Wednesday, November 29, 2006

back to work i go

So I went back to work for my first 8 hour shift yesterday. I went in at 3 pm and Derek stayed home with Alli. It was pretty slow. They went easy on me for my first day. It kinda made the 8 hours drag by. And I was still a little achy in the feet and back at the end. It's weird how fast everything comes back. And really nothing has significantly changed. There is still all the work politics that I could get right back into, the complainers are still the complainers and the slackers are still the slackers...etc...etc...EXCEPT... there is one big difference...

They called us the posse, well we called ourselves that anyway.

Erin, Fatty 9 months pregnant, Sandra, and Tanis.

During the last year or so before I had Alli, there was a few of us that almost always worked together. It made work so much more fun. We got along so well (most of the time, haha) and I have some hilarious memories of night shifts and walks down whyte ave among MANY others. You get kinda crazy when you work a bunch of 12 hour night shifts in a row.

Here we are at Erin's going away party this summer.

But so sad to go back yesterday knowing 2 out of the group are long gone. Ever since Erin and Tanis started on the unit we bonded. Probably because finally I wasn't one of the youngest nurses and we could be immature together. Erin moved to BC and Tanis to Lloyminister and I really miss them. I'll still be working with Sandra I hope, but it just won't be the same as when the posse was altogether. I know you all read this and I really do miss you guys.

I know I still like being a nurse, but I like being a mom WAY more.
I hope I still like work enough to do it a little bit.


Susie said...

it sure makes a difference at work when you have at least a few that you really "click" with. Trust me I wouldn't show up just to TRY to mold the minds of the future day after day. Ya gotta wonder what will become of these kids?! I won't say what/where i think some will be. TTFN hehe

Anonymous said...

I miss the posse too Linds. It is so sad and I was sooooooo happy to see you back at work (even though I ran around the whole shift trying to get a few words in with you). Deep down though - I know the MOM in you will overtake it all

Anonymous said...

You are just too cute for words! I miss you so much too, work will just never be the same. Now I go because I have to (and Andrew makes me), not because I want to. Hopefully one day I will be back on 4C. Edmonton is getting a WHL team this year so lets keep our fingers crossed!!! You still need to come and visit me out in the beautiful mountains! Love ya babe,