Tuesday, November 14, 2006

phew, what a weekend

Phew as in, nice relaxing weekend pretty much a home.

Derek had a long weekend. And on Friday afternoon we thought it would be fun to go home for a surprise visit. We got ourselves all excited, and then I remembered some Sunday commitments I had. I tried and tried to get out of them, with no luck. So we were stuck up here for a freezing snowy weekend with no plans.
Saturday was a lazy day with this and that to do and then friends over for games.

Sunday, I led the relief society in a hymn in sacrament meeting and had my first Sunday teaching the Sunbeams. Six 3 and 4 year olds at the end of 3 hours of church, oh my. This will take some getting used to. Then we went over to some friends for a yummy Sunday dinner.

Monday was another snowy cold day. We wanted to do something fun, but then didn't really want to leave into the cold. So if you can believe it, Derek had a bright idea to clean out a few dreaded areas. So for about 4 hours we cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. It's crazy how many corners you can stash stuff in a little apartment. So after 4 bags of garbage, 1 bag of shoes and 2 bags of clothes, the closets and cupboards are organized, Alli's too small clothes are neatly boxed up, and even behind the stove and fridge is shiny just to give you an idea of how crazy we went. It's such a good feeling going to bed after a day like that, and a whole day later, it's still clean! (Next week I'll be thinking, Remember when it was so clean here?)

And today I had to go into my work at the hospital. I'm starting back casual next week and had to get some things taken care of. I'll be a working mom. haha (max of 8 hours a week I'm thinking, I don't want to overdo it)

Well, I've sure been slacking on the posts lately, no excuses really, just not much going on. The weather is too cold to be out for more than a few minutes. Alli has no snowpants yet, but when I get some, I'll see if she likes the snow. I take her for a 10 or 15 minute walk most days and she doesn't seem to mind the cold. So here are a few pictures here and there this past week or so.

The classic spaghetti for supper. Its a good thing Alli likes it so much since with my great cooking skills, we have something like this at least once a week. It's fun to let her go crazy and then throw her in the tub.

Here is a good one of her teeth. At least the front 2 are coming in now, so she doesn't have fangs.

And, Alli's FAVORITE toy these days. The Phone. She sits and smiles and laughs with it and pretends to talk. And if you take it away...TROUBLE. She freaks out, and she never really freaks out if you take anything else away. The funny thing is, when someone is actually on the other end, she is so quiet and hardly makes a peep.

Yes, Alli is wearing a bit of a Christmas shirt (so cute, gotta get lots of wear out of it), and yes since the first snowfall I have been playing Christmas music, and no Derek is not a fan of this quite so early.

if you made it through all my rambling, good for you. I am a little long winded at times I guess.


whitney said...

Love the picture of the teeth! So sad to hear your weather is cold. I sure don't miss that. If it makes you feel better we had amaziingly crazy strong wind. Remind me why we live in this province agian??? And just think, now you have a nice clean house instead of a long drive and then unpacking to do. You have inspried me to get out the Christmas tunes. I'm sad I have satelite instead of cable this year and I can't enjoy the fire place and Christmas music. Sheesh I have alot to say, I should really just write you an email, or call sometime - it's been awhile since we hada good chat. One more thing to leave you with - good luck back at work you working mom! I'll be one as well come February/March.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her scattered little teeth - that's so funny! and she has the prettiest eyes. i'm sure you hear that all the time. dude, i'm coming home for christmas!! i'm so excited to see you after all these years! you are going to Raymond, right? see ya soon :)
Melissa B

Just Rhonda said...

Man she has tons of teeth! Totally cute. Lucy's third is almost all the way through.