Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy anniversary

Well, it's been 4 years today. It just keeps getting better and better. A lot of people say the first year is the hardest. Since we dated apart for the better part of the year we dated, we were so happy to just be together everyday, I loved our first year. Maybe we were just too young to know any different. Just had father's day so I won't get to sentimental, but I really love Derek so much. Everyday we are together I know why we are, we are just meant to be. SOOOOO cheesy, sorry.

We were down in Raymond playing for the long weekend and Derek is working late tonight so we didn't really need a date (and Susie is in Arizona, so no babysitter). We got up and it was so stinkin' hot out already. So we went to the legislature for a couple hours. There were so many people, but we cooled off. Alli loves it there. Then we came home and she slept for almost 3 hours! Now that's an anniversary present. That and the Twix bar Derek brought me home, one of my many fav's.

Our 4th anniversary, many more to come!
I'll get a few more of our fun weekend up soon.
I have to finish unpacking and clean the house some more first.
Why is that before you leave on a trip you clean the house,
but somehow when you get home it's a mess.

Happy Birthday to you today Mom.
We sure miss the air conditioning.
Hope your present got delivered.


whitney said...

What the heck - I thought you were still down here! The weekend went by so fast and today I was thinking I should call you and see you before you left... guess I'll have to catch ya next time. I'm sad I won't get to see you more often. Happy anniversary.

Just Rhonda said...

Hey cheesy is just fine with me.
I was gonna tell you happy Annivesary last night on the phone with mom and dad - I didn't realize you when back up too. Hope you had a good day. And I agree that you two are perfect for each other!

brooke and brady said...

lindsay im shocked! alli's swim suit is blue! this is the first time i have ever seen her in anything that didn't involve pink! oh besides the time when you were not expecting us to stop by and you were embarressed that she was in green pj's. hahah

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