Sunday, July 16, 2006

triple trouble!?!

haha! Could you even imagine? YIKES!
This was my dad fiddling around with photoshop. Now you know where I get my picture taking obsession from. I know I'm going to be just as annoying with taking pictures to my kids as he was to us. I love it. I have soooo many deletable photos in my library.

Alli has been inching around for almost a month now, not crawling too far, just inching forward and back. Well, about a week ago she suddenly perfected it. I thought getting stuff done before was a bit challenging, but it was never a big deal to take my eyes off the girl for a few minutes if she was sitting on the floor. It's all over now. She doesn't even wait till I'm not looking, she is way to curious. No toy is as fun as the remote, the phone, eating paper or pulling herself up to standing on anything, stable or not. Notice the bruise. Now I know why non first time mothers don't encourage the whole crawling bit.
She used to fuss around in her crib but settle to sleep pretty easily. Now she crawls around, tosses and turns, stands up, sits down, falls over bumps her head...CRIES, and starts all over again. All my hard work and dedication to get her to sleep good, GONE. Up till 10pm about every night still. So all you moms out there can just laugh at me, stressing over this, and think to yourself, wait until she walks right!


Susie said...

Oh I don't know what I would do with 3 Ali's... I guess i would move in with ya!! I'm no mom so I laugh at all that stuff.. and encourage all the no no's ha ha. Poking my head in and waking her up.. really she woke up on her own, the little sugary treats. Great photos

whitney said...

Yep, I'm happy I still have a bump on a log. But a bump that sits up on his own would be nice. When did Alli start sitting up on her own? Funny how we want them to move on but not change.

brooke said...

cute pictures like always! the photo shop one is so cute!!! that would be like living at christy's house. thats fun that she is finally crawling, can't wait to see her

brooke byam said...

i guess i should specify, that is brooke byam.

Just Rhonda said...

Pretty cute!!!! And welcome to the busy crawling stage!!!

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