Friday, November 24, 2006

i'm rich!

That is a funny and so not true title. But I ask you, how much money have you saved in the last 4 or 5 years without even knowing it? Well, does it beat $32? I know, I know, that's a lot to take in all at once.

Last week I was gathering change and realized all our change spots were full. And about 90% pennies. We always use loonies and quarters for laundry, so none of those ever last. We counted them all up and put them in rolls. It actually only took about an hour. Guess we need a night on the town!

One more month until Christmas. I'm so excited. I love Christmas. Food, family and friends, what else do you need? We did our first round of shopping yesterday, just a quick one. I don't dread going out to the mall at all. Alli likes to get out she's so good at the mall, I think it's fun looking at decorations and all that. I just hate the driving. And right now, the roads are a skating rink, and it is so dang cold out you cannot even breathe, there's no end of it in sight either.

I'm very excited about next Friday. As I'm sure you all know, Alli has blocked tear ducts, she's had them from the start. I cannot stand it. I'm constantly wiping her eyes and digging out crustys morning noon and night. But next Friday, she gets the surgery done to fix it. I have been patiently waiting for this for a year really. I know its mean, they have to put her under and go down the ducts, but you don't understand, how worth it it will be. Alli cries everytime I come at her with a cloth, and they gross me out sometimes. I was going to take a picture of her eyes at their worst today and put it for a memory, but she was having a rough day, and went to bed early. So I found this one from last Christmas I think. Its not even bad. Iwent on a deleting frenzy last week and deleted hundreds of pictures, including every one that Alli had bad eyes. I really had very few pictures with her eyes like that because I'm so crazy about keeping them clean especially when the camera comes out. I'll probably keep checking her eyes for months after whenever we take pictures.

Well, my first shift, back to work on Tuesday. I hope I didn't forget everything. Also, I need another opinion from everybody. Derek made a cute Christmas card in Photoshop, but the picture is one from the summer of all of us. I think we need to take a new one, he thinks its just fine...Stay warm everybody.


whitney said...

I say if the picture is cute use it - especailly because time is running out to get a good picture before you have to send the Christmas cards out. I have good intentions of doing Christmas cards, but we'll see if it happens. This month just sort of flew by, I thought I had lots of time, guess not.
Isn't extra change great! We have a piggy bank we fill up, almost $50 when we last emptied it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richie Rich what do you want for Christmas? I know you probably have everything you want with all that cash, but I have your name anyway. With the mention of Christmas, just to let you know mom starting the fondant for chocolates this week. I say use the picture because its been done before and it won't hurt to do it again. Of course Alli is looking way to cute with her curls. I had to mention because it seems like every comment talks about cute Alli

Susie said...

I saw the pic & I say use it (its so cute & of course there will be other cute ones.)Wahoo $money bags$ so will you pay babysitters in cash now i can't wait. G-luck working mom, i can barely do the working wife.