Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the long weekend

We had a fun holiday Monday. It was really nice here, I just love when it's so nice out. Derek and I have been sitting out on the balcony the last few nights because it was still so warm out and it stays light so long. Anyway, tried to go have a fire and roast hot dogs with Brooke and Brett, but all the parks were full! So we went to Brett's house and had a BBQ in the backyard, even better, because now we don't have smelly clothes. And how perfect that there was a park just across the street. Once again Alli was loving the swings. It must be the way the wind blows through all that hair of hers! Even though it was such a nice day, I didn't get a chance to use my mother's day present. My new golf clubs were in the trunk all day, and instead of heading to the driving range after the BBQ, Alli got to have a nap. The rest of the week calls for rain...soon I'll be out again...soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Derek is working late so I get to watch American Idol (he hates the show) Go Katharine! I love her voice and I don't want that dancing 40 year old fool to win. I also have to slip this in, GO Oilers! This city is out of control. The oilers just won again tonight. Sure I've been a fan of the team, but mostly because of Derek, but now, I'm watching the games when i'm home all alone. I'm on the edge of my seat right into it. I've been hearing horns honking and cheering all night, just like all the other game nights. I'm kinda glad we don't live on Whyte Ave anymore because it's a crazy mad house there after the games. Hope everyone had a great long weekend as well!


Susie said...

darling pics as usual. Totally on board with the Oilers too. My class made jersies, today one kid came wearing his jersy and had # 94 shaved in his head, hilarious! He says Ryan Smith is his favorite!GO OILERS!
p.s hat may be big, but still pretty cute!

whitney said...

Cute cute. Sounds like you had a great weekend, us too. Seeing as the Oilers are the only Canadian team left we find ourselves cheering for them. Stupid Flames. Oh well, I'll give you a go Oilers.

Just Rhonda said...

cute pics! Love them.Go oilers!