Tuesday, August 01, 2006

before i go...

here are a few more of Alli. Once again I found a few pictures on the camera after Susie and Ryan babysat for us Saturday. They can't ever deny it, they always leave evidence of what they were up to. Look at that wild haired child.

We went to the rides and what not for Edmonton Ex days with some friends from Dereks work. It was so fun, especially since his work paid for the tickets. As you can see, Uncle Ryan is really working on being the favorite. He's always giving her treats, and of course Alli loves it. We also went to the Taste of Edmonton last week during the festivities, and that aunt and uncle of hers were giving her anything and everything. I think it's great, because I'll rememeber all this when you guys have a baby. And yes, I'll remember all the babysitting too.

But at the end of the day, she really just wants a cuddle from only ME.

Well, my bags are packed and my house is practically spotless. Such a great feeling. We're off to the airport in 6 hours. I'm so excited. There'll be a break from pictures till I get back, then I'm sure I'll have a million from the trip,


Susie said...

Miss you guys already.. I'm sitting at home while Ryan is golfing. jk It's true Ryan does what he can to make her happy, and doesn't take her when she isn't happy, i guess he knows that sometimes she only want her Mom or Dad, smart guy. I still take a chance & can't wait for the day when she wants her aunt susie!! Enjoy the holiday & see you when you get back.

whitney said...

Hope you have so much fun, can't wait to see pictures. I bet you were so happy with the front cuddle Alli gave you! We miss you guys.