Monday, April 06, 2009

2 sets of twins...almost

Well, can I just say that I am so loving all the 'open curtains' and 'dirty laundry' out there right now on our blogs.  Awesome.  I'm pretty sure we just started some sort of a slacker mom revolution.  And I mean that in the best hard working mom way possible. I could do a cheesy boost to our egos right now and tell everyone how great we are at our own certain things, but that fact that we are willing to say what we suck at and blog about it and be kinda proud of it, means we are all doing just dandy, right?! Love it, love it Love it! It's been a great compliment-fest (new word?  like it)  And sometimes we don't do all this enough, so it's been good.   And if you have yet to spill your dirty shortcomings, spill it, you'll feel great.

Alright, next topic.

2 sets of twins.

That's what it felt like I had for a mere 3 days last week. I had my 2 nieces come stay with us while Derek's brother and his wife went on a trip. And I begged Sarabeth to let me watch them because she is the best of all bests out there. She has 4 kids kids, preggo with #5 and just has this take it all in stride kind of attitude. Totally admire her on so many levels. I could never turn her down for an act of service like this, because she would do it for anyone else 10 times without even thinking twice. It was fun and really not too eventful, which is good. I was more rather sleep deprived because of my own teething child. And really it was only 3 days, and I can suck it up for that. (especially because she is doing this for me in 3 weeks. see? i told you she would say yes to anyone.)

(alli, all smiles all the time...really...)

However, I would still like to post a few notes for future reference about 4 kids 3 and under.

(poor little margaret missed her mommy the most.)

-Whenever you think you are on time, you still need 10 more minutes for actually getting out the door and making sure you have everyone and everything and they are all strapped in their seats. -Tack on another 5 if it's winter and they need bundling and extra walking/emotional support because guaranteed at least one will fall in the snow, ice or mud. (which it was, and they did.)

-If the kids are hungry, they will eat their meals and snacks, if they don't, too bad. Or you will spend all day messing and cleaning the kitchen.

-If I kept it up, I am quite confident I would lose weight.   All of a sudden I'm starving and I hurry and eat whatever and onto the next whatever.

-Only clean up after the kids once, maybe twice a day (or even none at all.) It's just not worth it in between.

-I will probably not have the motivation at the end of the day like I do now to go running. So turn into a morning person. But because of the above lose weight point mentioned, I may not need to work out.

-And while your being a morning person, shower before they wake up. It's amazing what kind of trouble can be found in 10 mins, but I previously did figure that out with only 2 kids...

-I'm not completely sold on a van. I like the kids to be right behind me like in the car so I can just toss stuff back easily. But 4 in a car doesn't work, so I'd have to be sold on it I guess.

-Get all the same color of plates and cups for the children because there is a guaranteed fight over whatever the color of the day happens to be.

-4 kids in the grocery cart = no room for the food.

-prepare to be ENTERTAINED. Kids really crack me up.

(i don't know why, but this is just so ava, love her!)

So, as always, chalk another one up to all the moms out there with 1 or 10 kids. And if you have twins or more, I bow to you. I get a little sick to my stomach watching that Jon and Kate Plus Eight show.

(ah james, why don't you sleep?)

note to self...never have 4 kids 3 and under. Oh phew, just did the math, it's impossible for me.

One final note.

Dear Spring, I have missed you.  It has been so long.  Please stay, oh please oh please.  My sanity is begging you.


Just Rhonda said...

hee hee. great list. and I also bow to anyone with twins!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like party and probably a messy party. I agree, I'm soo ready for spring, and I think its finally coming this week. PS. I love the pics at the park on the side.

Susie said...

Dear Linds,
I miss you, come see me, spring, a show and a whole lot more. Oh come on super mom you could do James 4 times over...right?! call me. Again good thing they are so dang cute

lynz said...

you can always head down to the oregon coast for some sun and fun :) 2 sets of twins eh? aren't you glad you have all of that advice for moms of 4 kids 3 and under but never have to use it for your own life with 4 kids 3 and under?!?! cute pics as usual and thanks for the advice on my blog the other day - you are such an amazing mom, and i look up to you!

Caylee Secretan said...

How old is Christy's oldest - can she still get in on the 4 kids 3 and under?! She would probably shoot me for writing that! Love the pics, Ryan's kids are so cute. Where are you going in 3 weeks?
Showers in the day can bring big disasters no matter how many kids you have!

Jess said...

You are brave. Sounds like you had a fun time though. I agree about spring I am praying it stays. Abby is all about being outside so please stay.

Ashley Dawn said...

You know, I don't think it matters as to their ages. I have 4 kids 6 and under and you just described my life - just minus the losing weight part. I think I eat myself silly after they're in bed and so I just can't get it off. You're such a good person to take other peoples kids. Well done!! Oh, and I'm glad to hear your opening. I am definitely a non-perfect mom and I just got a nasty comment on my latest blog post about how I should start watching my kids better. I really appreciated you buoying me up there. I needed that.

whitney said...

Kuddos to you on the babysitting job well done!
And good job on starting the slacker mom revolution, I am right there with you!
Now lets hear some more of your dirty laundry...

Arringtoness said...

I babysat my friends two girls ages 4 and 3 for about oh an hour and decided that I'm not fond of it. I also realize that I'm an incredibly dramatic person and nothing is ever as bad as I conger it up in my head. However I do think that my nieces and nephews is a WHOLE other story. I would most certainly love to watch them probably because that would mean I live in some proximity to them which so far, I haven't been smart enough to figure out.

Alysha said...

loved this post. you described my life only i'm 4 under 8 hahhaha. love the pictures. and i sure hope spring decides to stay. i'm DONE with COLD!

Jacklyn said...

come on give in to the power of the mini van or the "Mini" as I like to call mine

Melissa said...

You are a nice sister in-law, can you watch my kids next??? I love all your posts Lins, you are so cute and honest and i want to be more like you.

KellyLady said...

love the last couple of posts Linds! and your pics are darling as usual!

Jaime said...

You really are super mom-I swear nothing phases you!

melissa said...

I love Jon & Kate Plus 8!! Seriously. You could so do it. ;) haha!

Ashley Dawn said...

Aired my laundry too....thank you for that relief!!

Oler Family said...

what a refreshing post! I love your sense of humor!!

The Lowry's said...

You did it! I bet the kids had so much fun. My own post of me opening my curtains and spilling all my dirty laundry is coming soon. Time to keep it real.