Thursday, August 24, 2006

some randoms

It's been a while since my last post I guess, so here's the quick update.

Had Susie take some pictures of our little family. Alli was semi cooperative. Actually, she was pretty good the night we took theses considering she was getting over having a little bit of a temperature for 3 days up until that morning.

We experienced a lot of this along the way. So obviously she was feeling better.

I think this might be my favorite. We took a ton, and I decided on just this one to put up, because I wouldn't know where to stop if I tried to pick more. I think I might already be changing my mind because Alli is not really smiling in this one...

... just one more

I took an unexpected trip to Raymond last weekend. Went down with Brooke's boyfriend for fun, and left Derek to work away.

We went to Waterton and had a picnic with my mom and Brooke and Brett. I was so hot out, I loved it.
Did a little walk around Cameron lake.

When we came back there was a moose!

And here's the cute couple.

On Tuesday Alli and I went to the Fringe Festival with Susie and Abby. Alli was a good sport staring all the people down. Watching the street stages, going to the shops, and getting her first little taste of a mini dounut

But what I was really excited about that night was riding the old street car.

It's kind of a 1 car train (I forgot to take a picture of it) from whyte ave over the TOP of the high level bridge to the ledge and back. I've wanted to do it forever. I used to see it going by our old apartment. Finally I did, and it was worth it. It was a beautiful view, but there were windows, so no scenery pictures darn it. Just us!


Anonymous said...

What a great family pict. Maybe it should be on my fridge. The one of Alli in pink dress with blue jeans she looks kind of like an angel. The world is wonderful when you have a baby

Anonymous said...

The trolley looked liked so much fun that I had to take a ride, and it looked like Alli enjoyed the ride unlike the baby on our ride over who screamed the whole time. Of course, your family pic looks so cute. Glad to see I made another appearance on the blog.