Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have nothing

(Please note James)

I have nothing to say these days. I don't know what it is, but I just don't have it on the blog lately. I must be getting blind in the monotony that is life. Nothing wrong with that because I'm happy and life is good, just makes for a boring blog the last couple months I guess.

So what else is there to do in a time like this but find a tag and tag yourself so you have something,
anything to blog about to get things going again.

I found this tag over at
visible voice. She's a crack-up. I guess you just have to make jokes to get through when you live where she does! Well, I've been sneaking on her blog off and on for awhile as per Rhonda's advice. Turns out, she sneaks on me here and there too! COOL! If we all started fessing up, think of the webs we could weave!
Anyway, on to the tag. They are all the same, but different. So read on if you want to see my family pics from Rhonda dispersed throughout your in-blog entertainment.

Your Hair:

LOOOOOONG. The longest it has ever been ever and I love it. I have the occasional dream that I get a huge chop of a haircut and it's cute, but I'm devastated inside in that dream. So I'm not ready to lose the locks yet. The last time I had a chop was 3 years ago at Christmas, right before Brooke's wedding here. I loved it there and I do sometimes miss short blond hair. But if we are keeping score, I get checked out way more when I have long hair, even in the mini van. (c'mon don't pretend you don't notice when you get checked out) and who doesn't love that once in a while?!

Where is your cell phone?

in Derek's pocket

Your Mother:

Good, Great, Grand. I mean where would I start? We live with her, she is a saint (you too dad!)

In the mountains where she belongs! (I make fun of her for how much she goes hiking, mostly cause I'm jealous)

Your Father:

A genuinely good person. If he wasn't my dad and was a guy I knew I would still have the same respect I do for him.

(how can you not respect a __ year old guy who wants to try out his new wakeboard?)

Your Favorite Food:

Seriously, I love all food. I'm not picky. Put something in front of me and I'll most likely eat it. I'm actually trying to remedy that slightly. I don't exactly have that teenage metabolism anymore, dang it. I need boundaries. But I enjoy chocolate and bread in all forms and a good casserole....(please tell me i got a laugh at that)

Your dream from last night:

It wasn't a haircutting dream. I do dream all the time, but I don't remember, I had to share a bed with the sickie James and he is a manic in his sleep too. Kicking me all night.

Your favorite drink:

Derek makes good drinks. I like the margaritas and pina colada's, but lately I want starbucks hot chocolate. (any flavor with will do) There is this dang distance factor in the evening when I'm cold and craving one.

Your Dream/Goal:

I should probably have some of these.

What room are you in:

Kitchen, James is sitting beside me eating an orange. errrrrrr, go to bed!

What is your hobby:

I should really get some more of these, but I'm content right now. I still like to run and workout. Also, I'm doing piano lessons and I crave to be good at it, but I'm not. That's about it.

What is your fear:

I'm not going there. I hate talking about it enough that I don't want to write about. I said it on here at one point in time and I'm just not up for right now.

Where were you last night:


Something you are not:

I'm not really passionate about anything. Sometimes I wish I was, but that's just not me I've found. I think if I didn't have kids, I would go back to school and either get my degree in nursing or do something interior designish. I would love to be smart enough to work in a real ER. Or to get all the swirlling in my head decorating ideas organized and really find my true style and DO it! But the whole kid thing is workin for me right now.


Just waiting for the bananas to over rippen!

Where did you grow up:

Here. Good ol small town Raymond. Blah boring, but I love it!

The last thing you did:

Swept the kitchen floor

What are you wearing:

Jeans and a black shirt, exciting, I know.

Your TV:

my friend.

Your pet:

no thank you

Your friends:

the BEST!  I have many.  Here are a select few having a hearty laugh while the waiter played photographer.  Apparently I got a real kick out of it.  And how embarrasing that I'm wearing the same shirt as in the fam pics!

Your life:

Not bad. Derek has a good job. We are healthy and happy. I'm really trying to focus on the little things with my kids these days. Just enjoying them. I don't want to waste time feeling guilty about the things I might not be the best at as a mother or in life. It's not fair to me or my family.

Your Mood:

Not a good mood, not a bad. Just here, kinda lame I know.

Missing someone:


I wasn't going to do it, but ok, I miss Jacklyn all the time. Sometimes I don't, but mostly I do. Is that pathetic? Well if it is I don't think so.

Please don't hate for this picture Jack, I love out lipstick.


The van is making a weird noise. I still reach for the clutch when I drive it. (the other car is a standard)

Your Favorite Store:

I like stores. I just like going in them, and I'm a SLOW shopper, so I usually go alone or drag the kids to make it even slower and yet less productive at the same time.

Your Favorite Color:

I don't know, Green I guess

When's the last time you laughed:

Oh laughter. It would take too much background and too long to type and then you might not even laugh, so I won't but oh James. If anyone watches SNL I'll tell you the story.

Your best friend:

The one and Only. So hot.

One place you go over and over:

ummmm, crazy?

One person who emails you regularly:

I'm not a regular email kinda gal, but I chat to Susie regularly.

Favorite place to eat:

This is where I am weird. I mean I like most foods, which in return means I don't have a definite place I LOVE to eat. I just like going pretty much anywhere that I don't have to cook.

Where do you want to be in six years:

Wow, 6 years. I would be happy being right where I am right now in life. (minus living at the parents, did you have a small heart attack mom?) Things are good, and I can't complain.

TAG You're IT!

I have loads more pics, but I'll spare you.  I'm so happy with them!
Hope this was all as exciting for you as it was for me!


Ashley Dawn said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS. Not too surprising as your family is GORGEOUS, but nevertheless...
Love that someone out there is as "whatever" about life as I am. No strong passions, just love being a mom.

Alysha said...

love the pictures! rhonda did a great job :) nice post!

lynz said...

love love love the pics and i think i'm going to actually get dressed today now inspired by this post and do the black shirt and jeans idea! thanks :)

Candice said...

You are so gorgeous and I loved the post. I'm going to copy and do it. I have been wanting to blog for the like the past 2 days but have had NOTHING to blog about or have felt like blogging about nothing! argh!
PS - I'm all about sneakin' a peek at blogs!
Oh ya and I love your parents too! Love love love them....even though I am miles away and don't talk to them but like never, I think of my childhood often and always think of them too! Tell them "hello" from me.

Oler Family said...

I loved reading that post! I LOVE your looks sooo good! I'm going to have to try this one too. I have just lost my zest for blogging! That first picture of James made me laugh out loud..what a cute kid!!

Susie said...

cut your hair already, I want mine to be the longest, & DO NOT let me cut mine. I was wishing I was passionate about something, but just haven't found what it is yet, tell me if you do. Amen to our parents, but they are still so easy & fun to make fun of right?

Jacklyn said...

You always make me seem like a cool person when really I am just the fool who whipps out red lip stick on 3rd and makes a fool out of myself. And don't worry about the picture (yes it is HID) but nothing phases me after the grade nine yearbook. And ditto on the missing you thing, I love you and miss you like crazy. But seriously when did you become all touchy feely, who are you and where is my best friend who can't show her emotions???
and ps. next time can I look cute in a picture??? just once

Just Rhonda said...

Great post. :) I love these random list kind a ones. And glad you are enjoying Kristi now too :)

Visible Voice said... I am! Sneaking over here! Ha ha! Great love the photos of you guys! I was thinking...the long it. Or I'm just ooozing with jealousy because I chopped mine all off after growing it for five years and I'm currently looking for a magical remedy to grow it back out. Holding onto it and yelling at it to grow doesn't seem to be working. Neither does standing with my head upside down sweet talking it.

Kaylee said...

loved the pics...

Jess said...

Love the pics. I think you look fantastic with long hair. I am sure many men check you out. I love your attitude about motherhood.

The Lowry's said...

I was waiting to see some pics. I just love them.
Who are you taking piano lessons from? Just curious and good for you! Much harder thing to do at this age and to find the time for too.
I am a seriously slow shopper as well. I hate it. Tried to improve, but just can't seem to make myself a fast shopper. One day maybe....
Good tag, might take you up on it, once i catch up on my blog.

Justin and Rachel said...

Hi Lindsay, I confess to looking at your blog sometimes and you just crack me up! Your kids are adorable. Great post.

Brandy-Blue said...

I love the pictures... especially the family one at the top!!!

Sarah C said...

Seriously that first picture of James has me dying with laughter! You must blow that one up big for your living room (when you have your own... lol)

mindy said...

Hey Linsey--i loved reading this post. Those mom jeans--the guess ones? Halarious. Your pics are super cute too.