Sunday, November 07, 2010

i'm doing this

Well, I thought I'd commit myself to some serious blogging. Cristal is doing this 15 day challenge, so I'm joining in on the fun. I can pretty much guarantee that I'll get never er done in 15 days, but that is the plan for now! Here's the list. Also, I think everyone else should do this.

Day 1-Self portrait picture, and 15 interesting facts

Day 2- Something that stresses you out
Day 3-Your siblings and parents
Day 4- Something you're looking forward to
Day 5- pictures of things that make you happy
Day 6- A song that makes you cry and why

Day 7-Favorite movies
Day 8-A place you've traveled to
Day 9- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Day 11-Favorite tv shows
Day 12-What you believe
Day 13-Goals
Day 14-Some pictures you love
Day 15- pictures of your Dream house

So this is where the 15 interesting facts about me come in...

1. I think taking that self portrait was the most awkward thing I have done in a long time.
2. I am capable of falling asleep anywhere anytime. Give me 5 mins in any position and I'm out. It is quite possibly a serious problem.

(The most recent sighting, Thanksgiving weekend. I just found this picture when I imported my moms camera. I have no idea who took it , but thank you for the double chin view.)

3. If the person wins at the end of Wheel of Fortune I get that just about tear up goosebumps feeling.
4. I have size 6 feet. I hate your feet, but I love my tiny little things!
5. My husband claims I snore, but I'm
preeeetty sure it is only when I'm stuffed up, which is rare for me...
6. I waste time trying on various outfits some days.
7. my friendships are very important to me.
8. I reeeeeaaaaaly like chocolate chip cookies, I think about them almost everyday. I don't make them very often because I'm actually not very good at it, and when I do I eat them all in a day.
9. I worked as a cashier at a grocery store my first year away in Edmonton and I loved nothing more than making that little thing bring the stuff up then beeping the items through and running that till, oh the till with all the buttons! and bagging the groceries so good. The bread was never squished when I was in charge.
When I was in junior high and Derek was in high school I thought he was totally cute (among many other boys. hey, I was in junior high)
11. If you ever want to feel funny, hang out with me. Not that I'll laugh at your lame jokes, but I have a loud bust of a laugh, it'll give ya boost.
12. I just love laughing and being around laughing people, and I'm so glad I have James to make me laugh everyday. (like today he said mom I know all the seasons, football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. I don't know if someone taught him that or not, Derek said he didn't. Funny kid. 3 year olds are great.)
13. I don't like winter. I hate wearing coats. I'm with you Cristal, too constricting.
14. I hate when people leave time on the microwave...DEREK!...
15. I love to be around people. On those long winter days when I am in the house all day with just the rowdies I am not a happy or productive person.

Ok, that took a long time. Turns out it's hard to think of 15 interesting things about oneself.

And if it wasn't awkward enough, here is one more! Maybe I did have fun in photobooth this fine evening.

Also, speaking of moms and self portraits, is having a GIVEAWAY! It looks like the most fun giveaway, and i want to win it!


Alysha said...

this is great!! i love reading your blog :)

Susie said...

ahh good ones linds. photo courtesy of me ok not really I believe mom & I sat there and made brooke get the camera and tried to capture the shot. true you are always good for a laugh, but whatev you are pretty funny. I'm with ya one the winter coat I bought one but i just can't decide if I love it, probably cause I don't want to wear it. do you like messages on the micro?? (like happy fathers day DAD). I think I'll do this it sounds fun, I am having a hard time committing to anything right now.

Cathy Fairbanks said...

I think I might just enjoy hanging around you all day as well. How about I make your dream come true. Kevy and I will be in Raymond for 10 days at Christmas! We are free to be observed at your convenience.

Christal said...

That was so fun to read! Its fun to see what we all have in common... love james' seasons that is awesome! Love the pics too!!

lynz said...

hehe i love the self-portraits! oh and i've always wanted to work at a grocery store for those exact reasons! tell me all about it one day, and that is what will give me goosebumps! haha :)

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I am totally with you on the falling asleep anywhere thing. I really think it is a Steed thing.
Love that last self-portrait of you!!
I am excited to read your blog for the next 15 (or so) days.
I may have to give this a try. But I already can't think of 15 interesting facts.

melissa said...

Cute pics! I wanna do this! I have to wait until after my next post, because it's going to be a doozy! But then...I'm going to talk all about myself too! And ps...I'm pretty sure my self portraits will be awful in comparison. You're a babe!

marisajbaines said...

i am so excited to ready all of your 'days'. i have decided to take your challenge to do this......