Saturday, July 08, 2006

happy july 1st

If you are not from Raymond, then you just don't understand July 1st there, and that's ok. But if you grew up there, then you know that it's just an excuse to visit Raymond and have a huge party, which almost never happens in Raymond. There's the parade, rodeo, fireworks, 10km race, family, friends, and of course food. So we had a long weekend and took it all in.

On our way home we stopped in Calgary and watched the Stampeders game. Alli's first CFL game. I did take her to few quarters here and there when Derek was playing for the Bears last fall. But she wasn't much of a fan back then, just slept.

The race was on Friday night at 5:30. Not exactly ideal temperatures at all. It was very HOT, as you can see from our slightly red faces. I ran the 10km and it almost was no fun at all. But I was the 4th gal in with a somewhat respectable time for the weather. My sis Brooke won her category (she put me to shame, I used to be the runner of the family) and Derek won his category.

After the parade on Saturday my mom had some family over. It was fun having the kids run around the yard. My mom loved it. She mentioned more than once how she will be such a fun grandma when Alli gets bigger and have all sorts of things to do like she did with the kids there (of course she's already a good grandma) The kids were running through the sprinkler and picking flowers, and having all sorts of fun.

My cousin Lianna's little guy Ben was so cute. You can't see his face but, he would make funny faces at her and she would just crack up. Alli was loving it.

And yes, Alli is just like her parents. We had to wake her up for the parade that started at 10am, and here she is wide awake at 11pm watching the fireworks.

On Monday after a morning of golf and waterskiing, we went up to Waterton with Derek's family. (a lot to pack in to a few days) LOTS of family and so fun. There are 10 grandkids all under the age of 5. We got pictures, but I took them with a different camera, so when they get emailed up I'll have to post one with all the kids. They are very cute.
We figured out it has been 2 years since we were last in Waterton. It's so beautiful, I miss the mountains being up in Edmonton.

We saw a bear when we first came into town.

We went on a walk right after a quick evening thunderstorm, it was beautiful.

Here's a couple of some of the Baldry grandkids.
The first is a quick walk where you can see the top of the falls in the second.

And that is enough pictures for one day, phew.


whitney said...

Good times for the 1st. I love the picture of you and Alli and the rainbow.

brooke and brady said...

those are so fun! we are so jelous. way to make me homesick lindsay! jk i love the rainbow picture too, it so awesome

Susie said...

Hey so many great pics, I'm gone for a week and it seems like I missed a bunch JK. what a fun packed week. Oh Happy Anniversary you 2 and Alli are so cute what a great family. You & Derek are great lucky to have each other. Nice to see pics from the 1st and some more. I too love the rainbow pic. I will have to give you & derek a night out Alli and I have some catching up to do!! See you soon
love ya

Anonymous said...

Sure did have a good time. I enjoy seeing the pictures and remembering.
Missing the 3 of you but sure llove the blog

Just Rhonda said...

Wow that rainbow photo is amazing!!!! And i am so jealosu taht we missed the 1st!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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