Monday, November 08, 2010

day 2

I made it to the next day!

And I am clearly having as much fun as a teenage girl with this photo booth business. (That's me being stressed by the way. It was either me or a picture of Cathy the comic strip stress lady.)

2. Something that stresses you out.

My first thought is what? Just one thing? How do I choose just one thing? I have have so many mini day to day stresses (like is my grammar correct on the ol blog? ) on top of the other unpredictable stresses that come up in all our lives (like the lady who was renting my house got a roomful of pet rats, true story)

-There is the kids factor and all the stresses that come with that. Everything from stressing about keeping the noses clean, (Just ask my mom, she says I cant keep my fingers out of there. So what I like them to be clean?) to how they are going to turn out and if it is all just too late and I've ruined them forever. Now there is some stress for any parent.

-Of course money, oh the money. I am so grateful that Derek and I both have such good secure jobs, but still, who couldn't use a little cush in the wallet to take away some of the day to day stress that the lovely money brings!

-Right now I've got house stress, but NOTHIN like it used to be! It's good stress, like are all my color choices going to look good? How much longer until that dang wall paper is off? When are we going to finish? ( I know we just started but I still want to hurry it up)

- I'm going to go out on a limb here and mention this because I am a woman (and as far as I know my reading population is rather low in the male department. and as far as i know males don't want to hear/read about this) and it is what we talk and stress about and if you don't, I am very jealous. The weight factor. I wish I didn't waste my time thinking and talking about it as much as I do, but I do. I don't know why my weight has such a central role in my life, but it does. It always has and always will I assume. I am very happy with my body and feel so blessed to have the health and strength that I do. So why do I stress about it? I don't know.

Which brings me to my final thoughts. Stress is very real and it is what we make it. We can get so worked up about any of the things on this list and hundreds more, or we can deal with it like the mature people that we are. Blaming others for our stress won't take it away. Focusing on the negative and dissecting every little angle about our problems won't make them much easier. So face the stress and be the boss. Don't let the stress run the life. Focus on how to cope with things, and hopefully in a positive way. And of course, really, the best way to deal with it all is hit up those scriptures and pray too.

Did I even answer the question?


The Byams said...

your room full of rats now has me stressed out!!! hahah i am so doing this when i get home to my computer!

Christal said...

Love your answer and the advice so true! And I too stress to much over my weight every single day its annoying I know but its a constant! Oh well thats life for some of us I guess! Great stress picture too!

Brooke said...

Like mom one to talk...I remember I'll to well having my nose picked by her. Yep, I agree with all those just replace the house renos with just wanting a house.

The Lowry's said...

I too stress about my weight. I try not to. If I could just practice moderation, then I think I would be fine, but I haven't learned that yet!