How awesome is your dad/husband/father of the children? Oh mine? Yep, awesome. Happy late Father's Day! Minus the both of us having to talk in church, it was a great day.

(what would that be like to follow the lead vehicle?)

10. Want to see my latest project? My project as in my friend Jill found it for me on Kijij, (I paid $60 for it by the way) and my perfectionist husband wouldn't let me do it, haha! I took the old hardware off and threw it away because it was ugly. Now it takes me 42 seconds to open a drawer. Where can I get cute cheap hardware, and fast?

Terrible pic. It's already all set up in the bedroom and it's hard to get a good angle. I kinda wanted to glaze it or antique it, but Derek didn't, I couldn't fight it because he did all the work. Maybe if I get sick of it someday I'll change it up. So there is a beautiful mirror that came with it. I am going to use it somewhere else in the house. It's not done yet. I know what a waste to put a tv on it, but whatever, we're just those people who will always have a tv in the bedroom. I cannot even fathom not having one anymore. I'm so very close to being ready to post pictures of the WHOLE house. So close as in probably by the end of summer.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

three on thursday? ok i'll do 10

1. I had my ultrasound today and I did not give in to find out what it was even though the girl asked me twice! I was so strong.

2. We all slept until 9 o'clock on Sunday morning, that is not even close to the first time that has happened at our house. Why am I having another baby?

3. Somebody walked out of church with their baby and a diaper and wipes and I was like gross, babies poop whenever where ever. Not that I'm ever surprised or grossed out by poop (I am a nurse) I just forgot. And actually I am grossed out by poop but I have to pretend I'm not. (nurse thing again)

4. I found root beer float ice cream today. I have been waiting for this for 7 years since I found it in California. Good bye pre pregnancy thighs and bum. (they were already gone anyway)

5. Our garden flooded this week. We had to pump it out, I think it will be ok. At least it wasn't the basement.

6. I swear I'm going to lose it if I have to turn on the heat one more time in June.

7. We have a beautiful fire hydrant on our front lawn, it was a real selling point. I walked my pretty little thigh into it today and almost fell. I sure hope the neighbors saw it for a laugh. Now I have a thigh bruise. Derek did it once too, I wish I would have seen it for the laugh. Maybe we should paint it bright red so that doesn't happen anymore, OH WAIT it already is!

8. James can do a front flip on our neighbors trampoline, it scares me sometimes.

9. Alli is done preschool for the year. I sure hope she keeps loving school as much as she does right now for years to come.

10. Derek did his half marathon a couple weeks ago and did great. Second place overall. It was so fun to watch and cheer him on. I don't think I've ever watched him in a race. Whenever I attend a race I still get a slight twinge in my stomach weather I'm running a or not, can't help it! It's the empathic person in me I guess.

I wish I still cared about posing pictures.