Thursday, February 01, 2007

feel the love

Look at this cute couple. You wouldn't know that it was like -10 and freezing cold out when this was taken.

I wanted to post to show some more wedding pictures from Brookes wedding. These are the professional ones. They are all so good. I had a tough time narrowing down a few to show.

I love that they are both crying away in this picture. If it was just one of them sad and the other happy, it wouldn't be as cute. But 2 cutest girls screaming away with a beautiful bride, for some reason I love it.

The other day I remembered some pictures I took of Alli last Valentines and I wanted to reminise. So I looked it up the post on my blog somewhere about here. While doing so I realised I have been a blogger for one year! I actually have stuck to it and I like it too. It's been fun for me keeping up and taking pictures and writing stuff. I hope everybody who reads it likes it too. I guess I'm up for another year. Just be warned, there may be even more pictures with the second baby!

Also, I gotta say, I LOVED everybody's comments about decluttering. Thank you for the good ideas. I even got my dad and Peter to contribute! I am on my way to being organnized. Brooke Byam's comment got me going the most. I went to that flylady website you mentioned and I'm ready to go. I'm a little excited about getting daily tips. Also, I threw away a bunch more magazines again after the comments too. Baby steps is right!


whitney said...

How is the decluttering going? Looks like I'll have to check out that website. Cute pictures. Happy 1st yera blog birthday! I guess I wasn't thinking and missed mine.

Just Rhonda said...

LOVE those photos! They turned out gREat!!!!! (i love that one of Alli and Lucy crying with Brooke too!)

Susie said...

I LOVE the pics... kinda makes ya wanna do it all over eh. ha ha not really but seriously soooo cute

Rashelle said...

The pictures look great, they both look so good in all of them. See you at the wedding this weekend.

melissa dawn said...

Those pictures are all amazing. Brooke looked BEAUTIFUL. How fun! I like the one of all three of you girls. Those kinds of pics always make me wonder if I missed out on having sisters. Oh well. I love my brothers too! And my little nephew. :) Congrats on the one year mark. I hope I make it too.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see I made the blog, and of course, I think the pics are great. The little girls are cute as usual when they're smiling and when they're crying. Also, good news, I'm finally a working girl, but at the Alberta Hospital.